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Friday, March 30, 2012


How come my life so meaningless one ?

Why can't i be someone that contributes something in this world ? = =
Why can't i be famous ?
Why can't i be rich ?
Why can't i be friendly ?
Why can't i be prettier ?
Why can't i be slimmer ?
Why can't i be hardworking abit ?
Why can't i be braver ?
Why can't i be a doctor that saves someone's life ?
Why can't i be a lawyer to help the poor ?

Asking why here doesn't help my future. f m l

Thinking what to do for my future but i just can't.

It ain't easy as you think.

Cause i'm a college drop-out. w t f

with only lcci cert - -


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

10 things about me

What should i start first ... hmmmpppppp ..

1) How do you see yourself ?

Stupid sensitive girl . wtf . I like to think bad sometimes i will nervous till i feel like wanna puke or cry. I donno , i just like to think bad and i think i need to sit back and relax and be like you guys out there ! FREE & EASY !

I'm a SHY girl , NO JOKE ! I doesn't like to talk to people that i barely know and i donno how to communicate nicely with people. I'm kinda like straight forward person when it comes to asking things. Therefore i got no friends #foreveralone. I donno how to talk to friends of friends of friends. I just donno how to start up a conversation. But one thing i don't understand , WHY U NO TALK TO ME FIRST !?

2) What you are doing now ?

I'm a college drop-out. Whatthefuck can i do ? hahahaha

I'm currently helping out at my mum's hardware shop. Yeap. Blue collar worker. ok laugh now. My assigned job are see what customer wants , debtors account , check stock (sometimes) , receive stock and arrange stock. It's not easy ! Do you know how many items we had in this shop ? If i'm not wrong more then 3k of goods. How to arrange ??? Therefore it's always untidy.

3) Why you still want to work with your mum ?

First up, i doesn't need to see my boss face !
Second , Good pay although i only drive Myvi but it's okay cause it's my car not my parents one !
Third , i can always slack & curi tulang but never late for work. (8am-6pm)

4) Have you ever think to look for a job ?

Occasionally because it's tooooooooooo stress out for me. Dealing with unreasonable customers. one word #hard.

It's easy for me to look for a job because i already got my LCCI certificate. (Now i remember still got 2 more papers haven't take yet) wtf. It's not easy to work outside. I need to pay for my flat, car, parent's fee, fuel, eat and etc. You see, my value outside is only RM1500/month max (working as a acc.clerk). So, if i work outside i won't be able to pay those expenses that i need to pay.

So i need to stick at my mum's shop FOREVER AND EVER ! You see i really envy people wear OL outfit. Makes me want to wear all the time but no choice i'm lazy and i chose this pathway in the first place. So there's no turning back unless i START up a business of myself. Wait i got money first.

5) What will you do if you have fund to start a business ?

Hmmmmmm I really don know. Still thinking.

6) How is your relationship ?

It's getting loosen up now. From 50 to 20 to 10 to 5 to 2 text messages per day. I wonder if this happen to every couple out there ? Almost 3years now and i still love him very much. It's just that there's a gap on us.
What gap ? Don't want tell you all .. hahahhaa

7) What kind of things you like ?

I like to Travel & Eat

Travelling to places that i never been to. I like to visit Maldives before it sink of .

Eating SUSHI is my favorite thing to do .. hahahaha sushi sushi sushi. other then that i like korean food too ! Yummmmy

8) Do like partying ?

Yes indeed ! Especially concert (not those boring S.H.E those concert) i mean concert partying with LMFAO, Flo rida , David guetta and etc ! With those party rockers and with beers ! Ahhhhh ! Love it ! Just like tomorrowland ! I like to party with Girlfriends - - sorry i doesn't like guys to touch me seriously . wtf . i donno why

I usually party with my bestie's friends. I doesn't have any party friends. Sigh. Therefore whenever they asked me to go , i'm sure going if i'm well ! #foreveralone style.

9) I can't think of anymore. Anything just ask me.

10) This is meant for no one. If u feel boring then read :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Still haven't receive my chq that i cashed out last month.
It's like almost two months already. zzz
I wonder if they had forget

Valentine's post

Due to my laziness and my faulty thingy that idk what the hell happened to my 'post' , every time when i upload pictures there's those link there but not pictures , last time whenever i upload the pictures will pop out for me to review but now now all words that mother of god knows how to read. wtf . WHO CAN HELP :( sigh

masuk title
Went to YUZU for the first time. Quite disappointing.

Their Menu. Not so interesting

I think this 6piece cause 30-40

Bf's wagyu beef rice. RM40+
The beef was very nice and tender.

Seasonal sashimi RM180
What fugu what expensive fish , = =
I rather eat salmon , tuna & the white fish. wtf

My set RM50+
I really like this kind of set meal but isn't a little expensive ?
The tuna fish wasn't that fresh.
This set suitable for girls that have small appetite.
There's no rice there and all the portions are very small.

Not so satisfy me although i looked happy.
Their service are good !

And i SWEAR i saw a fucking rat upstairs on the ceiling (there's no partition) only piece of woods. wtf . That's all after the meal that fucking rat make noise and some cotton thingy flew down to the table. And i din't had my SEA URCHIN cause it was GODDAMN expensive ! RM170 for a plate .

I should have dine in HOKKAIDO ICHIBA
So that i could have less then RM50 sea urchin rice that can feed me to death there.
No more hunting for yuzu. Yalah yalah , for you all i know that that yuzu is nothing ! Don't fucking compare me and you ! Probably your money isn't yours pun ! Stfu if u hate me

Monday, March 12, 2012

Passed away not peacefully
but i hope you rip in heaven

depress after that ... sigh

Monday, March 5, 2012

Golden Baby


I could't tell his age cause he apparently went to my house during CNY (bai tian gong) night. I saw him running pass our main door than i asked my elder brother to catch him cause i don't dare to do it. Within one week , i keep on asked my mum whether i could keep it or want to give back to it's owner. She say keep until CNY new year pass first (15th). Therefore i waited. Out of patient i went to pet shop and get his cage and food for him until now i just bought a female companion for him and yet another cage. So now i got 2 hamster. I never touch FIFI cause i'm scare of it. She act so aggressively. wtf . Last week , golden were sick until now haven't recover yet. His eyes started to have eye shit everyday and i slowly clean it using a warm cotton. Today he shakes and sneezes. Sigh................. This is a sign that he is going to heaven. Although our relationship weren't that long but i really hearts him. Do you know how heartsick i'm now ? Please give yourself more time golden baby ! Please pray for him <3

Sunday, March 4, 2012

But i really regretted what i've done.
If not i won't lose that much.
I should have follow myself not them.
GOD , please give me more true friends :P

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Overall thailand

Because of system down in my blogspot here , i'm lazy to upload pictures - - too much. So , i only upload the one i like.

With RM1 pandan leaf flower.. nice ! i love thailand so much now !

At Hatyai not massage then is visiting temples. damn hot

SPOT ANYTHING ? @kohsamui grandpa rock

I WANT MY BODY BACK ! Every year after CNY , my weight confirm will gain like a swine ! f.

Kayaking @ Koh Samui . Fucking regret din't hear what the instructor said. He was really friendly because he happens to know my mum , She went there twice meeting the same people. zzz . He asked me to share the kayak boat with my sis and bro but my sis and i say if i sit in the middle , i can't kayak. So i changed with my mum's friend. Her family 3 person , me & my sis , my bro & their son. WTF. Biggest regret of my life. OTW back to the ferry , my sis & i could't take it anymore and we relied on my bro's team - - we pulled their string to move. We were the last one on board and the stupid ferry driver honked us. So fucking embarrassing ! Those fucking angmoh laugh at us :( The verdict is always listen to your instructor !

Hope to go there again. Really love there. The surrounding , people , food JENG. I don't really care i became tan like nicki minaj , as long as i bring a sun protector there ! I see all tourist are either Europeans or China people. No Thais at all unless the people working there. Next time if i get a chance to go , i sure will join the forest thingy. look interesting !