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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cold Stone Creamery

Sudden crave of cold stone ! It's a very fine expensive ice-cream. dafuq but it's so good ! Every scoop of it tasted like heaven. But of cause u gotta pay the price for it. It's basically creamy ice cream and they put in freeze pan and put fillings and mixed it together. 

 This bowl of ice cream cost us about RM30++ in Bali.
That's one of the reason that we don't have it here.
But baskin robbin (strawberry cheesecake) i will satisfied too.
Or wall's three flavor ice cream.
All of them is good for me.
Not so a dessert lover.

Korean BBQ San Nae Deul @ Setiawalk

Since i'm kind of free from work now. I decide to write a food review for this korean restaurant near my house. I've been here three four times since their opening. The only thing that keep me coming back was their SEAFOOD SOUP in hot stone pot. Others were sadly lack of flavors. 

It's operated by koreans tho. There were on in Publika , in Oasis square damansara as well. 

Stir Fried chicken with some batter i guessed.
It tasted like frozen chicken with lots of flour.
And i gotta pay RM23 for it.
Comes with a white rice with sunny side up egg
and a clear soup.

RM60 steamboat thingy.
I donno what this called.
I think i should have ordered the seafood one instead cause
this tasted so bad (soup base)
There's 3pieces of pork dumpling ,
some rice cakes , kimchi , pork and tong fun.
This pot of soup doesn't worth that money at all.
I think my sister can make better then this.
Maybe Malaysians like me could't accept that taste

This is the Seafood soup that makes me come back for more.
At RM25 you can get lots of various seafood in it.
Crab, prawn , mussels , hard shell clams , squid and soft tofu.
That's my favorite of all dishes i've been eating.

No doubt , their bibimbap are not bad too.
The sauce were rich of flavors.
But as our currency money are dropping 
no more subsidies for sugars and etc 
they dropped the size of the portion compared few months back.

Yet after all korean BBQ food i found that DAORAE is the best of the best.
Fresh pork , great services.
No worries of trying new dish there cause all of it they make it to our taste.

Korean BBQ San Nae Duel
D-1-G Block D 

Verdict :
Food : 3.5/10 
Service : 5.5/10
Price : They increased it. 4/10
Ambiance : Not bad 

Sorry for the mobile phone quality. I'm lazy to bring my camera out. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Party Animals

After trimmed my bangs i look like an underage kid that no guys would come near me during parties and i'm fucking sad. hahahahaaa damn

I really love partying since 17years old when i first stepped into Bar Celona. LOL !! So long long ago. I really loved the crowd (not filthy hamsap guys) The songs that beat that moment that friends. Arhhghghghghghhhh really miss party so much. The last party i went was 7weeks back with my ex-college friends at Velvet. Was really awesome tho. Had fun cause i'm kinda tipsy at the end. hahaha. Okay i'm a picky girl i only like to party at Velvet. And i listen to edm and trance (listening to W&W invasion ASOT550 anthem while writing) I also like to RAVE ! Love it cause of the madness of the crowd and i doesn't need to wear heelsSSSSSSSsss hahaha Don't ask me why i liked there , try to party there yourself.

Gonna write about guys in club next :)

The cup

Not sure whether i post this before a not. Am lazy to check. I'm actually clearing my mobile's pictures which is in my dropbox that are going to be full. zzzzzzzz Pity 

Overly edited me. It was few months back May i guessed

Bought a groupon voucher.
Located inside publika mall.
It's basically Korean food , from choices of noodles to rice in a cup
Not sure how much was it but it's quite expensive tho
Not full enough for me.

Small portion for small eater.

Without any edit.

Gonna spam all old post cause i'm gonna delete some of my dropbox pics

To all my friends out there. Please be extra careful while driving. Less text while driving !

Monday, October 21, 2013


Sometimes it's so tired to think about my future. I see things for my lifetime. I don't like doing stuff that i don't have faith on. 

Talk about college time. Reason why i dropped out and study in low cost center to get my cert is because i simply don't wanna waste my mum's money where i see that i play more then study. And i don't get much pocket money from my mum. Only good enough for everything. I din't know that i could work part time while study. All i know was that after class/weekend i gotta help up my mum to earn my pocket money. Ok well i don't really think so much back then. 

Why i failed my subjects. I swear that i din't know i really need to work hard for something. I was just fooling around. Things can't get into my head back then. But i literally liked Accounts. I scored an A2 during Spm. I did work hard on it because first of first this subject is new to me and i kinda like to count but not maths. Hate those formulas. All my Spm scores are just lucky enough to get me 4cs to get into college except for the Accounts i worked real hard on it. I fucking seriously din't know i gotta study so hard like an ant to pass through those subject. Well i dropped out during Sem 2. Wasted around 10k i'm sorry mum. 

After that I continued a program at low cost academy. LCCI, it's recognize tho it's cheap. But then i only took up and sit for 4 subjects out of 5. So i got myself an Diploma in computerized accounting. I dint' really use that cert for work cause i'm working for my mum in a hardware shop. Easy job but of cause i do sometimes very stress. 

Lately my friends around talks about future life. They wanna work overseas. I was thinking about myself, what about me. I literally got nothing. What should i do with my future life. My mum pursued me to study abroad like my friend this morning. But i think and think it is really worth for a go ? I'm 22 this year. If i'm going there to study i only get a Dip in management and i'm afraid that it isn't recognize back in Malaysia because the course fees were very cheap compared to the other friend that i know. Life at there would be very very hard for me. I gotta take up part time jobs and cope with new environment. This is only temporarily and after 2 years i'm 25 let's say i only got a diploma. What for i go study abroad right ? And what should i do after that ? 

The reason why i stayed at my mum's shop to work for so long
1st i don't like dealing/working with anonymous. It's so hard for me to learn new environment.
2nd of all my expenses won't cover it all. Too much of debts. 
3rd as it's a family business i hope next time they will give it to us. 
4th i don't need to see my boss's face. lol 
5th i'm useless and i admit it. 

Well as i said , i don't know what i should do/work/learn. If i know i will do as good as you all does.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

F Concept dining by Buffalo kitchens

Saturday brunch with ma babe <3 p="">
Though it was one month back i guess.
Gonna do a short review for it cause it's like 3.18am nao.

Their menu affirmatively short.
Not too many nor too little choices of food.
Easy to read menu and right the paper there it's their menu.

Wild mushroom soup.

Complimentary bread with olive oil

Beside our table further up a bit is their kitchen.
Yes open air kitchen which u would see what they are doing
throughout your meal.

Open air space.

Babe's dirty brunch
The scrambled egg wasn't cook enough.
It was still watery.
Hotdog was nice.

Mine healthy brunch cost at around
Consists of salad , fruits , beans, yogurt with oats ,
smoked salmon , egg with vege , hams , potatoes and mushrooms.
Love the yogurt and oats. 
Others was only so so

Price : consider expensive for brunch where as antipodean"s big breakfast only cost RM20
Ambiance : Love the design/nice for gatherings
Service was good.

Overall it was good but won't go back for brunch maybe dinner :) I see they serve foie gras too.

Their signature ladder all the way up.

Being very independent with your other half is a bad thing. He knowing that you could do everything by your own that he need not to help is bad. Really bad. Girls u gotta let him know that you could't do some typical things without him so that he could always help u.

Something u just gotta ask for help.
Sometimes it's not a bad thing to ask for help either.
Let him know that u need him but not so badly need him.
Don't ever be too independent to your the other half.
Show him that u are important to him in his life. like his own.

Don't be me. I donno how to handle a relationship even though mine was already 4 years.

We look good but our bolts are loosen up. Waiting for time to change if we still continue to use our own way to treat each other.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Latest picture off me from mobile. Non-edit picture it is. My face ! It's getting fatter rounder then ever ! Why !!! ??? You can't see it from here. Wait till i show and compare my last time pic and current pic. Zomg.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


It's been very very long i din't post any ZERO makeup picture of myself and here it is. Completely no makeup. Yes i admit i'm scare of posting out my non make up picture because i doesn't look good without make up. I have a very small pair of eyes. Huge nose and disfigured eyebrows and if you could look carefully i've got mild moustache. Yeah for a girl i had it. I don't want it either. God gave it to me , what can i do ? I've been teased by peoples and that kinda hurts me. I wanted to laser it away but that courage i don't have. What if it still comes back ? What if that laser thing doesn't work ? hmmm haih

Second thing why i don't post pictures without make up is simply because 4/10 person says that make up and without make up makes a huge diff. Therefore i dare not put up my pictures in instagram or fb.

Took a lot of courage to post it here too. hahaha jk. I simply post this is because not many ppl read my blog anymore. This is for my memories.

PSsssssSSst : How to stop myself from thinking about negatives stuff ? I really hate it.

I gotta tell myself gazillion times and you guys too


Bare my broken English with me. i know that sucks.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Mr. & Ms. Cafe @ Oasis Damansara

Went for a quick brunch with babe last weekend. It was about 2pm and it was full of people. We waited for about 15 minutes for a table. Lucky for us girls , they bought us chair to seat. The design of the shop are literally normal coffee shop. Nothing special to see except for the waiting area. Sorry got no picture. I really think that it was overly rated for their foods. 

Camwhore with these while waiting for the food.

I ordered the topper.
Bread topped with mashed avocado , turkey ham & loads of scrambled egg.
The scrambled egg has too much butter on it. And the avocado was't mature enough to serve.
Overall it's not as good as u seen.
I don't like it. This might as well my first and last brunch here.
I prefer The red bean bag much.
But service was good :) 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


And you gonna hear me roarrrrrrr


Guess what song was that  ?

Really love this picture. Filtered only. from MTXX