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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Actually i wanna make this post private.
but it's too complicated and hassle to make it.
From here, been googling for some time.
cause idk how to do it.
Found here but haven try yet.
And i do not have anything serious to write.
Just some major things happen just now.

I wanna know which girl won't become
sulk after her bf din't text her whole day.
With just 2 call can go through the whole day ?
I might be thinking too much but
have u ever think about how worry am i ?
Some more what you yelled at me just now
i will remember forever !
You make me wanna cry on spot just now.
I could't forget about it.
Is this what your friend teach ?
Cause i saw it the other day on his post.
Exactly what you say just now.
Maybe yea cause u hang out with him lately.
Yea whatsoever.
My heart scattered on the floor
like pieces of paper.
FYI do you know that i only ate
half pack of nasi lemak today ?

Always say that im fat.
Ask me to lose weight
but on the other hand ask me to
eat fast food.

What you promise you dint do.
What i told u , all u forget !
Like the 1st year anniversary,
we discussed where to have dinner
but u totally forgotten !
Disappointed !
Makes me think of im not important to u!

What i do you will oppose.
What you do i need to listen.
You make me so tired.
*he find me four times a week.
Yes i know he's good compare to others
I'm tired and you make me wanna
I got no strength, i still need to work tmr.
And continue the diet plan.
And continue the paper works
and some stingy customer.
Tomorrow my parents are coming back.
Miss them so much.
My sis's playing a very sad mandarin song.
makes me wanna cry ! wtf

I don't care u are saying that
im complaining too much.
I just want you to know that
this is my blog.
I want to complain you is my choice.

Good night

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sunway 290710

Just settled down everything.
Today is my off day.
Normally i off on either Saturday or Sunday.
Seeing that my parents is going to Thailand
tomorrow so, i off today.
Went out with my prettie babe Annie :)
So long din't out with her.
It's just Annie & me.
Jia Hui babe not free.
Reached there around 12pm.
Sunway's parking is always full !
We drove up to CP5 to park our cars.
Then walked around to see what to eat.
Don know what to eat.
Think this and that.
Finally we ate at Pasta Zanmai.
No pictures *.*
After that we start to shop ~
I din't buy much.
Just a T-shirt from F block &
a bra from La Senza :) Damn comfy lor.
Saw a pair of heels at Charles & Keith.
Very very nice.
But the price is little too over for me.
Cost around RM185.
But i think i'll get you soon.
When your price drop.
Walked around to find a belt for me.
I'm too effing fat.
Wear which type also not nice.
Around 4.30pm we went to Starbucks.
I ordered green tea cream.
Nice but i think it's too sweet.
After that, J.Co.
Annie get some doughnuts & had it there.
Luckily they din't kick me out
cause bring outside drinks.
5something went back home.
So tireeeeeeeeeeeeed !
But i still got strength to camwhore.
But mostly all also not nice or special.
I wanna change profile pic.
Changed but not nice enough.
Wanna watch SALT !
HCKW when can watch ???

Thinking which to choose ~
Will blog about
teen smoking with school uniform on
and in front of school.
Stay tune ~

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I'm Bored !
That's why i'm here.
I actually very lazy to update.
And i'm here to update shits.
My bf went for futsal.
Actually he should be with me now.
Cause we usually meet up on Tuesday.
But his friends ask him for futsal.
And how could i stop him from doing that ?
I could't be that selfish
and its just one day.

Than i skip dinner.
cause im lazy to tapau.
why my mum dint cook ?
Cause my grandma drink a thing called radioactive
thingy to kill her 'tai keng bao' sickness.
So not going to cook in 10days.
Eat outside food jer.
So good cause no need wash plates.
And no need to cook.
I sometimes cook for them too.
I'm darn lazy to do that.
That's why im darn FAT !
Than , i plan to make strawberry sorbet
which i learned from Youtube.
Guess what ?
I failed !
Turns out to be strawberry juice.
Maybe because the strawberry were not frozen ones.
Try again next time la..

I have been waiting for Annie's text from afternoon till now.
Don know why she haven reply me ==
I planned to go shopping with her tmr.
I think its not going to happen jor
Jia hui not going cause got test & ass :(
They are my shopping partners :P
Although its been so long i dint shop with Annie.
Last time i usually shop with them ~
Miss those moment ~

Why shop on tmr ?
Cause i left only tmr and thursday to rest.
Actually my rest day is on Saturday or Sunday
but thn my parents are going to Thailand on Friday
so if i'm not resting tmr or thurs,
i need to wait one more week.
I don't want tooooo.
I miss shopping. Damn = =

Bored dou.
I took pictures of these = =
All from Cotton On ~
Fos ~
Seed's purse .
Damn, this purse is more expensive than
the seed bag i bought.
Why ?
Cause it's made from leather.
But not my money also XD
It's my first year anniversary present from my bf~
Thanks ~
Love u
Seed's bag.
Jia Hui and me bought the same thing ~
Find one day we use it together ~
Shorts from F Block & Kitschen ~
Damn i love this Kitschen short!
So damn comfy la !!
My heart so pain after i bought them
Why ?
Cause i bought them before MEGA SALES
Just one week before it !!
But i think the prices won't be much diff huh ?
So wanna buy again ~
I wanna get stuff for the Redang's trip too.

I seldom shop.
I does't like to buy things separately.
Like this week buy tops,
next week shoes and so on.
Makes me piss off.
I rather save my money till enough
and buy all the stuff together.
Frankly i earn 500 from my parents a month
including fuel & food & roof.
So lil huh ? i think thats kinda good.
One month got 500bucks to keep.
Sometimes i'll earn more if they go out for trips.
I'm working for them at their shop.

I'm like a mud huh ?
I'm still doing nothing for my future.
I'm not going to tell you what i'm currently doing now
until i'm succeed with it.
Cause i scare i'll fail again like B. Add
So please don't ask me !
Maybe you will know it through my twitter :)

I seriously very boring now.
I read all my fav blogs d.
Not much updates from them.
Seriously i also don know why i love to read your blogs.
All of them i also don know.
Not my friends or what what.
Just pass by and im interested on their blog.
I'll stalk them whenever im free.
Hope you all don't mind = =
Lame huh.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Upper pic (add on after i finish all the writings)
I seriously hate this look !
When i ask you some thing you give me this face
cause you need to repeat what u say.
I can't hear & can't understand only ok !
Ask you do some thing u will like this
Do you even love me ?
Feel like blogging now.
So that's why i'm here writing.
After i stop blog walking,
My viewers drop till 15 viewers daily.
(Not that bad on weekends la)

Where to start about my life ?
Still got 14days more its our 1 year anniversary.
Frankly, i think that u change so much before i knew u.
U lost the RM3++ Puma shoes that i gave u !!
That incident makes me feel like u doesn't
appreciate what i gave you at all.
How could u lost one side of your shoe?
I know some of u might think
its just a shoe , leave it.
(especially lyn forumers, they will sut me 99)
Haiz, lazy to describe here until you are in my shoes.
Some times i feel very envy my friends.
Their bf treat them so well and good.
(same thing you won't know until you're in my shoes)
Haix !!
Still got many stuff but i don wanna say out here.
Cause first thing he will read
and you all will say that im childish and so on.
Hate negative feedbacks okay.
(i know i won't change if idk where im wrong
so you are there to correct me).
But some feedbacks like lyn there hurt me much !!
Enough of these la.

Oh yea.
My wishlist in my well will vanished 99!
All also can't buy.
Although i got sufficient money to buy one of those stuff,
i could't cause many people block my way to get it !
Like the waterproof camera.
Say this say that.
Until i change my mine not to buy.
Than i say i wanna get the waterproof pouch.
Around RM60-100
Again !@#$!@#$%$^%*
Why need to waste money ???
Okay okay.
Don wanna waste money.
I'll use all my money to buy clothes,heels,cosmetics
Damn it !
I also donno what to do with those hard earned money.
Keep those money to let people prank me meh.
Use all on my stuff more gooooood.
Cause someone/medium/uncle said that i will let
man/bf cheat all my money away ! (forget who told me)
To prevent it , i can't keep my money.
Gotta use it all.

Some more
you know who im saying !
Yes its you !
Seriously i fucking hate that.
sometimes i wanna make a board stating
Are you a retard ?
you don't know how to flip your signal ?
Those people who drive luxuries car
don know how to flip their signal i'll pity them!
Cause their richly retarded people.
your car so expensive also no use cause u are OKU,
don know how to flip signal. oOo
I people that don't flip that signal was,
1) youngster , think that they are very yeng.
no need to flip signal and cut here cut there.
Happen something bad don't cry and call mummy !
(i confess that im sometimes like this too cause im
so fucking tired with those RETARD ppl who don't use signal)
But at least i did flip it !
2) Indians (im not racist but the fact is like this)
Ask yourself do you flip it ?
I think out of 10, only 2 flip it !
Chinese too oOo fuck u la UNCLE & aunties.
Retard meh !
Im saying my DAD too !
Sigh !
3 ) Motorists that drive a motorcycle !
You people pay lower road tax money than we does
You think you are the KING of the road meh !
Like to take up our space !
No matter how wrong u are , if we hit u,
we consider wrong !
Please la , use the left lane and dont
drive zig-zagly.
Back to flipping signal problem.
I don't know why you people don know how to flip.
Cause retard ? Lazy ?
Do you know if you don't flip your signal,
you could cause death okay !
You will piss me off and
waste my precious time !
flip to save a life !

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Untitled 220710

TIRED of the effing slow line !!
There are 4 computers 2 laptops in my house.
And we're sharing one line (donno hw many gb)
If im not wrong, 2com & 1lap used for dw movies.
1com used to play game.
And my com is the most pity one!
Cause i do not dw movies & play games.
I only used it to watch some clips,
Restaurant city & Blog !
The line never goes smooth even in the morning
cause they dw movies whole day !
I want them to upgrade to greater one !!! please

I'm sorry that i throw my bloggie
without any updates for several weeks.
I'm back with a little updates.
Why ?
Cause im busy lazy !
There's some outings !
Start from the latest one ~
Yesterday was my mum birthday
Happy birthday mummy ~
Went to Tenji for dinner.
I like the environment there :)
Various food to eat ~ yummy.
I like the kindori ice-cream.
Interesting way to make it.

Last Sunday went out with my dearest Jia Hui
Love her :)
At Sunway ~
Bought so many clothes that i never think of.
I can't get enough of it !
Wanna get some more ~
When wanna shop again huh Jia hui babe ~

Last Saturday went to Bon odori with bf.
Walk damn far to get there.
And it was so damn crowded !
I saw Datuk Nicole David too :)

I city ~
Donno when
To celebrate my babe Jiaxin birthday :)
Very very very nice place ~

Oh yea.
Please do read my blog before asking me question
where the answer is given there.
I'll start to blog walk soon
Tata ~

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shir li's Wedding Dinner.

Yea i know i neglected my blog for a week
due to my busy lazy this week.
Din't blog walking for a week cause
someone at LYN said im a blogwhore
cause (long story)
Than NN changed my status to ordinary member last week,
Sien jor lor.. thats why i din't b.w. for a week.
But after 4 days they changed me back to glitterati.

Tuesday, attended my secondary schoolmate's
wedding dinner.
First wedding dinner from friends !
Gan jiong !
We were like gathering only.
Had fun with them that night ~
Miss them ~
Don't need to tell u all
also know why that early marry la..
Hello we are like nineteen ?
And we are not from rural areas lor.

All my babes getting prettier than ever !

Mask sin.
This week make up 3 times d.
Icity (yesterday) and tmr
Birthday party !
Stay tune !
Night peeps ~