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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shin chan

2nd post for today.
Its like non stop blogging.
Any Shin chan lovers out there ?
Recently i found this when i was buying
Snow ice at 100yen @ bandar puteri's outlet
with my dear.
That snow ice was our favorite :)
green tea with red beans.
While waiting i went in and see those stuff.
Than i saw this Shin Chan biscuits.
Its Shin Chan's favorite.
Cost me RM5.90
Its not tasty -_____-
Too sweeet.
Does't like too sweet stuff.
Now its the fridge begging people to eat him.
kinda look like dog's biscuits.

If you notice my last post,
my captions are above the picture.
I used to put it below the picture.
Its kinda confused for me.
I guess i will use my old style to update next time.
What do you think ?
Upper or Below the picture?

Bagan Hailam , Klang

***This pic is the mee***

Bagan Hailam

Last Sunday we went to Bagan Hailam, Klang.
Its so called No 1 seafood restaurant.
Well its not that tasty that i tot.
I had been craving for it since
after i visited the coconut village.
Make me quite disappointed.
Around 700pm we reached.
We don know the direction at all
Not any one of us except
mum's iphone GPS.
Dad left his gps at shop.
We followed the direction and
thanks to my dear for guiding.
Gps nowadays is very convenient.
Bring us here there and faster direction.
The preserved papaya.
Din't try.
We ordered 6 dishes.
The first one is Mee
Donno what name.
Restaurant dish wor
Its kinda okay for the taste.
**the mee pic is the 1st pic of this post
Kindly scroll up to see.
I accidentally deleted it and i upload again
can't put it back to the real position. wth.

This is the fried squid.
This is seriously delicious.
The squid was very fresh, chewy & crispy.
It goes very well with the chili sauce.
Where is the another 0.5 ?
The portion is just too small.
I had 2 piece only.
*look at my dad's finger.

The 3rd dish
'Paper wrap chicken'
Its actually aluminium foil wrap chicken.
Tot it will be black in color inside
but when i tear it off
its yellowish color.
That means steamed chicken.
Anything special ?
No -__-
Normal steamed chicken.
Not nice at all.
Its too salty and very soft.
I guess they cooked too long or whatsoever.
I like the sauce actually.

The fourth dish.
As NORMAL belacan kangkung.
omg i was like huh ? again ?
But i don't dare to say it out cause
dad will say u order la. Shut up better.
Every time this vege.
Sien jor la...
Its so damn freak salty.
Not nice at all.

Fish for 5th dish.
Xtau what name is that fried fish.
Normal but the flesh is very fresh.
But i does't like fried fish.
So its not that good for me.
Certain fried fish are tasty but not this big type of fish.
I like normal, ginger and tom yam steamed fish.
Fried fish is like very weird for me.

Last dish CRAB
Restaurant crab.
This is also very salty at outside.
But the flesh is damn fresh.
I can't stop eating it.
Its very hard to open even with hammer.
The shell was very hard.
This 2 piece of crab was eaten by
my dear and me
My parents and siblings were full.
They'll regret. lol

Hey its me without any make up
some more use dslr to capture.
and without editing.
Peeps look at me
I'm Effing FAT!
Overall, I'm quite disappointed on it.
I tot it will be very tasty.
Coconut village is more tastier.
Those blogs and people said that this restaurant are very good.
Perhaps it was last time.
Lastly the price.
6 persons for RM152
Its cheap duh.
Got crab & fish.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Almost come to the end of the month.
Four more days only.
This post is about
why i changed my url.
Make it simple.
I post my link to fb whenever i update.
Since don know when
whenever i post my blog url out
there are no thumbnails.
And IDK why. WTH.
No one will notice if i post it out like that.
So i decided to change my url.
I wanted to change it to
but u see its occupied with this
2 posts owner since 2002
Than i tried this
But its occupied too !!
With no post at all. WTH
Blogger could u please do me a flavor ?
Please delete bloggers that doesn't update their acc for years !
I need those url than they does.
I want to keep it simple and clean.
Think think think.
Finally i saw that paper bag that my friend gave me
when i visited her at her working place
with goodies inside :D from bittersweet.
So i decided to name it sarahbittersweet.
After changing the url,
i tried whether it works a not.
Same as last time, no thumbnails.
I changed the url and inform my friends
only i realize that it doesn't work.
I was like omg.
I'm so so so regret to change it.
I don know what the heck is wrong with my fb/blog
I was like 548774168745 angry myself for being so stupid.
Anyone wanna help this pity little girl ? sobbbb
I want my thumbnail back.

13days more to go :)
Letsaa see.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


A short post before bed.
Yesterday yum cha (hang out/had a drink) with Joanne.
It been so long we din't hang out.
She used Guan's car to fetch me.
When i ask her who got go
she say u, me, mee gee and than jun sam ..
i was like har ????
So lil ?
Yin Leng & Kah sing got class.
we called Wei khang and Jun keat.
Both said not free , whatsoever.
And even Wai Lik
All not free.
Went to Sentosa.
On the way Chiiiit Chaaaat
Its like so many things idk.
outdated poor lil teen.
Oh yeaa..
Wai San, She sicked so she can't join us :(
Reach there, went to cc for a while.
While waiting for Mee Gee to come.
Around 945 she arrived.
Than we went to Fai Wong.
Its so called supper for them
but its my so called dinner.
Wan Tan Mee.
Than after that Wei Khang called
and ask us to go Puchong.
Around 1050 meet them.
A while than we back.

I don know what if i never talk to them.
Or never online.
Will they ever bother to call me ?
Or even if i'm dead *touchwood*
Will they attend my funeral ?
Or will they realize that imma dead ?

I do not have any Boy-Friends at school.
Well most close boy-friends is
Who should i mention where they is non ?
Should i say its my college friend ?
Hey ?
I so don know !
I think i'm too ugly to be their friends or whatsoever.
Or maybe i'm like the banana at school.
Doesn't know how to read in mandarin.

Sometimes i think that i should't care
for those does't care about me.
Why should i make myself sick about them ?
Maybe i'm the one who cause this thing out.
- Never call them out / where they too never ask me out.
except there is occasions.
- Does't text each other since secondary. Maybe its
because language problem.
- My attitude problem i guess . They hate it.
Imma not friendly -____-

IM SO DEAD in this world.
My world its like only got family, bf.
Sometimes friends invade to my world.

This post makes me look like a
retarded that need friends so much.
But my mum always tell me
Friends won't help u when u are in trouble.
Please don't think that i'm crazy or got problem.
I'm just telling what i feel.
Where u guys can't even feel what i felt.
Imagine that u got no friends.
HOW ???
Maybe i should ask them out frequently.
But i'm effing busy especially starting next week.
FML !!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


19 days left to nineteen years old.
I seriously does't want anyone to forget my birthday
Especially my babes :(
Lately we hardly meet.
Last time we meet was at San's birthday
Annie & Jia Hui more worse -________-
Not to say my college friends.
More more worse.
If we meet at outside , i really dk that we will talk a nt.
Aikssss. I'm busy at daytime.
I got no time to ask them out.
Cause i'm afraid that i will ffk them.
And they din't call me out too.
I'm sick to think about this.
Its like everyone is ignoring me.
I know u'll will think that i'm crazy or what so ever.
But i just can't get it.
Does i annoy u guys where i din't talk to u all ?
Sickening thing.
This morning i post 19days left to nineteen.
Although they are ppl comment
but its all not my babe.
Depressed. Annoyed by this.
FML !!!
Sometimes i should't care people that who does't care me.
What for ? For me doing that.
FML !!

The line is EFFING slow ! FML
There are many ants in my toilet !! FML

I'm going to get a job after July.
I want to work at bank = = as the counter person.
Which its a very easy job.
No requirements
Just need a SPM cert.
OR work as acc clerks for 5 days only. LOL.
Imma so lazy ! FML.

I'm sorry nuffnangers/readers/walkers.
Gonna reply the chatbox soon.
Going to sleep now peeps.
I scramble out my feelings and i'm quite relieve now.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


*this pic does't belong to me*

Dear watching Man U vs Man City.
I'm here to update my blog.
It started to rain around 5pm today.
It rain so heavily and the storm behave violently.
So scary & i need to drive back home.
Around 550pm i went back with Macy.
Oh God its so dangerous cause i can't
even see the road properly.
I can see reverse mirror but not side mirror.
I drive damn slow cause i scare got something wrong happen.
You know la.
Proton's car. Especially Wira.
Damn low. Scare it broke down in the middle of the road.
I use the other alternative way to go back home.
It is because the road was flooded with about 1feet of water.
Gosh... Its damn scary.
I used the Kesas Highway to go back.
How fast i drive ??
40 to 50 km per hour.
Its like damn slow -___-
No choice the tires is very old.
Damn lame old.
Scare skid or the tire can't stand rain.
Maintain that speed only.
Overtake also need to double check.
Lame old me.
I did think off to stop aside
Safety first ma.
But i does't wanna waste time , just drive.
At last i'm safe and i'm here to blog.

~ Its better that not to drive during heavy rain.
~ If want please don't drive that fast.
~ Remember to on your lights.
Safety First peeps

Gonna reply my Chat Box comment soon.
Keep clicking my ads my readers :)
~ Follow me too ~

Thursday, April 15, 2010

untitled 150410

Random post about my life.
Kinda depressed about my life without schooling.
Without schooling means without friends
My friends are my bf & family.
I'm lucky that i got my bf
If not i would be more depress
It seems to be very very very long i din't meet them.
We din't hang out or anything.
But at least i did chat with Joanne at fb ~
And some times Kah Sing.
All of them are busy with their life after graduated
last 2 years ago.
I can throw my phone away now.
No one even call me even in a month
Except for my family.
I'm using the other number
which dear gave it to me.
And my family call that number too to find me.
So, my ori number can bar it d.
I know this issue occur with anybody
not just only me.
I'm choosing one way to express it
that is BLOG ~
I will feel better shouting this shit out.
I should blame myself for not finding them too.
And sometimes din't attend their outings
which i feel its inconvenient for me.
I'm not the kind that find people to text
or what so ever.
Except there are outings.
My birthday coming soon.
Hope they won't forget about it.
I donno what to do.
Should i ask them out or wait ?
I donno what to do.
My dear is back.
Bye peeps
Gonna reply my chat box when i'm free
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Manhattan Fish Market.

Last Sunday went to Sunway with dear.
Ate at Fish market than
Watched Clash of the Titans.
This movie is kinda good actually.
Its not what i had expected.
Its way more better & nicer than i expected.
I told my dear when this movie released.
This movie not good lahhh
Fighting those.. ishh.
I don't like. lol.
But i saw many of my friends posted
at their fb saying that
Clash of the Titans very nice.
So i changed my mine and watched it :)
Sorry Dear for not believing you.
Even my parents said thats its good.

Manhattan fish market.
Not many variety to choose.
All fish or seafood of cause.
I used the voucher that my mum redeemed
last year from SenHeng.
This year also got. lol
But we use that voucher after getting it for one year.
The Add-on soup its not worth it at all !
(Scroll down to see that pic)
Add-on soup and bottomless soft drink for RM9.90
(if i'm not wrong, around that price)
The bottomless soft drink is very common nowadays.
The SOUP, guess what was the soup of the day.
I din't ask what was the name
but one thing i know that
it was 88% same with chicken rice soup
that we ate at hawker stall those.
Makes me feel doesn't worth it at all.
We din't even finish it.
The serving are kinda big
Very very full.

Mud pie Rating
FOC with voucher.

Mine dory fish and chips
Their chips is not as good as Ireland potatoes.
Dear's one platter.
Can't finish.
Gave half of the fish to dear

Picture of that day :)

Water pop in cantonese.
Thanks to the Vincci heel.
Doesn't suitable for my elephant leg.
But i like it . XD
I wear it to shop, eat, club.
Others its at my closet laying eggs.
If i'm free, i'll captured my heels pic
And blog it out.
Title : _____________
u'll will know when i post it out
Fat leg !
Effing hate my body.
All made out of oil.
Not flesh. lol.
HaTE !!!
Can't i be as slim as
Let me think ......
I just so wanna be slim
but i can't stop eating the whole time !

Monday, April 12, 2010


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Night peeps.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Subway Eat fresh :)
Turkey Breast & Ham
with Italian bread.
Yesss its really fresh.
The green pepper was very sweeet
1st time eat that sweet.

Went to gym after work.
Long time din't work it out d.
I'm becoming more fat and fat and FAT !
Idk how to become slim.
I lost 200calories only
but i ate more than 200 calories a day !
But i will exercise when i got the mood and time.
Tiring u know ?

After gym went to sunway have our dinner.
I'm with Macy.
Subway :)
Its Thursday .
Turkey breast & ham
Soup of the day
Chicken soup~
Every time i eat, its all chicken soup
Does't change i guess.

Continue Blog walking :)
Bye Peeps

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Me, Me & ME

With make up (upper pic)
Lower pic is without x 3pic

Lower pic onwards all is with make up

This post is about me :)
I look different with and without make up
Shock huh?
With make up is like very energetic, fresh ++++++
Without is like pale, sick, ++++++

One thing i does't put foundation, make up powder
all those powder laa, i won't put
i don't even have one.
I only use concealer to cover my black spot
in the middle of my nose.
(Cause by a real big without head pimple)
I vanished it with oxy10
but it leave me a scar there.
I use eye shadow, liner, blush
and lipstick.
And to make my eyes bigger
i use fake eye lashes.
Not too long not too short.
I'm a single eyed lid girl.
I got double eye lid when i put fake eyelashes
but only selected one.

I do not know how to make up.
I read magazines
and just hit it.
If its not right
Try it again,I do not give up.
And as time pass by I get it the right way.
some tutorials from youtube
give me a big help :)

But my bf prefer me without make up.
I really don't understand WHY
Boys/Men like to see preeeeetieeee girls
but they don't like girls that make up
What ???
Weird .. don't understand.

From Daily Chilies
Check it out

Black forest cheese cake.

Secret Recipe's Black Forest Cheese Cake
The Latest one.
For people that does't like cream
please don't choose this
cause 90% of it is made out of cream
Almost all Secret Recipe's cake is made out of cream.
I pretty much like this cake :)
But they say got cheese in it.
There's only 1 spoon i ate got cheese.
Others is cream and berries.
The cherries are as big as 20cents.
And its juicy :D
Dad gave me money to buy a cake for four of us
Its our birthday :)
But unfortunately bro went out
so its only 3 of us.
We are celebrating it together cause our
chinese birthday's gap is very close.
But our real birth date is
difference by a month.
2nd time i mention in my blog.
Cause this kinda amazing.
my elder bro - 10th Apr
me - 10th May
my sis - 4th May
my bro - 9th Apr
1 month difference only.
So my mum saves her money when
it comes to our birthday.
Last time we do open a birthday party
at home including last year.
But because of this year financial problem
we just went out eat
at Telok Gong. ( last few post )
Cont our birthday cake
So bro and his wife not around,
only 4 of us
which is Macy , Nelson, my dear and me.
Dad & grandpa went out
Grandma is in the room
Mum upstairs.
We did call them but they say blow yourself la.
So its just us!
I sang the song like this
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to meeeeeeeeee
Happy birthday to me!
What to do its just 4 of us.
If not who's gonna sing for us ?
Just my dear ?
Well its okay
I'm very happy that i got a cake

Continue blog walking :)
Bye peeps

Monday, April 5, 2010


Very lame huh.
Normally i won't read and straight away click nope.
Today donno why, maybe 'sifat han' go click translate.
Than it really turn out english version
but i know that its now the owner who translated it
It's the system.
It's abit retard to read
cause they translate word per word.
So when mandarin change to english its like
Chicken and duck talking.
But at least we can read :)
So better don't write my bad things in mandarin XD jkjk
i finally can read people's mandarin blog.

My Friend -___-
I been gaining weight lately.
So so so so so long i dint work out at the gym.
I like to eat
Especially when there's still so so so many
chocolate in the fridge.
How can i don't eat ?
When its calling my name
Sarah Sarah.
My birthday coming sooooon
Should i buy myself a waterproof camera?

Today's post Gentlemen by Caroline.

Copy this from her blog.

~When you go out with a girl~

*don't walk in front her.
*find any topic to talk to her.
*if she wear heel, walk beside her [you will understand]
*if she wear skirt, cover for her when going up or down from escalator

*automatically gave her a jacket although she does not feel cold
*ask her if she need any drink or popcorn
*ask her do she need to go to toilet before movie
*half way she want to go toilet, accompany her

*pull a chair for her
*don't sit immediately,make sure she have a chair.
*don't shake legs [it annoy me a lot]
*don't smoke [1day don't smoke won't die]
*or ask it is OK to smoke [even she say she don't mind, she maybe shy to say "i mind"]

*send her home if she look tired^^
*say good night, sleep early and sweet dream [if it is night]
*kissed her forehead or cheek before she when away [ not necessary for friend=="]
*send her into her house [if she stay at condo or apartment]
*wait her to got into her house and locked the door before you leave[not gate]

Me feedback is
do not trust boys/men.
Look at my bf.
He told me that he'll quit smoking
when we knew each other.
But till now same old style.
I'm trying to quit.
It's not easy.
But i don't think so he put effort on it
cause its been more than half year.
More than half year he's like changing.
Changing to bad.
I donno but i feel its like changing.
Same old thing.
I hate it when u talk that loud to me.
Bla bla bla.
What so ever
i still love him.
Lame huh.

Stay tune

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Coconut Restaurant @ Telok Gong

Coconut beer.
eeewwww for me
Kinda smelly.
Mum add this with coconut beer.
Fried squid
Belacab kangkung
Tomyam prawn :) nice
Restaurant Taufu.
Salted egg crab.
No picture :
Salted chicken
Fried fish
Altogether cost RM236
Cheap huh for 8 person with 7 dishes
Got crab, prawn, fish and chicken.
Located at Telok Gong, Klang.
The road there kinda bumpy and very dark .
Without road lamp.
Its easy to go.
But i like Pulau Carey's seafood more.
Tastier. :)

~~~~~ Dear ~~~~~