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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kitsu Nails at Bandar Puteri.

Yay .. i like to color my nails lately :)
I did this at here
@ Bandar Puteri for only RM15.00
YessSSsssSss Manicure for only RM15 !
Using OPI product.
And yet .. there is a promo going on !
From 1st Apr - 31st May
(by Appt only)

Their service was good.
The staff were friendly & Skilled & Fast.
Seriously i enjoyed throughout the process.

This is not an ads nor the owner
of Kitsu know about it.
Please don't think i blog this
for money & i never
receive any money from Blogging before.

Monday, March 28, 2011


So sad :`(
Getting lesser & lesser viewers.
Like 50 per day only.
I'm a Loser !

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Malacca with loves :)

Hi hi :)
Saturday with no plans :(
Watching old movies alone.
Lazy to write - - cause no one cares - -
Pictures show u everything.
No make up.
It's us
all girls

First time buy but dint kena
babe :)
Nice !! fillings inside were durian.
Must buy & try !

Had our nails done there :)
Red color my love
We dint did that on purpose one.
rice ballll . not nice but the chicken and others nice
Girlfriends ~
All of us :)

Quite nice one.

Biggest Jusco ever .
Going back
My late dinner with them :)

Bye bye

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Fray - Look After You

I love this song :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wishlist 2011

Finally , i got inspiration for what i want for my 2011 wishlist post.
Well, of cause it's expensive stuff. If not why do you call it Wishlist if you could get it easily ? For me , i gotta count , count & count whether i could really afford it a not. I intend to let people see what's my wishlist is because some people can buy it for me. hehehe. No lah.. First up is Gucci's bag.
#1 Gucci bag
I like this version , large one. If i'm not wrong the retail price selling at Malaysia is RM3300. I'm not sure also. Just heard from people. Very expensive right ? What is Wishlist again ??? It's just a bag named Gucci and selling at RM3300. 3k for a bag ? Worth it ? Worth it if i buy it at UK cause a lot cheaper there ! But no chance to get it. I never have a chance to go there lah. I wish to get this before my 21st birthday which means next year.
This is my alternative choice.
Quite nice :)
#2 wallet.
Yes i like to have a Gucci wallet too :)
#2 Alternative choice.
#3 Ferragamo's perfume :)
This is a sign for my friends. lol lol lol
I hope they can get me this.
(although i know they not reading)
Most of them donno i got blog one.
Wtf . lol
Plus I only like Flora type of perfume.
Not too sweet , not too mature.
I haven't try on these brand that i mention.
#3 Alternative choice
CAMERA. Canon's one. IXUS220HS
Latest product from Canon. Retail price at RM999 ! 12.1 megapixel. 5x zoom. Got 6 creative filters. Toy camera effect, Monochrome, Miniature, Super vivid, FISH-EYE Effect & Poster effect. I really like fish eye effect lor. If u get the lens only (for dslr) cost about 2k. Now for Rm999 you can have one too with other features ! One camera got multi-functions and below 1k. Where to find ??? lols. Too excited about it. haha. yes i know , i already got my TX5 last year and it still haven't spoil and outdated yet. What's the problem of having many camera leh ? Really want to get this lor but people will say what waste money and yes i also no money now -___- Sigh. Can see cannot use. so pity ! Some more hor, tmr my dad will borrow my camera go China. And what if i need to use ?? Lols . More better then less. And now i dislike bringing DSLR out cause very Bulky and heavy ! How to put inside bag.

That's all. Wait until i win lottery money only buy all of my wishlist back.lols
Tata ~

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Hello :)
(the latest me)

Fyi , i'm getting fatter and fatter.
I'm eating breakfast back :(
That's why i'm fatter now !
And i can't quit eating breakfast
Why not skip lunch or dinner ?
Cannot. I just can't :(
Darker and darker.
Because that day i went to Malacca
one day , afternoon were very hot.
Than during the evening ,
it started to rain !!!
Will update the Malacca
one day trip sooon :)

(if not no sushi to eat already) :P

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sushi Zanmai

Greeting from Me at home -____-

Well , i think this is the first post i write about Sushi Zanmai. I really like their food which i think it's much more Nicer then Sakae Sushi. The price are reasonable. Service was Quite good (depends on which outlet u go).
Talk about Sunway outlet. Every time i visit the place , i need to wait at least 10-15minutes to be seated. Well , fair enough cause i went there like after office hours , and dinner time. Everything was super fast except one thing my BEEF UDON. One of my fav food at there. Every time i order i need to wait at least like 20 minutes for it ! So people were waiting for my place and im waiting for my Udon. I don know why it takes so long to make it. I ordered earlier than the customer sitting beside me, their beef sukiyaki come first but not my UDON . FU ! The stupid beef sukiyaki is expensive then my udon so ? but why ? Not first come first serve meh ? I need to ask the waiter TWICE only they help me to make ! Not ONCE it's TWICE !!! FU !!! Some more , every time my bf finish his food my Udon also have't come yet ! This is the thing that i really hate to eat at Sunway outlet. Why eat there huh ? Cause this is the only outlet near my house.

I dined-in before at Lowyat and Fah88 outlet, both were FAST & Efficient ! Why Sunway outlet like this ??? Tell me why !!! ???? I don't understand !!!!!!

I REALLY LOVE SUSHI ZANMAI BUT THEY HATE ME (sunway outlet beef udon) lol

Below pictures was taken and ate at Fah88.
Nice ambiance and good service and Efficient then Sunway la confirm.
I donno how's like now cause i dined in like one month ago.
Cucumber sushi.
Prawn donno what.
I doesn't like the taste.
This is worth to try !
F. nice la
My first udon tryout at The Garden's Zen sushi (if im not wrong) which under the branch Sushi Zanmai , just donno why they change their name and their menu a lil different. Love at First taste :)
Than i kept ordering Beef udon to eat ! Damn nice.
These udon pic was just part of my 1/3.
I'm a die hard fans of Zanmai's udon !
It's a must order when i visit Zanmai now :)

*Zanmai udon's is better then else where i had consumed*

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Maybank Prank ?

Click to enlarge to read the contents.

I'm not sure about why they sent this to me and it's in my junk box. First of all i do not have a Mbb account. This i'm sure is a con thingy. Perhaps it's a virus or something. So i din't click it. So, friends out there be careful not to simply click something on the internet or else your comp will infected by dirty viruses.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I don know what to write but i want to update my blog a bit to keep it alive :) Q: Why moody picture ? A: Cause i feel moody about myself. Why i not pretty , sexy , cute or gorgeous one leh ?? No body shape what also no -_______- but i thank god that i got all my features like a normal person.

Going Malacca this Saturday ! Excited ! Although it's only 1 day. With my friends ! Teeeeheeeeeee.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I'm Tired.
Whole week din't really rest properly.
Monday-Work & Night Class
Tuesday-Work & Night Class
Wednesday-Work & Night Class
Thursday-Work, T.Walker & Snowflake
Friday-Work, Night Class & Snowflake
Today-Work, Bak kut teh, Snowflake & S. One
Tomorrow-Work & Outing.
Whole week also not free.
But i likey :) Cause it's better then
stay at home doing nothing :(
You see Combo 3days Snowflake.
Diabetes coming soon. wtf
Gotta quit eating Snowflake.
3days combo also eat same thing.
Best Seller add pearls or taro.
I only like to eat that :)

Btw , i'm in foursquare now.
Follow me if u want.
Good night :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Genting ~

Hi ya :)
Went to genting with bf last week.
I really love there.
Chill & Cool except the process of going up
and going back that time.
Dizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy !

It's me while waiting for me
at outside with 30degrees hot &
am wearing a quite thick blazer.
#2Hate my right eye.
Always it's the smaller one.
#3 Ilikeythis.
How about u ?
#4 reach there.
Tot that i could stand the cool
temperature there but i could't :(
#5 therefore , wear back my blazer
and scarf back :)
#6Ate our brunch at Pizza Factory.
Quite sucks and expensive.
#7suxkest pizza ever had.
#8ok ok la.
#8 view from the restaurant.
#9 After brunch we went for 4D movie.
Then went out to camwhored :)
#10 Forget what he's like doing - -
#11 Ignore my dry lips.
#12 our first time :)
I like the black one.
#13 His birthday cake. lol
#14 His mocha and my green tea.
#15 i love greeeeeeeeeeen tea :)
#16 ok ok . that's me when i was like 12year old.
Then i took some slimming pills.
After few weeks , i started to slim down.
And slowly i become like me now.
The slimming pills was good and proven effective.
#17 i like to act sexy but PHAILED !!!
Last but not least my LANCI face!!
Want punch me ? Come !!!

Gotta to prepare to go out now.
I like to go out :P