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Saturday, May 29, 2010

I wanna watch Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 gonna release soon.
And this is the 1st time i join a contest from Nuffnang.
Wish me luck ;)
Toy Story.
From Toy Story 1 than 2 and now 3.
When's 4 ? haha.
Toy Story reminds me about my childhood.
Watch cartoon all the time.
Play with no limits.
Yea no limits until Mum's here :P
Holding her sugar cane on her hand.
Calling us to bath and eat our dinner.
I miss playing with my siblings and neighbors.
We are grown up teens now.
Can't mess with our life.
I'm telling myself how good if i'm the
new character in Toy Story 3 ,
Zip myself in when i'm in trouble. hehe.
Unzip when there's excitement.
Inside the comfortable plush.
With my 2 other pea friends.
Stick together forever.
Looking cool and cute.

Toy Story 3
My Favorite new toy is them !
How cute are them ?
Isn't them adorable ?
I'll name them 3C Peas.
Charming - Cute - Champion
Read peas few times and u'll notice that u pronoun it as
3C is Peace lil Peas.

This is Stretch.
I think i'll stretch Stretch and throw him on the wall.
Let it stick on the wall.
Mr. Pricklepants.
You look so noob lor.
Charming Ken.
You aren't that charming.
My 3C peas is much more better looking than you.

So, my favorite new toy is
Hope you like my post and give me passes.
I know i'm not that lucky or
good enough to get those passes.
Well i enjoy knowing 3C.
Good luck to others nuffnangers
who join this mini contest.

Night peeps.

Friday, May 28, 2010


In the previous post i posted a pic of my BB max.
I named my BB Bold , BB max.
Idk why this name comes to my mind suddenly.
Still haven load musics into Max.
Lazy lor..
They said couldn't bluetooth (biru gigi) songs.
Errrr . So need to take a cable to dw songs from com.
BBM 22016E98

Today is a black day.
I dream bad things. Scary.
Almost fall down several times while working.
And worse case.
Got an Indonesian man pass away nearby clinic there.
Goshhh .
So many people at there looking and
ask them what had happened.
They said
The Indonesian man was working.
He suddenly said that his chest seriously pain.
Then his fellow friends bring him to the clinic.
Almost reach he couldn't stand and pass away.
His friends than wrap him with a carpet/don know what.
With 1 man driving , 1 man sitting in front passenger seat.
3 men at behind letting the dead man in their hands and thighs.
And they couldn't close the door.
They drove a mini tiara.
Its extremely small to fit in so many people.
Makes me think of my Uncle.
Humans are Fragile
May god bless you.

BTW = between or by the way ?
What do you think ?


Early in the morning,
woke up at 6.10 am
MCD breakfast
I effing love it !
but idk wth was wrong with me
I got a voucher from The Star's paper
where MCD's giving out free Sausage Mcmuffin burger.
And so i ordered 2 Egg mcmuffin
Still tot it was Sausage Mcmuffin
I ordered wrongly for them.
Most stupid idiotic thing was
I dint pick the other Tea that i ordered
WTF !!
Wasted jor lor..
And that salesperson gave me a cup of coffee
where i had ordered TEA
Fuck la.
What a great start for morning.

I love hash brown ~

Its dinner time.
Actually we plan to eat at
IoI boulevard there.
But mum say Estee Lauder at parkson got sale
Than la we ate at Sunway's Donno what name
Korean food.
Quite nice for the food.

My BB max.
Love him..
My BBM 22016E98
Add me BB users

After that my sis and i went to
Darn long dint go.
That makes me broke.
Thanks SASA.
Kate's pinky and Pupa's greenish.
MAC's gel eyeliner is a must.
Their brush so Darn expensive for me.
More expensive than the liner.
Forget that i could use my sis's brush from maybe.
Mum gave me Estee lauder's powder and mascara.
Thanks mum.
Some mask ~
Tot the green thingy was KIWI
Which actually it was Cucumber
Remover and BB Cream, Cybercolor and Loose powder from Prestige.
All the stuff that my sis and i Bought yesterday.
Hope She'll repay me sooon !
And lastly Revlon's Red hot chick lipstick.
my sis want.
We share :)
I'm officially broke.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Limited edition IPHONE

Mum's limited edition iphone.
Do u have one like this ?
Heartache to see it like this.
Mum too.
She dropped this evening.
Turn out like this.
But still can use like usual.
Pity her.
I told her to get a cover for it
but she doesn't listen.
Turn out like this.
If want sell or trade in also hard.
Change the screen need around 400-600
WTH ???
Can buy a economy phone.
Mum don wanna change.
Probably give it to my bro.
But of cause he need to pay.
RM100 per month.
Wait my good news ~

Worst Food Ever

Worst food ever i tasted this year.
Not only i said my dear and mum agree too.
Actually my dear said 1st. hah
I been craving for korean food since last month.
Than i saw some shit flyer promoting this restaurant
at the IOI's boulevard.
Hence i give it a try last few days
with my mum & dear.
Cause after dinner need to help
my mum out with her accounts.
The design of the restaurant is very warm.
But the food real sucks.a
I ordered a pork dono what la..
Omfg when i saw half of the pork contains FAT.
I don't really eat pork but idk why i ordered it that day.
Mum asked me Why did u ordered pork ?
I tot u don't like pork ..
I also don know.
Roti canai is better than that.
Mum's whatsoever soup is not tasty at all.
Dear's fried rice same.
Overall not nice at all.
Even the kimchi.
The only thing that i like was the plain rice.

Korean special tea
was 'fried rice tea' according to my mum.
Dear's fried rice.
Mum's Soup.
RM15.90 (if im not wrong)
Look at the fats.
Couldn't finish .
After that, we went to the Pacific company,
I bought a mochcino.
Whatsoever name.
I forgot.
They dint charge tax.
I like starbucks more don know why.
With warm and friendly waiters i guess.
For pacific
Maybe my outfit sucks or u only serve high class ppl.
Serve with a smile please.
Like i owe u 1000bucks.
Gonna try their Chillings next time.

Next post ~

Saturday, May 22, 2010


My 2010 wish list.
After using around 3 years of Nokia N73 phone.
I now wants to change a new one !
Can't stand it anymore.
My phone got something wrong.
It actually still got many spaces * 2gb memory.
Keep on telling me memory low.
Today i text with my babe.
*ask her about make up products*
I off my phone effing 5times !!!
To get her text.
If you ask me why not iphone ?
Cause BB is kinda trendy now.
And iphone its like everywhere.
And iphone make me lost confidence of it
Mum's iphone broke down TWICE.
Need 3 months to fix the 2nd time.
And its expensive !
This BB bold 9700 cost around RM1800-1900.
or BB curve around RM900 u can get it.
So why not BB ?
But this BB need my dad's permission to buy.
Firstly cause if i buy BB i won't be able to buy
waterproof camera.
with my CNY's angpau money ~
I told my mum that i'll pay her
RM100 per month for 18months.
She said ask dad when he back on Monday
from Thailand.
Hope he let laaaa.
My phone around 3 years din't change lehh
And i'll pay u back with my salary !!!
Just help me use your CC to swipe for me.
Seriously i don't understand why
CC need 21st year old only can get !
Need to wait 2 more years only can get.
Okay !
Wish my dad will help me~

Secondly, Make up products.
Wanted to buy so long time ago.
First of all i need to think about my face.
I only use water to rinse
i don't use cleanse or whatsoever.
Cause idk how.
So ma fan.
After this need to apply that this that this.
If i buy foundation and those powder to apply
on my face, i need to buy those remover,
cleanse and moreeee to clean my face properly.
Therefore i need to use so much money.
Asked my babe JH for the price and how to apply.
Thanks babe !
Hmmm. I think altogether need RM500 to get
all the products.
Thats too much for me.
Cause need to buy waterproof camera.
So, im still doubting whether do
i really need these stuff to harm my skin ?
or make myself more pretty
after applying these stuff ?

Third one, Coach or Gucci.
Hope to get these but due to financial problem
i couldn't and its so damn freaking expensive for me.
buy this = waterproof camera.
Rather buy waterproof camera than this.
This third wishlist need to wait 5 more years or maybe longer !
Finally ~
Why do i need this type of camera where i got a better one ?
Cause August i'm going to Redang ~
Need this thing to capture underwater natural wonder.

First choice ~
10feet waterproof.
1.5m shockproof.
-10c freezeproof.
2.7 lcd monitor.
HD movie
2nd choice
Sony DSC-TX5
Almost the same function with 3000
But the thing is no RED color.
this is round RM1500

I like Sony's DSC-T900
Stylish and its red in color.
But its not waterproof.
outta my list d.
Somebody help me.
Which one should i get for the camera?
Still got around 2 and the half months.
Or should i don't get ?

Which waterproof camera should i buy ?

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Sense & Style Graduation

Love this picture ~ Nice ?

16th May 2010
My babes graduation day
Yin leng & Kah Sing.
They won the top 15.
That morning woke up at around 620am !
So early -___-
Normally wake at 645-710am.
620 now is kinda hard for me.
Around 730am they came and fetched me.
About 8am something reached there.
She's almost the last one to arrive.
But luckily not.
So clumsy and crowded.
Things everywhere.
After that, Joanne & me went to the toilet
What we did beside ease ourself ?
Make up duh .
After that, we went to The Gardens to have our breakfast.
Planned to have MCD
But we don know where -___-
Instead of MCD we ate porridge .
RM3.90 with 'yao char guai'
The only restaurant that we found opened and early.
Its like around 845am.
After that we head some where to get some mineral water.
Than walk & walk & walk
Found MCD !!
Bought 2 mineral there too.
I miss the breakfast & HAsh Browns .
We both wore heels = =
Hell Tired and pain and Sore
Imagine 830am till 6pm with HEELs :O
After breakfast went back to Cititel hotel.
Wait till 2pm only can start the show
Hell boring.
Glad that they won~

Joanne ~

I love this model !
Love her smile ~ Sweeeeeeeet
(upper pic)

This model is pretty and her skin is so damn white.

Handsome with shades~
Myfm DJ

Only porridge for breakfast
until around 5pm only eat.
So long dint eat ~
This Sushi Zen located at The Gardens
service kinda bad.
Cause we need to wait without them telling.
I think they should ask us to wait for a while.
Rather than standing there acting got many stuff to do.

SEt of the day
Make me so damn full !

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