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Friday, March 29, 2013

Believe in yourself.

Screen capture from mobile.

kitkat's around the whole world.
Would like to try every one of it !

Finally , i'm a swan ! lol
Played some game and i lose. They asked to pose this. dafuq


A year ago ? lol

My gf and me.
Miss her so much.

True true true

She super like to prank me.

I love cuddling too. lol

Some quotes.

The true me.

Yummy yummy.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

pick me up @ kuchai lama

Not sure whether this dessert shop still exist a not -_- This was very long ago. 
Fancy cause it's tall and no where else serve. Fancy but not tasty. The Taro balls doesn't taste as good as snowflake's one. 

Literally for me all the combination doesn't work. 
Upper one was the gula melaka combine with soya which i does't really like. Not a soya lover.
Lower one was the fruity taste. Forgot about the element that it has. 

Verdict : No next time. Prefer Snowflake. 

This is true.
So true.
All this while i've been expecting too much from 
all the people surrounding me.


Freelance job.

For the past 6 month's i've been working as a freelancer at night time. The first freelance job that i worked for was selling ice-cream at Giant for 10 hours and no chance of me sitting. Only earned RM100 per day. That day really cracked me up. I can't feel my legs for two days -.- imagine standing for 10 hours giving free samples. Life ain't easy. Worked for a day. After about 3 years i was called to work. My friend asked me to replace a girl at a restaurant to introduce cigarette for 3 days. So i did. I was lucky that the boss and people treated me good and bought me drinks and food at the end of the day :) After months , i interviewed a job at Teeq's for almost a month and twice a week. For the conjunction of Octoberfest. RM150 per night for 5 hours. I was't a easy job i tell you. With 4" stilettos with a socks that i had to wear it. I could't feel my legs at all. My toes was cracked up. For 5 hours we can't even sit. It's tough really. Gotta stand walked around the mall with the cute outfit that attracts a dozen of people to look at us. Ain't easy money. 

Than i've been taking up some replacement job for girls :) 

Fav job of all. Roving job :) Wear flats and t shirt + shorts ! Walked around restaurant's.

Roving job too :D Dress + Heels
One night few outlets and we are good to go !

In the conjunction of halloween day. 

This outfit that i'm talking about.
Ain't easy money.

First and last serving job i worked for. First because i gotta serve beer for customers and serving job is like beer girl. Although all the rest of the job was beer girl also but this is different. Serving at a bar for 4 hours and sometimes uncles will disturb you. lol. No touching thou but when you're unlucky some uncles will touch where i encounter before. Don't think more. They only touch your back. But still i don't like. Some people will give you tips. Few people gave me tips before -______- Like RM5-RM10 but i din't accept. So stupid right. I should have take. lol 

All the jobs i worked before , the most fav job are the roving ones. Seriously easy and fast. It's better then u stay at an outlet for 4-5 hours. 

Oh yea. And this job gave me opportunities to know more freelance friends which is really good. All types of girls or guys with different perspective i met.

I hope to be 5cm taller to get jobs easily. They like to hire taller ones :( 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


No one is perfect.
Tell me who. 

Spa at Renaissance KL

Bought this Groupon Deal last year and used on January if i'm not wrong. LOL
At RM58-68 we got to used all the jacuzzi facilities for 5 hours long and unlimited ala carte food. This package includes a 45minutes massage. When we reached there , we were asked to change our clothes to a comfortable big size shirt and loose pants. So does our inner wear. Yup Bra and Panties. It's made out from waterproof paper something like that. No pic -.- But if u did follow my instagram - Sarahlee1005 - it's there i posted. 

After changing , we were brought to this cozy room to have a sit while waiting for the masseuse to come.

I was brought to this room ALONE and my other two friend at another room. Yes no room joining and idk why. Waited for about 5minutes she's finally here. She was from Sabah and she's semi blind. She din't apply any oil to massage nor asked where as my friend masseuse did applied for them. She asked for tips at the end too. I gave RM10 to her -.- but then if she's not blind i would not have give because i can't feel any comfort at all. 

Tomyam maggi unlimited -___________- 
How many bowls u can eat ? 

After massage we went for the steam room and jacuzzi. The water temperature at first 38 degrees. Wtf . She ask very hot ? Just now that indian lady say not hot enough. DAFUQQQQQQQQQQ. Can't sit in for so long. You will feel very dizzy after that. And yes we were all felt uncomfortable after the jacuzzi session.

Far away. No make

End of post Bye.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's so hard to stop thinking.
Why ?

The Jetty Suites review (Melaka)

Continued post.
After buying everything we headed back to Puchong. YES ! Puchong > Morib > Puchong > Melaka
Because one of our friend Kah sing are not free for us. Than another friend joined us to this Melaka trip. And if we really headed to Melaka without dropping off all our goods we are doomed ! We won't able to have space for our Melaka trips. We are all aunties and uncles. What kepoh stuff also buy. hahahaha

Since the hotel we booked only can check in at 3pm. We went to the Famous Coconut shake at around pantai klebang. Around petrol station there. As it was Friday that day they opened at around 2pm. We reached early and waited for a while like 5minutes. There were already people sitting there and waiting for them to open. After half hour people starting to come in. I kinda like the shake too. And the nasi lemak. Super nice i had Two packs. 

 Super yummy. Yum yum

After makan, we went back town to search for our hotel. Damn hard to search this hotel. You know why ????? Cause this hotel located INSIDE the mahkota hotel. DAFUQ. We din't know until we went down and ask the reception of the mahkota hotel. And we need to walk to another block to get there. (the GPS shows us the way to mahkota hotel) Than i called the company that i booked. A guy xxx bought us to our room. It was a TWO bedroom apartment. It seems that The Jetty suites had bought few rooms or maybe a block of it to rent out to people like us. My friend said that previously she had a night at the mahkota hotel. It was old and creepy hotel. But i told that it was new. We went in and check out. 

 And yes indeed it was newly refurbish and renovated nicely. We took the master bedroom with mahkota parade view. But there was thing that are still old. The toilet are old and so as the kitchen. 
 Look very peaceful
 Look. Two socket outlet.  lol
Second bedroom with toilet. 
 Living room with only a sofa.
 Kitchen that had a stove.

 Friday & Saturday the only two day that Jonker Street held night market. Art vendors to food vendors. And some show for old folks at the center stage. We bought everything that we want to eat that night and bought back to our hotel. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMY 

 End up can't really finish everything.

We really had a great night. We played SNAP !!! Super fun game lah with friends. We bought two poker cards over together and when the same number comes we SNAP on hand and hand. If the last one who snap on it , he/she lose ! We laughed and played like siaooooooo that night plus every loser gotta drink !

Morning about 10am++ we checked out. Headed to jonker street to have our lovely chicken rice. Chop Chung Wah. Nicest among all the chicken rice there. 

After that we went for pork satay then Nadeje. Back there when kl doesn't have nadeje. Oh yea gotta try their mushroom spagetti. Nice. Nothing to shout about Nadeje. It's as usual that nice and super many ppl Q for it. 

Bye <3 p="">

Morib Gold Coast Review.

Hello. Hope Someone's reading my blog. Since i'm so free i decided to blog about my morib gold coast 2days one night trip. As i see many people has been there before. And the rate of the hotel wasn't really expensive. We've booked a 3 room apartment at the price of 600++ for 5 persons including breakfast and waterpark entry. So , there were 6 of us. One of us gotta pay for the extra one but of cause we divide it together. Cut that shit. 

My baby Joanne came back from Oz for a month to celebrate CNY with everyone. So before CNY we gathered up for a small trip. 

I try to remember as much as i could cause this trip i went was before CNY 2013. About 12pm plus after fetching everyone yes i was driving o.O my dad's car for the convenience of the 6 of us. First stop we went to NSK kuchai lama to get some food for steamboat that night at morib. Super cheap ingredients they are selling. 
 Yay ~ Lays for me and popping up champagne for that night. if u can see it's just sparkling juice. hahaha
OTW to gold coast (morib) we dropped by at hulu langat for Brunch at the Couple Bridge if u know where. idk why they name it like that. The beach is ugly and the bridge too.
 A bit sick to see this. 
 First time ordered this ha gou. Prawn's paste. lol if u get what i'm saying. Quite nice.
 Super love xiong tong lala ~~
 Fried batter Squid.
 There's a shop that sells ikan masin. Their homemade Tomyam paste are super duper nice. 
 My love.
 In conjunction of CNY
 6 of us credit to the shop worker.
 After Brunch we find our way to the manufacturing factory of those keropok that made out of some potato. Sorry idk what that name called. Selling at super cheap prices. No pic tho. Erm you gotta pass through a kepala sawit field and factories. The keropok/chips that i'm talking about are those normally indian vendor sold on the street. Like nuts/chips and many other tidbits. Saw that grasshopper there ? Freak me out. Followed us through some distances haha
 Day one family baggage.
 After buying those chips. Totally no place to put.

At around 3pm we checked in. As i saw many bloggers filed complaint to them saying that they are slow in progress etc etc. Well i guess that i'm lucky that day. The staffs were okay and it took only less than 5 min to check in but some of the staffs doesn't know how to smile. 

 Our three room apartment.
Bedroom one. Small room but big cabinet.
What for setting up so big that cabinet.
 Spacious kitchen but no stove.

Okay there's things that i'm very unsatisfied about. THERE IS INSUFFICIENT OF ELECTRIC SOCKET.  Really. There's no extra socket for us to charge our phones. One room only one socket and that socket is for the lamps. Even the Living room too are the same. Thanks to my brother. He told me that there's only one socket outlet in a room but the room they stayed were one bedroom with jacuzzi. SO i saved everyone's life. No need to fight for it.  

 Master bedroom 
Joanne , Kah Sing & mee gee shared.
Sorry i din't upload that Second bedroom pic. Briefly explain to u all. It's a very very small room that only fits in a person and bed and a small cabinet. It's pretty creepy there and there's no air-cond most importantly. So my friend which is the only guy in this trip slept in this master bedroom with them by bringing the mattress in and put it beside the bed there. Their King Size bed super big. Can fit in 5 size of me in. But of cause u can't turn to sleep.

After checking out and rest a bit, we went to the waterpark. SUPER NOT WORTH IT IF U BUY WATERPARK ONLY. If i'm not wrong the rates are RM30-RM40 per adult. Nothing to play. Even if got things to play u need to wear swimsuit which malaysian normally doesn't practice. But i wore a bikini top and a shorts. They allowed me to sit the curl slide. The only thing that look challenging. But it disappoints me. Not nice at all. ZZZ Waste of money and time. Only suitable for Family with kids or couples that want to relax. 

Yay Superb. Dinner time ! Miss it so much. We also bought one carton of heineken with us. :D Love the prawns.

Prize of the day. Sliced abalone.

Me without any make up at far distance.
okay it's our second group picture.


Our balcony view. Our balcony super big one. But the view only so so. Can't even see the sea. Saw someone peeping through the balcony ? That guy was with another guy that night. Can't see any women. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 

Breakfast was so so only. Served quite a lot of choices. From nasi lemak to croissants. 

Our seaview blocked by this tent.

Checked out at around 9am. Headed back to the restaurant that we had brunch yesterday to buy the tomyam paste again. Cause at first idk that it was super nice. But then when we reached, that shop haven't open yet. So we went to the ling zhi farm. (mushroom farm)

Ling zhi farm.
A farm that grows mushroom that is edible and drinkable.We bought few boxes of it to bring it back to kl for our family. As they said some of it can prevent some diseases. 

End of Post.
Next up
Malacca !