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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Feel so Lifeless sitting here Doing Nothing at all. I actually hates to stay at home cause i got nothing to do. I doesn't like to play games , movies ? idk how to download and lazy to watch , if i does watch i'll like fast forward one. I prefer Outings. Hanging out with my bf , friends or family.

Boyfriend, he doesn't like outings one.. He prefer to stay at home. And then , he never like to text me. That makes me frustrated all the time. He can don't text me one. And i fucking hate that. What so hard to reply me .Wtf. This i cannot tolerate ok. You can smoke , drive fast , sleep late , midnight only back home like every week consecutively. All i can Tolerate but i could't tolerate u din't reply me and i'm like a asshole sitting at there waiting for your fucking text msg ! If u got things to do or working, i'm okay with it but u din't ! You're at home donno doing what ! Seriously I feel like u might lying so much things behind me. And i'm writing this not because of i want anybody's attention and say how bad you're cause you're. If you're not why the hell i want to waste my time writing about u. Not worth it okay. oOo oOo oOo oOo oOo !!!

Friends, I always date them but they always give me excuses or idk. I'm lazy to call them out cause i know what's the answer. So No. Or some even act like nothing happen when she promises me for outings. Twice not once. Whatsoever. I don't wanna care so much. Feel so hopeless for myself for being such a Loser.

(My bf don't even believe they rejected me for few times, he tot i lied him cause i want to go out with him, So disappointed on him, wtf)

Family, well the only one in my family will out with me is my sis but she always reject me cause i promised her to out with her then i ffk her cause i go out with my friends. wtf. I know i'm wrong so sorry. I tell u all, even if that thing never happen, she also won't go out with me because she is a lazy bump ! What girls like to do , etc shopping , make up, she dislike it.

So tired about my boring life.
I Fucking hope someday i'll find my outing partner !
Willing to out with me whenever i want and accompany me when i'm sad like now.
DAMN ! Fucking lifeless !

Saturday, January 29, 2011

all about shoes.

This should be posted since last week where i pass through few blogs talking about their collection of shoes. Well then , i tot that i should talk about that too :P nothing special lah. I buy , i wore once and i keep like forever . lol . (Btw i just came back from Sunway and bought a pair of sandals.. That makes me 3 pair of new shoes that i haven't even wear. zzz. I like to buy shoes and idk why ! If can , i would like to have Mariah Carey's shoes closet lor.. Google see. Mine was like ....................... i also donno why i show.. lol .. No inspiration to blog about anything. That's why.

Spot the converse shoes that i bought few years ago in Shenzen , China. Not fake kay . It's authentic one. (Last one,Beige color,metal deck) I wore it like less then 10times cause i found it very inconvenient to wear lor. I use to love the first one (metal deck, red stripes). Last time i wore it like everyday to college until the tip there broken off. Donno can fix a not. I love the sharp edge heel (plastic deck, first one) I use to wear it everywhere until one day i found it not suitable for what i wear for outings , therefore i stopped :( That's all for today.

Gonna change the position again :( Lazy plus tired

Monday, January 24, 2011


I think most of u had seen this 15 minutes clip circulating through Facebook. Those who haven't see this click here CRUEL. And this is what SG's SPCA had spread through their fb page.

APPEAL FOR INFORMATION - dog abuse video

A case of horrific dog abuse has just surfaced on Facebook. The video can be viewed at

It is not clear at this time where the abuse occurred although the person who uploaded the video says she found it in a "pendrive" in Kuala Lumpur. We have alerted our contacts in Malaysia and we understand that they are trying to identify the abuser.

The SPCA is appealing for information on the man in the video (see pictures). Please call 6287 5355 ext 9 if you have any information.

Please share this post to pass the message.

We would like to thank concerned members of the public who brought this case to our attention. We hope that the persons involved will be identified soon so that firm action can be taken and justice served.

I hope that the authorities(Malaysia) could manage to find this guy and the one who video it and punish them ! This is very Cruel !!! I don't understand why , if don't like your dog please give it to people or put it at SPCA or PAWS lah .. WHY want to tortured it like this ? STUPID AH BENG guy ! Please Spread around to help this pity dog !

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Feel so lifeless. Cause nothing to do
Promise to bring more UPDATES about myself
starting next week onwards (fingers crossed) lol.
I tell u all hor....... why sometimes i'm like so lazy to blog.
First of all it's about NN.
Got few times ,
my Analytics was like 500++ per week
(i know it's so lil)
For 3 weeks consecutively the viewer has like 500++
NN nvr update my earnings lor. Sien 7 sien.
( I Swear It's True )
Cause i'm like check it everyday lor.
Then when they updated , it's so lil.
Last time weren't like that. ZZZ
Perhaps it's my fault cause i'm so lazy
to blog walk.
Now the viewers dropped to 300++ per week.
And the earnings stuck at RM45.70.
BTW i nvr earn 1 cent from nn b4 lor.
Just a pair off free movie Tickets :)

Secondly , there's like no much people
reads my blog , make me no strength to write.
Wtf .. i'm too over abt it -_____-

Thirdly , i got no money ady !
Bankrupt ! Used alot !!!
Left 300 cash in hand.
Still wanna buy clothes and color my nails.
lol .. i know it's so unrelated ! haha

Thats all lah !
Anyone know which tint
shop is the best and cheap ?

Monday, January 17, 2011



Saturday, January 8, 2011


MIA for 2 weeks, miss me ?
(hope people still reads my blog and check me out)
Donno what to write hmmm.
Got many food post i wanted
to post about but lazy to write cause no mood. = =
Class starts again with 4days per week. wtf
Stress max ady ! 'she push us too much la'
CNY about to come ady !! excited lor @@ donno why.
I bought quite lot apparels d.
but i could't satisfy myself yet ! Geez
I wanna shop more until my bank acc goes 0.