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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Maison Saturday night

Babe =)

Gerald & leslie

Maison again.
Tired duh
Wednesday - The Curve
Thursday - Maison
Friday - Dinner with family
Saturday - Maison

Actually Friday i should be at Opera watching San's hair show
But due to family problem miss it
Sorry babe =(
So effing tired.
Sleep late but wake up early
Its like 3am ++ sleep
woke up at 7am!!!

I'm kinda moody.
sorry peeps
doesnt wanna say much.
Who to share ?


Dear ~

Went to Maison last Thursday
So long dint club
1st time club this year
Nothing special
There another post again.

Italiannies at The Curve

clam soup.
Short post
Kent's 21st birthday
went to The Curve
They planned to eat at The Garden
need to wait half and hour
But they were hungry
So we went to the italiannies.
2course meal cost RM27
Can't finish.
Finally i tried risoto
Kinda nice for the 1st and 2nd bite
3rd onwards very hard to eat
cause it will make us 'zai'.

Next ~

Thursday, March 25, 2010


My lovely readers
Been busy lately.
Wanted to upload Kent's birthday dinner at FB
But it keeps FAIL
Wtf !
Lazy to upload d & stupid line were so darn slow.
Hard to upload pictures
Gonna update about March next month.
Sorry peeps
But will update if im free
Gonna prepare later's party.
So long dint go.

Stay tune :)

Monday, March 22, 2010


Skip something today
Went to the lawyer firm today in the afternoon.
Go get my 19th birthday present.
I spend 2 and half hours at car being a driver.
At 5pm fetch my bro from school.
Than went to TPP get goods from supplier
and Puchong Perdana get goods from supplier too.
After that headed to Saujana Puchong to find my Aunt.
From my cousin house
Fetch her go mamak than only her house
than to cousin house again.
After that back home.
Plan to go Sunway with sis
but end up dint
Mum insisted me to eat dinner
And its dy late.
Moreover today is the last day to have dinner with dad
I mean he's going to Shanghai tomorrow.
Alone . . .
The tour is half free.
The points that we collected from our paints
My mum gotta pay RM1500.zzz
The tour cost 3k.
Mum's lonely.
Went to the Hot Air Balloon at Putrajaya last Saturday
Damn crowded
People Mountain people sea
Dint get to see all of them.
Some more what i had miss ?

Stay tune

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sunday's Spaghetti

Hotdogs and Chickens
Ribbon's pasta and normal's.
Onions & garlic

The preggo's sauce over there is for my potatoes

Sarah's made spaghetti
Sorry for the wrongly sequence of the pictures
Just brief u guys that wanna cook the sauce
Firstly take the onions and garlic to fry.
Than add in chickens and hotdogs
Cook till its cooked.
Add the Sauce and some water
*Depends on how thick u want.
I choose Campbell's Carbornara Mushroom
Always that =)
Than add a slice of cheeeeeese.
Stir and wait for it to coook.
And Waaalllaaaaa
Sunday's Spaghetti is done
Its very easy to coooook duh.

Stay tune for more peeps

Alice in the wonderland


I've been craving for this movie since last year.
Finally its release
Kinda nice
Lol that Red queeeeen
Her head is huge
She's cute...
I love Anne Hathaway
She's Hot

We bought 945pm's ticket.
I forget when we went
And im lazy to check . lols
Its like Saturday night.
Went to Sunway
Had our dinner at Pepper Lunch
Its kinda tasty for me
After that wait for the time pass
Went to Starbucks
Had a drink
Vanilla Tea
Waste money jer

Stay tune.

Sakae sushi

Semua banyak lapar.

My parents 1st time eat Sakae Sushi
They Thumbs down for it.
They ordered the Fried udon
I ordered a donno what soup.
nice =)
No need to pay for this meal
They say Shogun better wor
No 1 fans of Shogun.
Mum said Jogoya sucks now
She went with her friends last week
Matta Fair.
Their Steam Cod fish
only got head and lil of flesh there.
And service not that good as last time.
They hired all foreigners.
If they keep their Standard like this
and not going to change their Sales will drop.

I kinda regret to cut it this way
Look like a kid!!!
What so ever

Saw Evelyn that night =)
And Zhi Cheng's table was just right in front of us
Last time saw her and her family at
Pulau Carey
Now at Sakae Sushi

Stay tune for next post.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

San's Birthday 120310 Yuen Steamboat

Sorry for my readers
Which were very little.
I have been delaying my post
due to IM LAZY
These bad words.
Thanks =) XD
And while updating this post
It has been lagging many many times
Stuck while typing the words
!!!!! WTF FML!!!!!

My babe LEE WAI SAN's birthday
Really nothing special. lols
Wanted to go Genting but at last failed
cause she need to prepare her hair show
at Opera 26th March
Lets go and cheer for her. 7pm
So long dint gather.
Miss them much =)
God.. She's getting fat and fatter.
ME TOO! fml
Wooots woooots
We really had have a blast there.
Got a table singing birthday song.
We together sing too =)
Than after that,
Our table turn.
Its like the whole floor
Singing Birthday song for San san
Yeaaaaaa . Darn happy.
san san
Old a year jor.

Sorry for the short post.
Stay tune

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My baby

I got a dog few years back.
He's baby.
Breed : Shih Szu
I miss him.
I cry when i view his pictures just now.
I miss him so much.
I had been wanted to buy a new dog
since last week and looking forward on those adoptions.
Than today i saw this article at The Star
I browse through just now.
Its very cruel.
Its unfair for those poor little dogs.
I hope my baby not at there.
He was given to my mum's friend.
Than my baby ran away from the house
The owner can't catch/find him back
Since than i got no news about my Baby.
Seeing people use the way to catch those stray dogs.
I feel heart sore cause its a life too.
Why can't treat them good by catching them using another way.
I'm afraid that my baby is in their hands
I hope he's in well condition now.
I'm very very sorry to buy u baby
If not u maybe in a very very good owner's house.
My baby is a very naughty dog.
I dint teach him well
cause of i got no time.
Everyday 7pm only reach home.
Yeaaa i know thats a excuse.
And i don't like to beat him.
I did beat him several times when he ran out from our house
Trust me, He's a good runner.
Very very very Fast.
And he got a good appetite.
He like foooood so much.
I really really miss him.
God bless him please.
Therefore i decided not to buy/adopt another anymore.
Cause i don't want to give myself a burden
or they can't live well in my house.
Cause i got no time for it.
How could i got time for him except on Sunday.
Everyday 7am till 7pm not at house.
11pm gotta sleep
For all the pets owner,
Please do care for your pets.