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Monday, December 23, 2013

Avicii !!!

Finally there's time to update about my life ! I've been sick for whole fucking week ! Thanks to my wisdom tooth ! Fck 

So i went to Avicii's with my beloved friends , it was last month tho >.< 

Are you ready ?!
It was a windy evening.
And the toilets outside were fucking full of people.
We decided to pee somewhere people could't see!
Please provide plastic toilets for us to us when u only
got 2 outside of the entrance.
And MR Tall sissy guy, don't need to shout at me,
I was just saying Hi with my friend. not cutting Q.

Okay. Others were fine.
See Pictures.

 Edison & Kai mun !!

Mr Thai caller Albert

We were all exhausted at the end of the night.
Showing off us the fireworks !
Bye Avicii ! Hope to see Hardwell Soon !

Mr Lens Online Shopping Review

Need a new lens ASAP ? No time to go out shopping ? Mr Lens is there for u ! Only 2-3 working days (in Klang Valley) Mr Lens sells all sort of contact lens. From disposables to Fancy lenses.

How it works :

 The honey color that i got from them :) Looking sweet huh. hahhaa

Choose your lens.

Then Select your power and color that u wanted , quantity.
Then click add to cart.

After that , check out.

Key in your email address for existing account or
order as a new customer.
It's very easy to create a new one.
Just fill in your details as normal.

After checking all the details , check out again.

Last few steps
After confirming address and shipping method,
proceed to payment (pay through using lots of diff cards also can)
After that confirmation
and walla DONE !

Nov 23 & 24th is a non-working day, my shipment comes at 27th
Only few days to arrive.

I'm a happy girl :D
Thanks to The butterfly project & mr. lens for letting me review !

Actual color of the lens

Break up day

Yeap. Our 4 years relationship has finally come to an end. Eventually i'm stronger then i tot i will be. I'm not going to write why did we off this long term relationship. Neither you should ask or gossips about. Recently i posted a picture showing off i'm happily partying along after we break up for few days. They said that i pay no respect etc. Have you ever think how i felt ? You know how have i been treated all these years ? No right ? Then STFU & MYOB !!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Kinohimitsu Luau Party x The butterfly project

Thanks to The Butterfly Project & Kinohimitsu for having me in this awesome partyyy ! 
Located at Vila Manja , KL 
It was really eye opening where all i can meet lots of beauty & fashion bloggers. 
Everyone dress up to match the theme hawaiian luac party.

Due to jam in KL , we actually reached there at around 8pm plus.
I guess we din't missed anything. We played games.
Transferred water using sponge or green pad to a small container and
who fill in the fastest will win a prize. We lost :(

Inside vila manja
decorated with all kinohimitsu products.

We got complimentary shoulder massage for 5mins
provided by vila manja. bestnyaaaaaa

There were 4 booth that we need to get chop that day.
First was the goodie bag booth.
Second we get to sample the new bio-booster 
Thirdly prize giving section , Spin and win (i won a fan)
Fourth booth was the mocktail station

Oh, i DIY this head band. Got the flowers from Daiso
and i turned it into a head band

They provide a buffet dinner for us too. yumssss

Oh yea ! We had lovely cupcakes too ! 

Soulmate & me

Celebrities sharing their secrets with us.
They were kinohimitsu's consumer too !

Dance performance from a fitness center.

Tammy & me :) I'mshy **

And never forget to thanks for
providing us free pictures and photo booth for the night.

Yes that's the fan i won from spin and win !

Our goodie bag !! Love goodie bag so much

Got one box og Bio-boosters 
& one box of J'pan Beauty Drink.

The bio boosters tasted like lychee where u can consume it with either two ways. 
Add 100ml water or pour it in your mouth just like that.
I actually prefer to take it just like that cause the sweetness in your mouth and u get to chew it.

Gonna review them on the next post cause i haven't yet finish em ") 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Seoul Palace @ Bandar Puteri Puchong.

This post is in my draft since few days ago. Got no time to update my blog. 

Korean BBQ x Groupon 

Bought a RM60 coupon for RM40 from Groupon on weekends.

The table there, we actually din't witness them grilling our meat using the stove next to the table there.
Upon order , they will grill it in the kitchen.
Using my brand new camera TX30 without editing

We ordered two different soups
Kimchi soup (RM15) and Seafood soft tofu (RM15)
Comes with a bowl of rice
Love the seafood soup. 

Ramen with rice cakes.
Not too sweet and spicy. Just good

Love ban chan so much ~~

Bibimbap in stone 

3 layer pork @ RM25

Pancake @RM25
Not bad.

bibimbap in normal bowl
cost RM15
Better to eat without that hot stone bowl right
it's just the same thing

Total damage RM151

35-1, Bandar puteri 2/6
03 8060 3456

Ambiance 2.5/5
Price 3/5
service 2.5/5

Gonna go back for more reasonable price seafood soup