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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sensive Hill Hotel , Phuket

Three nights in this lovely hotel at my mum's friends of friends hotel. Own by Angmoh hubby & Thai wife. We got three room's suite at a very cheap price that some of you might not get it in the peak season. We really like luxury apartment, suites or etc at an affordable price so we chose faraway from town like this. It took 15-20(car) minutes to the Patong beach and more far to Kata or Kamala beach. If you're looking for a quiet place to stay over this is the type of hotel you should choose. 

Love this view. Our room is over there second floor.

Mum & dad.


Living room sticks together with the kitchen. Not many kitchen utensils u can use.

Master bedroom.

Only available for master bedroom as usual.

All three rooms are super spacious like this. 15 sleeping bags no problem for one room. :P
But the third room is a little bit of creepy . Located behind the kitchen which u need to pass through a door and there's something like wet kitchen but not. The third room located right over there. Indirectly connect through our rooms. My lil bro are afraid to sleep over there. So he rather spend his nights in the living room. lol But my parents being so good , they changed room with him for the next day.


Lot's of portrait everywhere. 

Our room includes breakfast.

We have been eating same thing for the three days over there.
Except for one day they put hotdog in.
There's choices of coffee/tea and orange juice.

OTW to the restaurant , there's another swimming pool here.

The bar area

Swimming pool next to our room.
Tell u something i'm about 5f tall.
And this pool is more then 5f ! 
All made meant for the guai lous one.
I barely can stand in it --

It's a very limited picture.
I rarely put up my non make up face
as i'm growing older.

God please tell me why my legs can't slim up ???

And my tall lil bro signing off. bye

Sensive Hill
79/67 Moo 6, Tambon Kathu, Amphur Kathu, 
Phuket 83120, Thailand. 
Tel : 66 (0) 76 203 -012, Fax : 66 (0) 76 203 - 072

Hotel overall review
Really quiet hotel at an affordable price and staff were very friendly. 

Miley Cyrus VMA 2013 Twerking & Robin Thicke - MTV Awards Performance (...

I loved this song but u spoiled the whole thing Miley. That really sucks.
There's another way of getting famous instead of doing it this way.
Don't you feel ashamed ? JAW DROP


Monday, August 26, 2013

Phuket Day 2

This was a planned trip without any tours. Basically we are travelling on our own. By travelling on our own we only decide what/where to do/go on that day or before the day we wanted to be. We free to go anywhere anytime. That makes us rush free. But of cause we could't visit hot spots on our own without tour. But for me i prefer to go travel with tour. Although we need to get up early for tour but we won't hassle so much. Gotta plan this and plan that. How hassle it could be ? 

 mummy and me. Lens on. o.O

Since we still got lots of time to spend in the hotel why not utilize it ? 
Hahahaha but only three pictures available to see here.

 After Breakfast we went to the beach which took some time to get over there. Crystal clear sea water which i really liked it. And packed with all ANGMOHS !
How great could it be ? I even saw BIKINI free aunty !! hahaha Awesome right ?
Hanging her old papaya out for us to see. LOL
We din't get to go down and rent beach chairs , sit whole day reading book , listening ipod , playing sands , sun tanning , beer , and etc. 

Family without sister. 

Dad and me <3 p="">

Not many ppl swims. 

Tot of capturing that papaya for you all to see but too bad over exposed.

Donno where to go we sat down on a stall have some food.
Chill beside the sea.
Saw a really handsome angmoh !!
Better then Zac seriously.

After that we went to a mini stall to find one day tour for tmr.
We took a day tour for the next day and half day on that day.
ATV ride & Fish Spa.

While waiting for em to come we had our first foot massage in phuket.
So geli.

The ATV was not really nice for me cause i got no strength to control the bike. wtf. I literally ride it for about 5 minutes i feel like i'm going drop down the hill. FCK. Waste of money isn't ? I end up following the guide's back. I ride with him. He drive me and my sis being so Man she controlled the ATV for the whole 20minutes. -___________- idk how she did it but she did it. We ride into the forests hill and pass through a main point, we rested there and took some pictures and i don't have it literally. The view was magnificent we basically can see the whole view of the sea. And at there u can go to a really quiet beach where not many people would go there. After the ride we went for Fish spa. First time doing it. Feeeeeel super geli --

Exact time for sunset when we headed back to town.
It was so beautiful.

And our dinner again. We tapao again from the night market.
Love the quail eggs. With maggi soy sauce and pepper.

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Current me in case u forgotten. hahaah

Feel annoyed by the falling objects in my blog. I know it's been a while but seriously i do not know how to remove it. I edited it for days only got this three compartments in my blog. zzz and blogger kinda like change html bla bla bla something .. falling objects which used to be heart shapes now changed to ugly little droplets of error shit. Gotta spend sometime to edit it again...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


If you see me frequently update my blog means i stayed home quite sometime already. lol. Due to nothing to do and too many things to think. Therefore updating my blog is a way to release all the tension i got. These few weeks i've been staying at home like i never did. After work, eat and sleep. Daily routine non stop and no changes. But not really whole week la.. there is one or two days out with friends or family. This is wrong -.- last time i used to go out really often like everyday but now seriously ................................ This is what will happen when you're the only one who calls people out and not people calls u out. Sad isn't ? Hmmmm But i din't use lots of money this month which is a great thing. Wish to have more true friends :D I tried everything i could till i give up already.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Sometimes i really tend to think so much. Things that interfere me or doesn't i will think about it too. 

We have freedoms of talking doing and etc. Why care about how people want to do ? Alright as a friend i do hope u care about me but not Overly doing it. You can tell me once but not twice. I know what the f. i'm doing. I'm trying to have my own life. How hard can it be ? Do not teach me to not have my own life. You're dull doesn't mean im. You're boring doesnt mean i must be that boring like you. Get a life isn't ? 

I actually had written a whole paragraph of essay that my hearts want to talk about but in the end i have no guts to post it out . WTF 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Phuket Day 1.

Did i mention about spending my time with my family at Thailand this chinese new year ? I know it's very late but late is better than never. We went to Phuket by sitting our own car. It's physically tiring but still worth it. But it's consecutively two years already. We went to koh samui last year with no regrets. Next year we might be heading to Krabi. I really love Thailand except that i don't speak Thai which is the main problem connecting with them. But anyway we can use hand language right. With almost 6-7 hours of driving to Thai customs and there we spent another 5 hours to Phuket. We of cause take turns to drive. We reached Thai in the morning and in the customs we spent some time to check in. After almost an hour of drive we stopped by at the petrol station to get some food and rest.

 I really love their 7/11. They had everything u wanted. Love that we could get our frozen food and reheat them to eat straight away. I went to HK's and Taiwan's all three of this country got all these stuff but why Malaysia tak de ni ??? And Taiwan ones got SUSHI which is my fav !! lol
 Kinda in love with this peppery flavor corn starch soup with bihun.
 Amazon cafe. Got this green Frap at only MYR5+
For this big portion ! Free wifi duh !
 Mum & dad
 Very colorful school bus.
 Pit stop after few hours of driving again. We ate this beef noodles.
Not sure about u but i can say i dislike eating beef balls except for the Ikea's one.
 Completely ZERO make up.
I gotta have my courage to post non make up picture
sometimes right ?
Hahaha just for my blog.
 Can't buy this in here duh.

We reached our hotel at around in the late afternoon.
Check in. Get some air cond.
Checking out what to play.
What's on the TV.
 My taller little brother.
 My mum and me headed to the market nearby our hotel to get us dinner. 

They sell all kind of food there.
From dessert to char siu
All items less then MYR8

Because we were late for any entertainments we din't go anywhere on the first day. Bought some beer chilled out in our living room and sleep. Plus we live kinda far from the night life spots. 

Good night !