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Monday, August 23, 2010


Anyone interested to go Pulau Redang on
29, 30 & 31st of August ?
Yes , this week = =
Selling it off for RM600 for 2 person.
We bought it at RM553 per person.
Selling it off cause 2 of my family member
could't make it.
For more info
Deluxe Garden , Twin sharing.
A real good Bargain !!

Comment me if you are interested.
(serious buyer only)

my parents ♥

Guess who are them ???
= =
My parents.
So dangerous activity for them in this age huh ?
Not really to them.
Cause they say other members of the club
is even more older then them.
Age around 30-60.
Within 2 months , they went to
Thailand 3 times,
Cameron & Genting.
All outings are for bikers gathering purpose.
How cooooool !

Stay Tuned ~

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Genting :D

Just come back from Genting :D
My eyes so sore :(
Ate Dim Sum before we head to Genting.
Than reached there ,
Starbucks time.
After that we went to the temple
where you will pass by during the journey.
Let pictures do the talking.


With panaroma function.
Edited the color.

Like this :)
Taken by my bf ~

my stuff :P

Rocky Road . RM10.50
not really nice.


Best Herbal Egg ever !
Got 2 flavor.
-Normal & Bak kut teh.
Bak kut teh Nice !!! RM1.30 each
You can find it at the temple there.
So yummy i could eat many.
The only Herbal egg i will eat.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Yeaaapi :)))
I bought TX5 !
Finally i won :P from the debate about buying it
with my bf.
Now i doesn't need to hassle to bring
DSLR here and there
cause it's so heavy.
I can bring my pinkieee maar.
Don't worry D500 i'll still love you !!
Bought pinkiee during Sony fair at
Midvalley on Sunday.
free sony authentic case & 8gb memory card.
So happy cause i got it
but so down cause my precious RM1299
just gone like that :P
I saved it from January till now.
I bought it with my own money not my parent's money.
They don't even wanna sponsor me 1 sen !

Still haven't update about last week's life.
I'm very busy since i get this
Plants & Zombies game from my bf.
It's So Fun !
Make me neglect my blog.
Gonna finish that game only will reply
and update more.
I think this few days will finish that game.
Or maybe tonight i will finish it !

Stay tuned :)

*All pictures taken by D500*

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Victoria Station 100810

Went to Victoria Station yesterday
to have our romantic dinner :P
♥♥♥Celebrate 1st year anniversary
At Damansara.
First time eat.
Love their Escargots.

Sugar, Salt & Pepper.
We ordered a bottle of 'halal' sparkling juice.
Which cost him RM49.90 per bottle.
one word . Nice .
Not too sweet for me.
A bread served after we ordered our food.
Salad for dear's Tbone Steak.
Appetizer, half dozen of escargots.
Damn nice !!
Love it so much.
Craving for it now :P
The taste is totally different from those
served at Shogun.
Shogun's cheese baked escargots sucks my tongue.
Soup, Lobster Bisque
Not nice for me & him.
Dear's Tbone Steak.
He asked for medium cooked
but they cooked half medium and half fully cooked.
What's wrong with the kitchen ?
OR T bone is cooked that way ?
Mine Salmon & Fillet Steak.
Medium cooked.
Nice douuuu.
love the sauce.
Hate the potatoes.
My dear.
Look so emo.

The service is good 5/5
Service not good can 'chap lap'
Service charge we pay
but get lousy service ?
10% out of our bill.
Food : mine 4/5
Ambiance : 3.5/5

Had a great night with him.
Thanks for the lovely dinner dear.
Love you :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

080810 night

Fat ass me !
My eyes getting smaller
my cheeks getting larger.

Last post before night.
I love to think further thoughts.
like thinking what to do when im off.
what should we have
and most of the stuff about food larh !
Waiting for next month to come.
Cause gonna out with my babes
Hope can succeed.
Cause i like the green environment there.
looks nice and comfy :)
(not going to tell where until i visit there)
Then i want to
Dye hair maybe :)
looking for cheap saloons.
Hair cut.. maybe..

This month i used lots of money.
Wanted to get TX5 but
someone keep on opposing it.
Or maybe DMC-FT1
not bad too.
The function and picture quality
is better than TX5.
Read from reviews of user.
But TX5 is more stylish and trendy.
The price is the main problem = =
Lumix's cost around RM800
Sony's around RM1300
RM500 gap.
TEach me people.
HOW ???
or choose the cheapest one
from Olmypus Mju-550
Cost around RM500.
Which one ??
Give me some ideas people

Thanks for reading :)


So long din't out with my sis.
Went to & Ts.
Ate korean food at sg. wang.
The price is cheap and reasonable.
Located at 6th floor.
RM4.00 each.
I can said it taste like pop.
Just that the contains lots of gas.
Mine donno what tofu.
RM14.90 per set.
Nice but i don't eat taufu.
Why i ordered taufu ?
because the soup is too hot
i can't really taste the taufu.
Tried this twice :)

Cheese rice.
nice on top
sucks underneath.
Beef sushi
Nice :)

Went to TS after buying cosmetics at SASA
Walk around and while waiting for my bf to fetch.
My sis had doughnuts & soda at krispy kream.
After that went to Express Soup.
Wanted to try this so long ago
Finally i tried it.
Combo 2 RM12.90 (if im not wrong)
Mushroom soup with chicken & cheese croissant.
The Croissant bread still okay.
The soup 2/5
The bread ....... ewwwwwwww
Tasted so bad till idk hw to describe !

Fetched me around 530.
We went to Taipei walker to have our early dinner.
Tired !

i never face a sales consultant that could say so many stuff.
This that promote to me.
She's really good on promoting stuff.
Her name is Stilly. cute name. lols

Wanted to redeem the free give but
unfortunately they said out of stock.
A complimentary facial service.
Plan to give it to my mum.
If she don't want than im going to use it.
Will do some review after i use the product that i bought.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Laguna Redang for 2 person

Selling off two ticket to Laguna Redang.
Anyone interested ?
Date : 29-31/8/2010
Package includes : breakfast , lunch & dinner
and snorkeling. see here for more
Price : RM540 per person.
Reason for sale : bought two extra tickets
during the matta fair promotion.
If interested please ask for more info.
Serious buyer only !

If you see this rate through laguna its more expensive
than the im selling here.

Please help me to spread :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Imma useless person.

i) its a brand of my face make up remover.
ii) ----t- --l-

This post is about myself.
How useless am i.
Currently what i'm doing.


Monday, August 2, 2010


Another month past.
Welcome to August.
I have been anticipate this month to
come since March.
Because i'm going to Redang end of the month :)))
With family ~

I want to thank you to my beloved babes & readers.
Thanks for your concern about me :)
Glad to know that there are people who cares me.
lol :P

This purse that my bf
bought for me as 1st year anniversary.
I wanna say that
this purse cost around RM120 - -
So please don't say that's cheap
like pasar malam's product
because i'll heartache.
So many people said so to me.

Don't tell me it's night market product
or else my face will become black like this pic
= =
My nose looked so big !
I want a nose job ahhhh :P jk
It's so biggggggggg
i wanna dieeeeeeeeeeee
Next week is my 1st year anniversary with my bf.
Where to have our dinner is a problem.
I don know where to eat.
I wanna eat western food.
Nice & quiet place :)
Anyone wanna suggest please comment me :)
Thanks for reading ~