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Sunday, May 31, 2009

30/5/09 saturday ^^

Damn hate la .. i asked for the yong tau foo's mihun for breakfast but my brother help me tapau this mihun from the other hawker stall. In the end i finished all except the fishballs and i make him to finish the 5pcs fishballs.


I really like to eat mangosteens. I prefer to eat this color of mangosteens compare to the purple in colors skin. Try it and compare. You will know ^^

My lunch, Dad helped me to tapau Malay's rice. Tak boleh habis. LUcky that my sis help me to finish it out.. ^^ thanks

Natural me ^^

Around 5something. Caroline text me to go out :) movie at midvalley and i say ....... YES ^^

CAMWHORED while waiting for Carol to fetch me

Reach Midvalley exactly 9.00pm. Than i wanted to fins LEe WAi San but she today she work at jusco and Osim from Jusco are far ? hmmm .. we are running out of time cause actually we wanted to see the movie at 9.00pm but when we reached the cinema !!! They are many ants lining up to buy tickets for show. LOL . Than Carol finds her supervisor to give back things and take salary. Inside the car we don know where to go. Wants to go to the look out point (small genting) but we don know how to go. Than i say i wanted to go bar ce but she don want. LOL. than i asked 'want to go for fun fair at bukit jalil? than she said ok . . Than changed plan again. Instead of all that we went to OUG Nathan and take a look cuz i never been to there before = = Heard that there many handsome guys hangs out there but very disappointed that all also aunty uncle. Dint go down for a drink and went to Steven's to meet my brother up. Guess who i saw . I saw my dear Aaron . gosh . speechless and surprise . Miss him lar . His table just beside my brother's table. Nothing to say, maybe he is with his friends and me too . Just say hi . Than after sitting for 1/2hours, he leave and say bye to me . LOL he's going to Poppy that night. Jealousnya. Now, Steven's got 'Siesha' a fragrant smoke. I did consumed but the smoke that i blew it out were so little . = ='' not like 'monkey and my brother' damn many smoke come out from his mouth.Than my bro fetch his fiance from Gombak to go to our house at 11something. We played poker cards at there too. Almost every time i lose. But until the end i win for few times ^^ I reached home nearly 2.00am. Its been so long time that i dint go out for late night drink.



These equations know me but i don know them. ^^

BORING !!!!! SS-ing at Maths class

Look.. she just acting la..

Owen ^^

Its maths class. Damn hate it. I remember that day when he call out names for the attendance but he dint call my name. So i asked him:

Sarah: Sir, you dint called my name out
Lecturer: I already tick your name.
Sarah: How do you know my name ?
Classmates: voooovooooo !!!

you understand?

After the boring maths class, I went to Sunway club with my family but i arrived 1st. Damn early. (thanks to Tuck Poh for fetching Le anne back^^) Reach there around 5.30pm. Inside the locker room for about 1/2 hour because of my phone. Don know why i can't call out. Whenever i want to make a phone call, it shows connection error. Fcuk . Than until 6.00pm , walk to the gym room and work out at the threadmill for 1/2 hour too. After that, I went back to the women room (locker room, toilet) have a sit at there with my filthy smell of sweat. After a while, my family arrive and i played snooker with my brothers again. Boringgg.. LOve pool better. Than, i went to the swimming pool and swim for 1minute i think. LOL. When i reached there, my mum say want to go back. After getting up and walk to the ladies , a man approached me and asked 'where did you buy your swimming suits, i want to buy for my daughter' LOL, than i said IOI mall's Jusco. Haiz.. i hate my swimming suit. Bought it last year. Don know why i will choose that pattern just like a child's swimming suit. I will buy a new one if i got money . ^^

SS-ing again

in the ladies

nice? before gym

and this after gym

my foot after color

my childish swim suit.Cant believe that i post it out.LOL

After bath we go back home. Traffic Jam at after the sunway toll heading back to puchong. Damn hate. its 8.35pm . What the heck . Why those people haven go back home. Makes the road damn congested . We went to 928 food court to eat. Hate their service there. The foods come before the drinks. Its already 2nd time happened.


28/5/09 Dumpling season : ) mum teach to make fruit cocktail

Firstly add the amount of orange juice that you want to make.

Secondly, shake it well before you pour it out.

Thirdly, open up canned fruit cocktail using the can opener.

Than, pour it out.

Add some VSOP Martell into the bowl.

Stir it and WALLA. your fruit cocktail.



3 Leng lui^^Look at his style of parking
bought this at Vinnci again
bought this at Vinnci again

After we finish discuss our assignment, we went to sunway for a walk. Its very dangerous that time when Tin yeong drove his car with 5 passengers inside his Myvi. This is the 2nd time i sat his car to a place. He can't even drive propely. Scroll up to have a look at his parking style. I can say he is more worse than me. I can even park my car propely. Going back to Inti, Leong drove us back. Fast and safe although there is traffic jam. Thanks to him, if not we will 100% late for our management class.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009


behind the classs

camwhored : without edit ... fresh and hot .. hehe

Usually today i will sit at AC and wait for the time to pass but not today cuz i have assignments to do. Finished now and Le anne and me wait in the class to pass the time. Luckily today i got bring notebook, or else. . i will be running here running there like an ape finding things to do. hehe. Time pass so fast and now its almost in the middle of the year. exams and assignments are coming through. For my brother, don know how he feels. His biggest moment in his life is coming . He will marry his fiannce at 31/10 . If i'm not wrong , they offically be husband and wife last year. Thats all for