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Saturday, February 27, 2010


Tomorrow is the last day of CNY
CNY see u next year =(
Actually now i should be coming back from The Curve.
End up sitting at here updating.
As i written last post
my dear's grandpa past away.
He's at Kuantan now.
Waiting for him to come back tomorrow.
1st thing to do when we meet
give him a comfort hug
Miss him very muchieeeeee
Just now went to Ioi mall
to buy concealer from Sasa.
Hate that Salesgirl. IDC if u know me.
Donno what is her name.
Don wanna know either.
I donno how to say concealer
cause i never use this stuff before.
Her face is like UGLY one word.
Like 'tai em hei ngo'.
Yala only u know how to make up
Donno how to say concealer
is my fault like that.
Than ask her about eye cream.
T*u again this F**k face.
Than say no need use eye cream one
Normally ppl use foundation as eye cream
THe Fu*king main point is
I don have that !
I dont use any powder to apply on my face.
My make up part is only in my eyes.
And some blush.
I dint tell her about that.
I straight say Thats all.
Introduce me Cybercolors
and Red earth products all the time.
I dont like those brand ok.
Every time i bought those end up
not nice to use/not suitable for me.
I try Cybercolors's concealer just now
cant cover anything.
Readers , for me its better to visit Sasa at Sunway
I like there more than Ioi and Sg. Wang.

Balm's concealer (RM55.00)
No discount on this product
I like this cosmetic's packaging for blush.

See my nose's black dot ?
This appear after i press out the pimple
and without using toner.
Hope it will go soooooooooon

Stay Tune =)
Tomorrow after work gonna eat seafood at Banting.
More to come.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Randomly February

Whole month think of CNY only
especially the week before it.
Hehe . cant wait to get red pockets
But TT this year's red pockets damn lil
Its like 26 angpau s only.
Hou cham ar.
Love last year.
Damn many.
But at least i got a wonderful trip
with my family and dear.
I hope every month is February
cause only Feb got 28days.
Others 30 or 31 days
Got 2 more days say goodbye
to Feb and hello March.
Time is passing so fast.
And today i updated many.
This would be the last post for today.
I becoming more and more childish lately.
Felt happier cause i crap alot in front of my sis the most.
Acted stupid and those hatedx face.
I really like to act childish in front of her = =
Make me stress out when we LOL.
But we do argue sometimes
because of minor things

My new hairstyle. Nice ?
Remy Martin.
Muack muack
Jack Daniel's
Raffaello with coconut flavor

He very love come.
Like want me to capture his pic.

I hurt myself again.
This time same finger but in front
Not pain at all compare to the old wound
But this aint pain duh
This occurs when i use
the vege knife to cut the sugar cane
Chop chop chop
My finger!!
Than start to bleed.
Just use water to wash.
Not pain at all.
This aint pain compare to
seeing our beloved go away slowly.

I got myself to interview tomorrow
after i made a call today
regarding about the accounts clerk at BK.
But i think im not ready yet.
Wait few more months dulu.
And i donno what to wear.
Ask my mum recommend she donno
I ask Dear whether
want to go for the interview a not
hdk also.
Nvm i got the answer for myself d.
Im lazy to work too. hehe
and that job only for 2-3months.
They are rushing for their accounts to audit
thats why urgently need someone
and for temporary only.
Wonders why people say no job to work.
Lazy to find ?
open the newspaper ady got job.
DK. maybe don have your area or what so ever.
Or don hav the requirements they want.
For female and wants to work at office.
No need a cert or dip d can work.
But u need to accept that
your salary is only at RM1000 - 1200
No requirement
Just minimum SPM graduate
and if u can speak 3 language of MY.
That would be your advantage
Literature in computer adv 2.
Hahas.. Just crap out a lil bit of my working experience.
I did work b4 at a marketing office
They distribute CCTV
I works at the counter
issue bills and take goods for customer
It was one year ago when im 17
No requirements to apply that job
But my salary only RM35 per day for part time.
Worked only for 3months with my babe Kah Sing.

Enough of this.
I need to do other things
Stay tune.


This morning dear call me
Says that tomorrow everything need to cancel
You know what. Tomorrow is his birthday.
Kind of shock when i receive his call
His grandpa passed away.
He need to go back to Kuantan.
Actually i planned to buy a cake for him today
and bring it out for him at 1200am.
but now . . .
And tomorrow's plan gonna delay.
Thats fate.
Sorry dear that i make u unhappy today
I dint't want to make u like this
My condolence to your grandpa.

* Gonna post more if i left out for this month.

Stay tune.


That day went to Mama's house bai nian.
Stay there quite long cause gamble..
Dint lose or win.
3pm something reached home.
My aunt and uncles came.
Play with their babies =)
His eyes so big duh.
Than night wait for 'bai tian gong'.
Mama , her friend , cousin and his wife arrived.
We gamble again.
12am we lou sang.
Around 2am sleep.
The next day need to wake up early.
CNY got 2 more days than over.


Wonder why he open his eyes that big.
Lenglui bb
She like to pose this duh.
Whenever i wanna take her pic.
Make all blur.

Stay Tune for next post.


That day i went to Highway's house to Bai Nian.
I like the amount. hehe. so bad
After that went back to my house.
Wait time to pass.
Both of us applied mask.
Dont get shock when u see our pic.
My bro and his wife shouted when they saw us
= =''
6pm went to Ioi mall eat Sakae Sushi
Its like Salmon Fiesta. zzz
our movie start at 8pm.
Forget what's the movie.
Just know that 'Gu tin lok' act duh
Funny 3.5/5
Than went back home.

Stay Tune =)

5th day of CNY.

Last day at Langkawi.
Miss there ~
About 10am went to jetty
and returned back the car
We sat the 11.30am ferry
That ferry was better than we 1st sat that one.
This was new and their air-cond were very cold.
After taking our car back
my mum wanna see the museum paddy.
They ask directions from the caretaker of our car.
They ask many people. zzz
Our car plate number was KS
means from Kedah.
Those motorists that we asked wonders are we from Kedah.
After the visit, we hunt for food
That restaurant serve fried kangkung
but we dint try.
Many people ate that.
Miss the chance to eat.
Orang juice i guess they only sell for less than RM2.00
Cause we called 8cups of drinks
Got barley, orange juice X3, Herbal tea, water
Got one more donno what drink.
All only for RM11.00
They serve with Tiger's cup
The glass type.
And they use fresh oranges too.
Cheap huh.
The food were average except the curry prawns
The prawns were not fresh
and cook with curry is like Yucks
After that we returned home.
Nothing special.
Reach puchong at 830pm.
There i received a call from my sweetheart, jh.
Went to puchong one eat.
than go jh house.
About 12am back.
Thanks dear for waiting me =)

part of our stuff
they force him to eat doughnuts
that my bro bought at big apple.

Nice =)
*that leg was not mine
Its my sis.
Jack's Daniel.

Highway captured. Nice huh.
Ok slave 2,
Next , my home please.

End =)
Stay tune.