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Thursday, April 30, 2009


please double click the picture to see propely


- you make me lose my BFF
- you make me believe in your words
- you make me disappoint on you
- you are the backstabber
- you are a filthy guy

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mother's day present~

for my mummy~from the body shop the view outside of my house .. rainbow~lov it

on the way back snap de~

today 29/4/09 went to sunway .. after take our timetable at college

this year mother's day same date with my birthday~

so .. happy mothers day to my mum and happy birthday to myself

don know why i buy so early .. = =

actually want to buy watch for her..but too expensive..

than fragrance..expensive also .. i'm lack of money ..

so .. end up we went to the body shop and buy 1set of the body lotion .. and so on ..

cost me rm129 .. share with siblings .. share with my sis only .. i think ..

seriously .. if i got money .. i will buy her a watch from elle ~ ..

but .. no $$ = =


how could i dont believe my 5years (i think) relationship friend

go believe that fuck up fella

he wants to make our relationship broke


now only i know .. he said those fuck up things are untrue

but its too late ..

can't go back to the way it should be

the reason why i believe him was .. she lied me before .. and i take it so strong and serious


say what also no use now .. everything has change .. include me .. hah ..


Genting 26/4/09

on the way go genting ~ bought McD eat~ i ate Mcflurry and double cheeseburger~yummy~hehe ~want fall down le...but no token ..
3 pig posing~lol
look .. my dad ..
weird pose = = haha

That day when to Genting with family~expect my big bro
Around 1pm something go .. than 5 something come back ..
because of weather so hot .. go 'chui fong' lol
At there me and my siblings played games ..
my little bro knew some new friends there ==
play basketball .. damn 10ball he only miss once..
he helped my brother earn points..
later that .. 3 of us sat the (dono what car or train or bus) = =
rm5 per ride.. brings us to first world hotel and theme park..damn boring ..but the view was so pretty and amazing~
after that find my mum at the coffee shop .. opposite coffee terrace..
than a while than go back puchong eat Bak Kut Teh .. my little bro's friend de dad open de ..
than i meet wei wei there~she so pretty~
after that went to Tesco ~ than balik rumah lur~

Saturday, April 25, 2009


am i really that annoying .. huh ?

please tell me what i have done wrong

XXXXXX.. i'm talking about you ..

what have i did .. why you treat me like this

i dint steal your boys ,, maybe sometimes i say things that u dont like .. but i was just JK

why cant you just tell me what i have done and settle it down ..

where the u want to be my friend or not just tell . .

i'm tired of these freaking out 'backstabbers' things

from XX/2/09 u LIE me !

and i forgive u .. I'm TORN on that day

u know that ? i bet u won't know

than last week if i'm not wrong XXXXXX told me that u and XXXXXX go yum cha.. than XXXXXX say he want come fetch me .. u turn your head away .. i wont count you on that .. ya cause im just thinking so much .. if i really show up .. u all wont be happy .. i knew..

than today 25/4/09 XXXXXXi told me that when u with him that time u say my FILTHY THINGS out but i dono what

XXXXX kept his promise not to tell me .. i will ask you soon .. but even if i ask u .. u wont TELL THE FREAKING TRUTH OUT .. i know that

u are a LIAR

thanks for lying me all the time ..

thanks for keeping me accompany all the time ..

im too emotion right..

last one .. i really treat u as my BFF

until the end .. i get nothing but HURT ..

you treat me as a FOOL

i promise not to make myself hurt because of friends and once i did it again

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I love ~clubbing~ but unfortunately my parent don't let me go again.I clubbing only for 3 times and every time also at 'bar celona'.If can, i wish to go on 9th May 2009.Think about why i choose 9th go but i don't think anyone would know that.

1st time i been to there is with my friends and old school mates.Miss them~ It was just right after SPM.That time donno how to dance.Quite bored but the music and alcohol makes your Body move.Its just like ITS GETTING HOT IN HERE LETS TAKE OFF ALL YOUR CLOTHES (LOL) just joking but i just sat at there.I go back home around 2 something.My brother fetch me.He goes to a mamak stall buy something to eat while waiting i VOMITed.After vomiting i feel so good.I think i consumed too much alcohol~

2nd time was at Christmas countdown.Wow.I love that night.WONDERFUL~Crowded.I saw my best oldschool mate~Caroline~hehe.On the time 3 2 1 MERRY CHRISTMAS~it was so damn fun.They bought some snow spray inside and spray it to the air.Than i saw Jia drank the dewarts without adding coke inside.I stunned and than Jo turns and Yin turns thn i asked for it.I just have little of it cuz i scare that i will drunk.My mum will kill me for sure.Later they were drunk,all the girls except me and Carol.Unbelievable was the boys Wei and Tai were drunk too. We can't really get out from the crowded place with most of them were drunk.With everyone help we manage to get out from there but we almost fall down when we want to reach the escalator there.Suddenly a guy hold my hand.I think he scares that i might fall down too.Than i was like waving at him saying nothing.So blur.Than we reach the entrance.OMG we cant really control them.One of them says i want to get in back and drink again.(more things happened)shhhh.And i vomited the toilet.haizzzzzzz.Sob sob.when they put the song In the ayer.I was at outside.I wanted to go in back to parttyyyyyyy.LOL.but can't.We back at around 2something also.( ithink)but we when to Chee home to clear out their mess.Than after clearing out Chee fetch Jo and Yin home.Than Carol than me.It was around 3something.My mum was doing her paper work at living room(upstairs).I'm sure that she is waiting for me:)Love her~

3rd time.I go with jia hui and others boys.And carol too~This time i party hard.Nahhhhhh not very hard cuz not really know how to dance but i really want to release my stresssssss.The 3rd time was not as fun as the 2nd time.But i love it toooooo.Than around 1.45 something jia hui go back le :( no one dance with me.I just sat at there watching others dance.Than nearly 3.00 i go back ler~ehhh..i did not vomit~

When will be my 4th time? and who will i go with~

Sunday, April 19, 2009


BIRTHDAY AT 2007 @ 2008

look at the 1st picture.I still remember it was 2007.The cake.I never even had a slice!Do you know what they did to my 1st SECRET RECIPE's CAKE (chocolate indulgence) that my friends gave me T.T they throw each other !! cake fight !! Don know who the hell start it 1st! the only thing i know they say its either my bro or kean wan.. This 2 fella ..I was stunned..They even threw it on me and make my shirt dirty and the stain was still here..damn it..WHAT A WASTE !

and the 2nd picture was 2008
about the cake .. nothing happen on it.. its safe :) LOL i remember when Mee Gee got her license only for few weeks (if i'm not wrong). She drove us using Kok Wah's car to Giant.I looked at his face.His face told me that he's scare.Do you think it is overloaded to have 6 person inside a Kancil? No ya.It was fun.She drove us back save and sound except she din't see a hole there and pass through it.Ahhhh. It was nothing yea.

Don't mind that i talk about old school things ya:)


On the 2nd week of learning English DR, Anne asked us to do her a flavour
she asked us to write an ESSAY for her .. last time i wrote an essay was last year SPM
she gave us freedom to write what also can .. as long as its mature..she did gave us some ideas and she talked about marriage so i decided to write something about marriage

here it is~enjoy

Do you understand what is the meaning of marriage and do you know why couples marry today and divorce tomorrow?Marriage is a lifetime commitment.This commitment can have many advantages such as financial strength, stability , unity ,trust and so on.Did you think about these commitment before you marry?Before you getting marry you shall know that is he or she the one you
looking for and the one that suites your character.You will never know if you spend short time getting know each other than marry.Its unstable and unsecure.

Some men or women changes attitude after married.This is because stress of both mother-in-law.Things getting even worse when women gets pregnant.Women change behavior when they get pregnant.Than argument happens.Some men can take it and some men just don't.Most of the men take it because this is part of the commitment.After that, financial problem starts.They need more income to feed their new born baby and to buy new furniture.Did you all think about these things when you want to marry?

Perhaps for the older yes, and for the teenagers nope.Teenagers never think of these before.According to the survey in the year of 2008, teenagers never think about these things.They gets marry because of 'puppylove' and they come from rich background.Now most of the parent so adore them till letting them get marry in young ages like at 19 or 20s.Never think of financial problems.While some teens get marry because she is pregnant.Thus they never know what will happen in the future.They will easily get divorce too.

Percentage of divorce couples were so low from our ancestors until the 70s. Than from the 80s, things started to change like from the big fat television to flat and slim television while the percentage of divorce couples gone up from 20% to 45%.Things getting modern and even modern nowadays.So, why would couple divorce after few years? It is because they never think so much before get marry.They are few reasons why they divorce so fast example like relationship turns out boring after few years and knowing that their character are not the same.Than because of unmature involves jealousy and they lose their commitment in trust.

Other than that, third party are one of the main reason.After the relationship turns out boring and waste of time, men or women starts to find a new relationship with their third party.Most of this cases happen on men.They starts to find new relationship first.From the survey, nowadays many
women gets threatening,assaulting and torture from their husband.This is because of they are drunk or took drugs.Problem like this lead to divorce. Sometimes they even divorce because of intimacy (usually it happens on men) and many other small problem may lead to divorce.

Would anyone like to get marry today and divorce couple weeks later? Marriage is not a game.It takes a lot of effort to train yourself to love each other,trust and loyalty .So if u want to marry today , please think twice.Marriage is forever.

Do you understand ? confuse ?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

my hairstyle

cut my hair from medium long to short

so regret

they said i look like a child!

really ?


^^ secret recipe's white
macamadia~i think..haha FAMILY~muackkss from my aunt and uncle~thanks

11/4/09 ~ my parent helped us to celebrate our birthday~

actual date
my older brother=10/4/XXXX
me =10/5/XXXX
my young. sis. =4/5/XXXX
my young. bro. =9/4/XXXX

almost all the same ya..
this is the 3rd year they setup a birthday bash
the 3rd year we dint invite our friends .. maybe because quite boring and i think my friends won't attend too..b'cuz maybe they work or went to NS or they just hate me~
the 3 of us din't invite a single person but my younger brother did~! he invited quite numbers of people .. every year they attend our birthday party ( i mean my younger brother friends ) everything will be in a mess and they even said our cake look like a SHIT .. damn i hate them .. when i cut out the cake and they have some .. u guess what the freak they said !! they said this cake is delicious .. jerks..


14/03/09 it was my 2nd Sister's birthday ~ aka BABI
actually we planned to go sunway lagoon but end up at Am Square (if im not wrong)
its Karaoke:)actually i prefer lagoon its been my form 3 (i think) dream.. i say that want to go with whole bunch of classmates :( but every time end up cancel because of girls period problem and parents = =:(until now college life and i can't even have a chance to go there with my friends..seriously..i prefer to go with my EX-classmates~i miss them so much..LOL.. stop talking about that..

although i don't understand nor read mandarin the karaoke was fun:)cause we opened a GENTING casino there..LOL we gambled!!! and the winner is me:)

we bought a Tiramisu's from BREADSTORY .. it was so delicious ~~

Attention.. although its been long time .. my memory is still in my mind^^

Friday, April 17, 2009


many new friends~they were friendly and nice~
girls from left are KELSEY , PEGGY , SUE , YUMI , ANNIE (formal classmate~) and me~
boys from left are SUMMER , THIAM JOE (formal classmate) and REEVE
cute hahhh ~
it was 13/4/09 Monday
after class we when to MONGKOK char chan teng to have lunch
and they served us a BIG SIZE MILK TEA .. we cant even finish it
its free~

before that we celebrated it at sunway redbox karaoke
it was not the actual date ~ picture number 3
im quite boring cause they sings mandarin songs
but i enjoyed myself 1st cause i can at least hear 3 or 4 times British songs

SUMMON (saman)

It was 15/4/09 Wednesday
it was my unlucky day T.T
it was 7 in the morning
which i arrived at college as usual time .. just earlier
the sky was so dark ... not really dark .. usually its not that dark
as the way was ONE WAY .. and normally i will drive in to park there .. short cut .. if not i need to turn a big round .. as it was still dark .. i cant see the police car is coming through that one way ...
than they noticed that i do that they switch on their siren .. luckily still early .. not many people..but it was just in front of ASIA CAFE:( those waiters come out and KEPOH
but between i noticed a good policemen ~ they dint ask for morning tea~
they even help me to give directions when i reversed my car~

Thursday, April 16, 2009


started my college life last last last week
it was fun..knew many new friends
various of them .. from johor, ipoh , sarawak .. and others..~
they were so kind and fun ~ and lovely
it happens that almost every week we got a presentation to do
and now almost come till the end of the month ..
we got many presentations to do .. i mean drama
they were 2 drama we need to act
1st one is about ARTIST and the 2nd one is FAIRYTALE
keep me busy before the day b'cuz this is the last drama we gonna act.. and we need to make it REAL..i cant really act.. whenever i want to act i will laugh like insane
in fact i'm losing my patience b'cuz every time we stayed back for practicing turns out to be talking class .. we only know how to KE-POH and only 1 of the member (Ganesh) .. he is the only one who take this seriously .. and he do all the script and dialogue out things happen than.... SECRET.....
i admit that i have kepoh too ... but not as much as them only LOL (am i right ?) its only u know............
seriously .. i hav a bad temper personality .. and im QUITE small gas. .
im just doing my part .. just no one is paying attention to me until i get mad .. i dont really want to get mad.. cuz they are my new friends..rightttt? bad image given to them T.T
actually im not that bad^^its just i that take it seriously:(but not everyone take the drama seriously...arghhh i dono...

This English lessons are going to end on 23/4/09
i misss you guys ..

starts DIA on business administration on 4/5/09~
good luck to me ~