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Sunday, January 31, 2010


Again it is the end of the month.
Got 1 week plus than CNY =)
Just back from shop.
My parents is attending a wedding dinner at
Dynasty Dragon at Ioi mall
12.oo p.m. afternooooon
Weird huh ?

Gtg prepare for later
Buaiiii peeeeps

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Tiger woohoo . Cant find it at bing. So dw from TGV site.
Guai lin gou RM7
pork rice? RM17 (if im not wrong)
totally sucks
Ramen wanton RM13 i guess
siu long pao RM9

Dragon-i sucks for me except the Siu Long Pao
Normal stuff that we can find at normal restaurant &
charge triple the price but use
higher quality of the ingredients. (i think)
And idts that its nice for me
That ramen's soup taste like water
Pork rice that he ate totally SUCKS.
Oh yea.. They charge us RM2 for the tidbits but
dint give us. Zzz . We dint say anything abt it.
Watever. We asked twice for the bill
and still need to wait.
Idk what the hell we need to wait for
cause there are quite many staff that can give us the bill
I rather eat SAKAE der.
At least i can eat Salmon with reasonable price
and better service
and they dont charge us tidbits that we dint get.
All the above i write does't meant to say/critics Dragon-i lovers
No offence to Dragon-i lovers.
Just i get my 1st impression like that.
So i dislikes it.
After Dragon-i Shoooooping =)
Take out money from ATM.
All RM10. WTF......... Changed RM50 to Dear.
Bought a heels from Nose.
I like that one the size that i wear left last one which is in display
So i bought the other one which i doesnt like it much
Tot it was RM57. lols.
thats why i buy. Than pay that time its RM75.. Zzz
Nvm.. At least i got a Recycle bag.
Than bought a Slipper at Cotton On RM29.
Tot it was RM39. =) Lucky the cashier is honest
Kitschen still on Sale.
Bought one piece short + shirt.
My sis say that it looks childish. ishhhh
Than went to F-Block.. Tops
Time to watch WOOHOO
Bought popcorn those for RM18 Zzz lor..
Full house der.
Than went back home.
Mum say today need to go back home dinner.
End 300110


My computer finally come back
Fixed for 2 months plus
And charged for RM90 =)
Zzz. Just cleaned up my room
now turns back to the way it was after 2days..

End for today.
Goooood night peeeeeps.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Hello peeps.
Almost the end of the month.
Bought so lil clothes compare to last year.
Economic down equal to no money to buy clothes.
My finger are now free from bandage =)
My diet promises is so out from me.
Eat Eat Eat non stop
Im becoming a pig soon.
Mum going Thailand tomorrow.
Suffering me der.
Im replacing my mum's half place to do all the jobs
Less people work.
I know how hard to be in her position.
I don want to be.
She is stresssssssss
I, her daughter is a lazy bump
Im lazy to help her even though i
know how to do the paperworks.
Im just F**King lazy
Sorrrrieeeee mummy
Love u always mum.
Take care there

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Thanks to May may clinic

What a day.
I was about to make potatoes to eat but end up hurting myself.
I use the peeler to peel the potato skin off.
Than I accidentally peel my 1st finger's skin off.
It hurts !!!
You donno how pain it its until u feel it yourself.

But this pain does't count anything for me.
Cause there are things that hurts me until idk how to say.
I really dislike the way u treat me.
Please don always scold me.
Lil bit lil bit raise up voice and impatient.
Im a girl and u are a boy thats the difference between us.
Girls heart are not that strong and im sensitive.
So please dont hurt me.
I don want to get hurt.
I want to be happy in our relationship
not like everyday we argue about a small lil matter.
I rather to be single than getting hurt by u.
I hate to argue.
I dono how to argue with u.
The smoking issue.
I really donno when u will stop smoking.
U lie to me since u are with me.
Say that will quit but until now
WTF i get?
I get nothing but disappointment.
U dint even reduce the quantity of cigarettes.
What i say is just rubbish.
U dont wanna hear.
I donno what to do.
Please Help.

Life without a finger sucks.


Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hello peeeeeps
Just back from oug's pm
with Many of my babes
Talk crapss there.. lols.

Guys if u notice i added falling objects into my blog
Thanks to
Teaches u all sort of things that can change your blog.

Any idea how to make people read my blog?
There are only 61 who visited me today
How to improve?
What should i write abt my blog ?


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Full house 170110

Welcome to Full House
Set 2 : Rm16.90
Iced lemon tea
Tuck Poh's pasta
Tuck poh's fav drink longan iced.
Ever wonder does he feel boring with this drink a not.
Everytime also this
Mushroom Soup
Mine =) 3/5 stars for it

Dear's chicken chop

Everyone say Hello to Mr. Thomas

Should be posted that day but there are several reasons that i could't post
i. Cant upload big size pic, need to be shrink
ii. Dear took back his lappie
iii. same with i & ii.

Last Sunday went to Sunway with Dear JH & TP
Ate at Full House =)
Bought 2 things
i. Cloth
ii. Bag

About 6 something i left there after JH's friend arrive.
At last back home with my messy room
Dint clean up at last but cleaned at Monday =)

CNY coming ... Love it
Lots of ......... Hohooooooooooo
Hope wont lesser than last year.

Just now my sis asked me where's your computer again
I replied idk.
Than she say that guy sell it dy
Sudah banyak lama belum fix habis
The Ram dy gave it to him last week.
Should get my com this week or next week i guess.

Anyone know about PHARMATON ?
Ate it since last week if im not wrong.
I become more hot temper after eating that.
Zzz i try to be patience with everyone until today
i feel very uncomfortable after eating that.
I was like so hot and wanna scold ppl all the time
Mum say this supplement not suitable for me.
Ask me to stop.
This supplement was introduced my mum's customer
and mum bought it to eat.
He did tell us that this supplement will make us heaty but not hot temper.
Im waiting for Elken's supplement
by the end of the month i could get it.
Need those for my nose.
Sneeze and stuck all the time.


Love from mother

While waiting for photoscape to finish install
and i need to shrink all the pictures to update my blog.
Post something past.
Ever heard of Gorilla Mother Gana ?
She passed away lately.
In late 19th August 2008
Gana the Gorilla carried her 3-months-old son Claudio for few weeks
where her son had died because of heart problem
Animals are just like human beings.

Which mother does't love their own children?
There is a reason everything our parents do to us.
If without them would u live like now?
Everything happen with a reason.
Love your family with loads of loves.

It is a picture of pain that made mothers of all species cry - a grieving gorilla named Gana holding her dead baby in her hands.

Gana's traumatic ordeal began when her 3-month-old son, Claudio, suddenly died in her arms.

Holding him like a doll, Gana stared at her son, apparently puzzled by his lolling head and limp arms.

Gently, she shook her boy.

Gently, she stroked his hair.

There was no response.

A crowd gathered outside Gana's compound at the zoo in Munster, Germany, drawn by the unfolding tragedy, but Gana only had eyes for her son.

She prodded her boy. She caressed her boy. She seemed to be trying to will him back to life.

After a while, Gana gently placed Claudio on her back and slowly circled the compound, stopping every few steps to see if her boy was breathing again. Claudio gave no sign of life.

So Gana, age 11, resumed her lonesome pacing while all around her hearts were breaking.

Hundreds of humans bore witness to Gana's torment on Saturday - and many of them were crying.

"Many of the visitors were terribly shocked," zoo directorJoerg Adler told The Daily Mail of London.

Adler said they think a heart defect killed Claudio, but they're not sure because Gana refused to let anybody near his body.

"In the wild, a gorilla mother can keep hold of a dead baby for weeks," Adler said.

Still, until this moment there was little evidence to suggest Gana would be a devoted mother.

Last year, for reasons still unclear, Gana rejected her 6-week-old daughter, Mary Zwo, now the star attraction at the Stuttgart zoo.

But Gana and Claudio had an unbreakable bond. And they showed the world that love and loss are universal.

While lions eat their dead, many other species have been known to mourn a dead comrade.

Dogs and cats often become depressed after the death of one of their own; dolphins spend weeks not eating or making distressed sounds and elephants become agitated when they see a elephant corpse.

"This, perhaps, is one of the greatest gifts that a zoo can bestow - to show animals are very much like ourselves, and feel elation and pain," Adler said. "Gana lost a child, but I think in that loss, she taught people here so much."

Read more:

Multi-styled Text Generator at


Accidentally deleted last post
Just finish editing my blog
Background gonna change again if i found something nicer
Its late for me now
Gtg sleep peeps
Tmr update again if im free=)
Good night

Friday, January 15, 2010

15/1/10 moody

Im kinda moody. Idk why. Maybe i feel lonely cause everyone at college can contact and hang out with each other. Its only me. Im alone but lucky i have my bf if not im dead of this. I really miss u guys badly =( All also dint find me after i stopped even my secondary school friends. Just one of my college friend find me yesterday at Fb. Really appreciate it. Oh yea one more. Secondary friend its just im busy to reply his craps. Sorry fei bank. Maybe i dint find them thats why they all also dint find me. Or im busy to out with them. Sooon everyone will forget who's Sarah Lee. Idw that to happen. TT Please guys please dont forget me.
#sometimes we just need to let something go in order to make ourself happy.
One of the new year resolution is change my thinking and my attitude.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

untitled 140110

Post again cause im boring and got nothing to do. Cant do anything with this lappie. Facebook cant in cause donno what problem. Want to click this to in cant but if u're lucky than yes u can browse through FB. So, im lazy to open it again. Cant edit my blog cause i do not have a mouse to make me easy to do my job and i need the link to do it. Its all in my dear's lappie.
Im sick for those people who ask me why u're not schooling today? Those customer at my mum's shop always ask me same question but different customer.. It was like Sarah or miss why today dint go to college? or u form 5 ar ? waiting for result? Im tired of it cause i don wanna say any more. I don want people to look down on me . Although i really give up on my studies. My future? I donno yet. Maybe i'll go out find a job as clerk after my mum hired a worker. We do not have enough workers now.
Hmm.. Last time when my dear and me usually watch movies on the weekends. Now its like everytime also hang out at my home. Movies that are not famous or we think that it sucks we wont watch cause we don wanna waste money on it. We can just easily download from the internet and share it with everyone. Doesnt wanna waste money on that. He's trying to save money for his tyre so doesnt want to use much.
Today news. 7.0 magnitude Earthquake at Haiti. May god bless them.
Heartless act of a son and daughter-in-law from the Star.
A 57-year-old man, who had just undergone heart surgery, thought he could recuperate at home but was in for a shock when his son told him not to return home.

Harian Metro reported that Abdul Rahman Talib was abandoned by the roadside in Kangar with just a bag of clothes by his 30-year-old son after his daughter-in-law refused to let him back into the house.

“I asked my son to drive me to town although I did not know where I could go. Instead, he left me in front of a school.

“I cried as I stepped out from his car. I did not expect him to treat me like this after I’ve brought him up lovingly all these years,” he said, adding that he felt lost wandering around before finally settling down for the night at a bus stop.

Abdul Rahman said the following day, his son had come to look for him but the old man’s joy was short-lived when he realised that the son was only dropping off his bicycle.
He said he met an acquaintance near the school two days later and was invited to spend the night at his house.

It is understood that the Social Welfare Department had since sent Abdul Rahman to the Batu Bertangkap Welfare Home in Beseri.
*How could people do such thing on his own father ? He raise u up. Even though how u hate him i think that u should not do this to your very own father. You will never be bless by doing this. At the end of the day u will become like that do. Abandoned by your very own son/daughter. Think twice. Its your part of your blood.
Its already past for a month, i still think about him everyday. Some times i will think until i cry. But i can do nothing now. We really need to appreciate/cherish what we have now before its too late. RIP uncle.

14/1/10 . smokers

Rainy day =(
I dislikes rainy day sometimes cause it will shoooo my mum's customer away.
Why does everyone does'nt come out during rain ? cause they don wanna get sick? lols

Smokers . Damn hate them . Yes my bf is one of them too but i dont hate him cause he doesnt smoke in front of me. I hate those who like to smoke in front of people. Why does they never think about us ? We inhale 2nd smoke. We cant exhale out. We get to suffer more than they do. We will die faster if we always inhale those F**K smoke. Especially those who smokes cigarette from indonesia, those sucks. The smell will make me cant breathe. Dont smoke in front of non-smokers. It will harm us. Please consider about it. Check this link out
show smokers lungs. Its disgusting until i dont dare to post out. And please dont waste money on cigarettes. Keep those money for emergency or what also better than buying something that harm your life.
# Highway Choo and other smokers please quit smoking now.

Donno why my stomach pain for few days d. Its not pms's pain. Its like gastric pain or inside got air pain. The pain comes lil by lil. Wonder whats wrong with it.

Arghh.. Im gaining FAT. Im getting fatter everyday. Cant go gym and my calories are increasing day by day. DIET is the solution ? idts cause i love to eat but this morning i drank a milo and eat a piece of kuih only. Woooots first time ever. lols. Than afternoon rice, vege, steam egg and 3pcs of fried crab balls. I loveeeeee fried fooods. ishhh.. Night gonna eat as lil as i could. Hope that i could stand this for 3weeks . =) I think i could'nt stand. Hahas. I love to eat . Darn myself.

Mum calling me eat. Chaos

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


hello .
just finish edit my blog.
just try only.
want to change other background.
but donno when can blog again.
after today his lappie gonna go back to him.
wont be blogging for few days
but if i can borrow from my dad than i can blog =)
thanks to lyn for teaching me the way of changing background
and showing me the website
credits to you lyn =)

good night peeps

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Teo Chew moi

Just now went to this Teo Chew Moi for dinner. Taste like water. Even water is more tastier than that porridge and it cant keep me full. It cost Mr. Choo for rm16.10 for the above with one herbal tea. I think if outside those sell mixed rice stall it costs only RM4 the most expensive one.
ZzZ Dont u all think that pay Rm16 for just porridge and normal vege and the most i cant accept is the taste. Expensive and not nice. Im willing to pay if its nice. Its not duh. Maybe i don like the taste or what so ever. I think it sucks. Im willing to pay Rm16 for starbucks coffee rather than this.

Than we went to Ioi's popular to buy some stationery. Wonders that G2 comes only dark blue color for 0.5mm ? I only found 0.38 or 0.7 is in blue in color. If 0.5 is in dark blue. After buying my stuff than go back. Mr. Choo is sick duh. Sicked for almost a week. Throat infection. He left early today cause he's tired and went back to see doctor.

Went to Genting on Sunday. Go up to eat their buffet. The price went up. If im not wrong last time we ate was at abt Rm50 per person now gone up to RM59. Shogun is better. Almost same price and nicer. More varieties and more jappi foooods. ~~ I tried to upload the pictures just now. Size too big cant fix in. lols. Try it again when im free. Night peeps.

Never knew i needed

12/1/10 ♥

morning peeps ♥
Will soon edit my blog when i figure it out how those it go..
Going to shop soon.. PMS makes me sleepy and tired.
Last time also wont like this. donno im sick or what.
Is it throat infection from Mr. Choo? lols Argh..
From Monday till Friday i need to wake up like last time 630
cause my mum call my sis to wake up and i will wake up too by her.
Automatic alarm. No need to set.
Make me need to sleep early. I need to cut down my fuck fats.
Hate them.Cant go to gym now.
Need to reschedule. Im busy from 1 to 7. lols.
I give myself no time to settle down at home.
Thats why my bedroom is that ''clean'' XD

My hair. Ishh.
Last time i cut my hair its like disaster.
Ugly like shit.
I think im not gonna cut it short and see
how do i look with long hair.
Curios ?
Form 2 that time im long hair duh but not
as long as those pretty long legs girls.
Im very jealous with those pretty babes with long hair ,
long legs and rich.
They are so pretty ♥.
Their style , the way they speak, their cosmetics,
clothes, heels, purse, clutch, and many.
Saw a girl yesterday from blog.
She's pretty and she's only 18.
She know how to dress herself , make up and others.
She look like a Taiwanese but she's not.
She's a Malaysian.
Just like me, why cant i be like her ?
I know why cause I am who I am ♥
This makes me special .
Agree ?
They can do this because they got money.
If i got i'll do too but i don have.
Which girl wont dress herself gorgeously
when they got money and time.
Both i also don have.
I think i'll buy 2sets of clothes,
1 heels for myself this year cause financial problem.
Hoho . Who know when i start to shopping
i'll use all the money i got. lols.
I'll do so if im crazy for it.
I'll wait until i got enough money to buy everything =) hehe.
I promise myself to get a Coach purse when
i got myself a nice pay job. hahas .
Yesterday morning i asked my mum if u guys really go to
Japan please buy me Coach purse,
she ask what is Coach?
Than she ask me again what is burberry.
Gosh. I told her its like LV those.
Than she only know.
Is Coach not famous or what ?
lols Gotta go pack up and bath.
Don wanna get scold if im late to shop
Chaos guys =)
Donno whats wrong with this post. i edited it for few times. cant get the way i want it to be. argh

Saturday, January 9, 2010


hello :)
Referring to my 9/1/10 post.
In the end i dint ate dim sum nor go sunway. About 12something he reached and we went to beside ioi mall dim sum restaurant but reached there they say don have dy. Instead of dim sum we went to beside the dim sum few shop lots to eat. Than head to Ioi for guiilingao. Nice =) very soft and strong of herbal taste. Rm10 for big size. The price has gone up to Rm1. Last time my sis and i ate for Rm9 but its not that tasty soft nor strong of herbal taste. Craving for more. After that went to KL for a while than went back to puchong. Ate lok lok . Xong =) Than head back to home to cook.
Thats all for today. Night

Dont trust me


Morning readers =)
Im off today. Waiting for dear to come bring me go eat dim sum than go sunway. Not going to buy anything at sunway i guess cause my purse left only Rm35. lol . Arghhh. Hate my room. Damn messy. Clothes every where , cups , pillow every where. zzz. I wish i got a maid, lol.

Top headlines.
Church burnt down.

Boring till i donno how to explain. Donno what to write == hmmmm. He'll take back his lappie today. I got nothing to do tonight except sleep or watch tv.

zzz. Bye peeps

Jason Derulo

Friday, January 8, 2010

horror 8/1/10

There is a story that i wanna tell u guys.
Once there is 4 brothers and sisters. One day when the father went out to work. They argued because of the younger brother went out without permission. Everyone was mad. Than their mum came and take action. The elder brother is very aggressive and hot tempered person. He think that he's the biggest in the world and everyone need to obey him. He had punched his elder sister several times using his big fist. Its very hurt and pain for a girl. The elder brother pushed the younger sister 2 times and pushed the older sister until she falls down and their mum follows and fall down too. The elder brother than hug his mother because she got high blood pressure. She cant fall down if not she will be retarded. Than the other siblings pushed him away. Than he go away and never come back.

Mum's shop business is getting lower and lower. Sooner or later people will forget how to go to our shop. Aiksss. People demand for China's product which cant last long. And after using it, they found out it cant really works well they bring it back to change. Cant consumer think properly ? You pay for quality. Its just like people pay for LV, Coach , Prada's bags. It last long and branded. Some more please dont compare prices. Maybe others people products does't same with ours. About the price. We sell with reasonable price. Those customer still wanna reduce x3. Fuck them. Never think before that if u open a shop and i insists to reduce your price till i like. What profit u get ? idiots.

Yea.. Im a person who like to pay back what u gave me. What u gave me i will give u back the same. I'll act like you and do things like you. To show how i feel when u did that to me and i won't tell you.

Lately, i was like no friends. Maybe because i dint contact or dint hang out with them. Luckily i have my dear and family to accompany me. Now if is not my dear its my family. Friends are getting far away from me. Its okay cause i cant go out like you all does. Even if i can you all also wont ask me cause maybe you are all tired of me for denying to go out with u all. No offences to anyone. I just feel and think like that =)

Just now my sis asked me what if u have no bf now ? What are u doing now without your computer. zzz . I answered idk..

Today's new says that maybe fuel will count by Cc. The bigger your car's Cc the higher the price u need to pay & we need to bring IC to refuel. zzz . There are ways that people will do to get cheaper fuel price. Please stop this issue gov.

*Everything went up but salary still the same.
*Now the lessons learned i touched that i was burn.

Berita mandarin TV2

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Refer to my latest post abt the form one thing.
*I had never ever ask number from any male that IDK.

Today after hearing that from a teacher. I had my lessons learnt by money. I wasted abt 10k with those expenses for studying. I need to repay that amount of money when i got my very own job.
Still checking out what to do next. I have had 3 ulcer in my mouth. I cant even smile! Its located the most up part of my inner lips. And the other 2 i bite myself accidentally. I need to press my mouth when i laugh or smile. It really hurts =(

Still figuring out where to put nuffnangs thingy. Been figuring out since i joined nuffnangs. I earned Rm2 from them. lol . Do you all know what day is today ? = =
Its Ne-yo having a concert at Sunway lagoooon. So wanna go duh. Love his songs.
Arghh .. I wish i could get back my computer sooon. And i hope that all of my pictures still there. PRAY. Ram spoiled. Is it possible to keep my pictures ? Aiksss.

Sigh.. im getting fatter duh. Even Caroline asked me that Sarah u fatt fok ar? zzz . I been working out at gym duh. Still like this. ish . Maybe i eat too much everyday. Once i sit i'll find things to eat. Thats why i become so fat. zzz .

My mum will off the modem soon cause my siblings need to attend school tmr. Make me cant on. I need some justice please. lol . Gonna complaint soooon . Night peeps.

Whatcha said

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

..... 6/1/10

Feel like blogging since this morning. Its been six days of 2010. I still does't get usual to write date changed from 09 to 10. FYI i stopped my studies at inti college. Currently helping my at my mum's shop. Shortage of workers. The maid had went back to Indon. She got pregnant. Congrats to her. We'll miss her =( Hmmm. I miss my college friendss =) miss u guys when we eat, crap, play cards, assignments. *This post should have been post yesterday but end up cont today.

There are reasons why i stopped at inti
i) maths i cant achieve always
ii) scare to waste my mum's money
iii) IDK

Not that i don wanna give it a try anymore. I just cant do it. I had been having a very bad result for maths from standard THREE & FYI my knowledge of maths is very low that u cant expect. Therefore i willing to give up now which i know that i cant manage it. It is my biggest enemy. LOL. I will try to love it when i need to use it. There is once that i felt myself very useless. Study until half don wanna cont because of phobia to maths. I need to learn to love maths. And im Nineteen now. Im getting older and older. I have nothing. Im like wasting my time on nothing. Shit talks. My future? Not into sharing with anyone now. I would like my babes and readers know that i

i) Im not freeeee in the afternoon
ii) Im not freeeee at night before 900
iii) Give me notice a day before calling me out at night

Yesterday i went to gym as usual. Cant believe who i saw. Im sure that some of u donno this. Form 1 that time where im still a child & IDK anything. I gave a cny card to some one which i had more for my friends. I gave him because i think that he's cute which he's not at all. He's a jerk. He ask a guy at my age to call out my name and than his gang of fuck up friends come and see me. He his older than me abt 3years. Lame old shit. Than one day after school. His girl-friends said that im cheap for just sending him a cny card. I was like What The Fuck that time. I was like u are more cheap!! U lost your virginity at the age of 15 or 16. Who is more cheaper ? BITCH. I'll remember this till i got my very own wood bed. (touchwood) I know that its my own fault but dont u think that u should't do this cause i have my dignity too. Arghh Hate u and your Fucking friends. Please note that i asked some one to gave him the card. Watever i need to wipe this out of my memory. Goodbye suckers.

My 2010 new year resolutions.
i) secret
ii) secret
iii) secret

Oh yea.. nearly forget.

I had less contact with everyone except at FB. Maybe i dint always find you all to text or care so we only find each other when we're in trouble. Sooner or later everyone is gonna forget Sarah Lee.......

wow. yesterday's weather was so damn HOT !!

Gonna update more when i think of some.

hating on the club