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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Important for me

This post is for me to read back next time.

1. Spend your money wisely seriously.

Regretted what i had spent on what things i don't need.
Now i needed money for important stuff.
Seeing a lot of useless stuff on my table now are fucking frustrating !
You see 5/10 stuff on my table now are not usable for me.
Most of them are too show off / take picture.
What for ??? I really can't answer that question myself.
Whenever i see nice things i would just BUY !
Never think that oh this month bank acc still zero figure.
I never think of that before and now i regret.
I so wanna sell off all my apparels and cosmetics and etc.

2. Don't spend too much on luxury food. 

I think i really need to cut off my food expenses.
Limit myself how much per month.
I think food/drinks are the main thing that i lose all my money on.

Thirdly and most important !


It's not easy seriously.
If u want good pay u gotta make more commitment.
Want to have a good pay but don wanna work ?
Don't dream ok !
This is reality not fantasy land.
And whatever i work as i won't betray myself !

Don't ever say that i work at my mum's shop , there's no stress.
It's stressful then u think it would be.
U donno what kind of people i deal with.

The reason why i'm looking for freelance to do lately.
NEED money for future.

So many jobs turn me down and i donno why
Just wish me luck.

Been very sad lately. bye

Sunday, September 23, 2012

freaking tired

i guess this two days had been my tiredest day in my life
like seriously 5 hours of heels and can't sit.
X men also can't stand it.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

this is stupid.
why can't i sleep until 7 ?
it's been 2 days.
what happen to me again
headache all the time

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

10 Years Younger Makeup Tutorial * QQ美魔女妝*

i love u

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Gonna PHOTO BOMB my blog.
Because of too boring staying at home all day.
Decided to photo shot using Canon D500 
And gotta thanks to my sister for capturing them for me !
Most of them doesn't look like me at all
Mostly because of the contact lens that i'm wearing
Kinda kill it all .lol 
 #4 rainbow theme 
 #5 with hat
#7 I like this one .. lol 
 #8 happy one
 #10 i like this one too 
 #12 this too !
 #13 with toto

Compare 14 , 15 & 16
Which one nicer ?

My current primary photo.
I don't look like this in person.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tomorrowland 2012

Damn Effing AWESOME !

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Plan B @ publika

Last month , my sweetie caroline and me went for brunch at Plan B , Publika. Been wanted to try EGG BENEDICT since i watched masterchef season 3 ! whathefuck. I've tried midvalley's newly open Plan B before that but since it's new , they only served soup and sandwiches ! waste my time but no ! not at all , eventually there were 50% off for the total bill ! SUCH A GREAT DEAL ! where to find ?? lol . i should have ordered more ! Soups and cakes ! dafuq !!

Anyway don't read wrongly , the one i'm writing now is at Publika and i think the 50% off bill are already finish ! so don't dream ! 

 Salad at RM16-RM20
A generous amount of cheese.
Not bad 
 MY EGG Benedict
Perfectly cooked !
I like the egg yolk
But i can't finish everything-.-
Forget what it called
 yes look at the delightful egg yolk
but until this portion i ate
Really damn full
 Walk around than toilet camwhore.
Nice toilet right ?
 She said that she's an owl

Ok and i acted cute 

After my date with my love in the afternoon , i attended my bf's wedding at Cheras-Ampang. A bit tiring. But glad to meet his friends after 3 long years. DAFUQ 
Because my bf say it's far for him to bring me out !!!!!!! Because he need to fetch me to ampang than fetch me back my house puchong. WTF ! Nice right my shitty holly wtf bf !
 freaking love RED lips.
But why !? why not suitable for me ?
Gonna find black red next time !
 Kin > Me > Ebel & Esther
All so pretty :))
 Wardy !
Last but not least the married couple !
Jetta & Ian
Congratulations again !

Monday, September 10, 2012

Jung Won Korean BBQ restaurant @kl

Heard about this korean restaurant few times from my friends already. Saying that the view is nice. So, i tot the food are going to be good too but ended up kinda disappointing. My bf went there once, he's not a korean food lover , therefore no comment for it. The ambiance there are really really nice. Chill with friends and family is the most suitable place to choose. Windy atmosphere. 

 Biasa la , tu menu memang cincai for korean food.
Seriously idk why , they print just pictures & price
in an A4 paper and laminated it.
There, their menu.
Easy piece !
I like the long slightly smaller spoon of theirs.
 Do you know why i like korean food ?
It's because of their side dishes !
I can taste almost everything.
From rice cake to taugeh.
How awesome !
 Looking chubby in this picture.
 RM75 beef.
jeng jeng jeng
mou dak deng ah
 Rice cake with sweet sauce
The rice cake was hard and not chewy.
Just had few and i don wanna take anymore.
Doesn't worth it at all.
Waste money.
 Nothing to shout about.

 Hello toto

Food 2.5/5 - Frankly i only like the beef , we did order marinated pork. Tastes sweet and not fresh.
Service 4/5
Price - 2.5/5
Ambiance 4/5 Really nice , without any noise although located in the middle of the city.

Prefer DAORAE. My first choice of korean food would be Daorae.

Warning, my pictures ahead !
 My cold blood lover
 It was our 3rd year together that night.

Sayonara with my chubby face !

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Just back from trip and event.
Damn freaking tired !
Good night !