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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Terrified .

Sometimes shit happens.
MCH MAT REMPIT !! You make me injured and loss money !! Thanks god that you din't take my BAG ! This is a lesson to me and i will remember it till i die ! Dear Friends , especially girls , please don't put any bag on your passenger seat. Once they spot , they will take everything even a fucking damn recycle bag with books and pencil case. I'm still terrified about this. Amitabha
My Current fb status.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chriselle Inc & Wendy

Got into 'fashion' lately but not so famous fashion that i'm looking on. Not Gucci , not Zang Toi , not Dior and etc. I'm stalking Chriselle & Wendy. Love how they dress up themselves. Their outfits , style ! But unfortunately , i can't afford to buy what they are wearing. Therefore , i carry one word with me , Envy . Or i will buy some similar cheap apparels to dress up like them. Sigh .. i can't ... Cause i just bought whole lot of clothes that 99% doesn't even look like what they are wearing. And i could't afford to buy anymore ! Will do a mini haul what i bought soon :) Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i love to shop !

Really like how she doll herself up.
And yes , She feel naked without accessories.
Accessories is important !

Loove this outfit so much !
I like the striped top !
I can't buy Hermes. wtf
Loving this sequin dress.
My fav of the all.
Eye catching pink color blazer is love .
Cool isn't ?
I wish to be that tall and skinny !
Look good on everything !

Wendy Nguyen
Another fashion guru that i'm stalking.

Her heels <3
A simple long sleeve grey top
combine with a long skinny blue jeans.
Fabulous and i don't dare because of that color.
Simple and clean.
I'm loving NUDE heels !!
Nude heels can actually elongate your legs !
love her nude heels.

I'm loving blazer too !
Pop color blazer or white blazer
are fantastic !

If only i got their body.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Birthday dad .

Happy Birthday dad.
Take care.
Love you.

He is in Japan celebrating
his birthday with my mum.
Always travel without us.
Ask us to earn and pay our
own if we want to travel.

Good night.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Arthur's Day 2011

Thanks to Nuffnang for letting me win the tickets to Arthur's day 2011. Can't believe that i could with them ! This was my first time to experience Arthur's day after Guinness held it for 3 years in Malaysia ! Proud to be a Malaysian sometimes .. hahaha .. Why this year not BEP one ? I effing want them to come and see them live and see them for Free ! hahahaha

#1 Make up & outfit of the day.

#2 Wohooooooooo
4 tickets for me, bf & friends !
#3 I love free things. hahaha
#4 Reached there before 5pm. And i just Realized that Malaysian doesn't like to be there until the times come. People came at 7pm and that's only few like 50s only. Crowd starts at 8pm. That's like an hour late ... kkk back to my stuff.. Because of being there too early and they doesn't sell any water. Therefore we went to the horse carnival at the back of speed city , we din't walk there of cause. They provide free shutter bus for visitors. So LUCKILY man ! That's far from speed city if we walk. Went to get some waters and Starbucks. hohoho .
#5 Hydrated after a cup of green tea frap !
#6 my mini size gf and me !
#7 The gate opens sharp at 7pm
#9 my current fb's pp
Look at the massive crowd
Twenty thousand of people !!
First up Prema Yin!
Hawt !
Rocker Dragon Red !
His teddy bear.
Give me please ! So cute
#14 JJ , DR , Serena C , DR & Ian
JJ & Ian are AWESOME !!
Soler !
Hot twins brother
Again with bf
#17 Mizz Nina turns
Singing Sexy's my name.
When her turn to sing , my gf can't stand the crowd and heat.
She went back with another friend.
Sigh .. Left me and my bf only.
But with all the awesome artist that night
and enormous crowd !
I really enjoy the party !
#20 ipad2 recording.
opss , sorry Kartel , u sing too much !
We want Taio !!!
Setting up the stage for Taio while
we enjoy the music from DJ skeletor & moots !
Awesome performance from him!
#24 Who can see him live ?
#25 we headed back at his second song to avoid the crowds. But i Regretted to do that because we happen to STUCK in the PARKING LOT itself for 2++ FREAKING HOURS !!! That 2 hours if i'm not stuck in the JAM , i would be seeing/hearing Taio's new song and can CHEER loud to ARTHUR'S ! and play with some huge balls. -______________- wtf

#26 See fireworks in the Car !
Last picture of me and walla.
My Arthur's day end here !
Last but not least


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Make up in Me

This is the power of make up !

Because of i'm a single eye-lid girl.
If i just put on mascara , shadow , liner ,
that's not enough - literally !
You can see yourself at 2nd upper pic.

This is after make up & before make up.
Not so huge difference , because i take the
most similar picture of mine to compare.
There's even more worse or
can't be shown no make up on pictures to see !

Again practice makes perfect !

Monday, September 19, 2011

D' Empire Brasserie , Mont Kiara.

My great gf bought me here without letting me know until i actually reached there that time. She said that it's my fav food ..... but eventually not ..... cause my fav are Japanese food.
This was actually my late lunch .. wtf .. and i rushed back home from shop early to prepare for this. Than , my friend was an hour late. ZzZzzz

Their menu.
Simple & Clean.
Bar Table.
Fresh roses !
So huge !!

Lunch was served after like almost 15minutes.
Quite fast because we are the only people there.
#1 Escargots / Snails indeed. hahaha
But expensive snails.
1/2dozen RM25
Love the texture but
still prefer VS one and cheaper too !
#2 Served with breads.
#3 My gf's Emmental Chicken
(their name from the menu)
I tried this , best !
#4 Stone Clams Pasta. RM26
Written there Extra olive oil.
Too much of clams and less spaghetti (noodle)
And a little bit of spicy.
This dish can't fit my stomach 70/100
#5 Black Angus Ribeye RM68
No comment but from the presentation ,
i would prefer Gaucho's.

Total bill came RM210.55 included service tax & Gov tax. Without pictures drinks and dessert.

22 Ground Floor,
Jalan Solaris 4,
Solaris Mont Kiara,
Kuala Lumpur

Goodnight :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Our 2nd Anniversary.
Nothing special.
Went to Pavilion ... wtf ... how special right ?
Let the pictures do the talking !

Dined in , in Santouka
famous for it's ramen
recommended by a well known blogger.....
RM3.90-RM4.90 per pot.
Okay ... i bought it for RM0.50 per
how good !
bla bla bla
Bf with his spicy ramen but not spicy at all !
The price for this is quite expensive
and i don't think it's worth it at all lor...
Donno what to eat ... So i called this...
(major ramen/sets still not available yet)
And the price are quite expensive and yet not fulfilling.
Bf's ramen taste like maggi ok ok.. better then maggi.
Like seriously !!
Mine quite ok .. but i the salmon was too salty.
I donno how to comment about this.
This is charred obviously.
nvm but it's kinda tasteless.

Santouka is actually located
in the 6th floor at Pavilion.
Donno why every time i visit 6th floor ,
this restaurant are packed like hell = =
Need to q some more.

The price are not worth it for the taste nor portion.
That's all . Never believe bloggers. hahaha

A view of it.

After lunch or brunch or whatever
cause this happens last month.
Watched movie.
After movie dinner :)
At Gaucho Argentina Steak House.
And u know what ?
We r walking there from pavilion
with not so comfy heels. wtf

Ordered this set.
Which i think this is super
duper affordable and worth it !
Better then water .. lol
My choice of salad and fruit.
Weird corn soup.
Tasteless actually.
Ordered Lemon donno what = =
First up, rice.
With steam fish... wtf... Scares me and i thought that
my steak would be very small.
My bf's rib eye.
And this is mine :)
Sirlion steak. Comes in a set.
I feel so lucky that time
cause i ordered this ..
This ramadhan set actually
can fit in for 2 persons lor..
His not so value set. lol
And my value set... wohooo.

I like medium rare. wtf
Delicous betul !!!
Can you see how thick it was ?
I have tried VS's steak , The Ship and etc
Nothing beats Gaucho !
Thick and juicy and there's a bbq fragrant on it !
RM79 , rice , fish , steak , drink , dessert , soup , salad.
Where to find ? lol
Not so tasty dessert ! So full to fit this in.
So we ate it halfway only.

OTW back to Pavilion to get our car.
Walk through hermes signboard
and i face-thick go take picture with it...