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Monday, June 30, 2014


It's been few months that i din't update my blog. Been slacking on my bed every night watching the same movie. hhahaha. So the other day i saw (instagram) one of my friend dined in here eating live octopus. I gave it a try last 2 weeks with my sis and friends. It's a tiny shop located in one of the busiest street in solaris. Friday night and the place is packed with people. Lucky us there was 2 empty tables when we walked in. If not we have to Q up. 

The aquarium where they put live fishes seafood.

We ordered Plum wine (Rm25.00)
And the side dishes , we refill that potatoes and fermented cucumber dish for 5 times , then the lady boss came and tell us this is the last time for refill politely. You can't blame us for that much refill. We are all so hungry that time and the food haven't come yet.

Live moving octopus with sesame oil.
All i can taste is sesame oil. The freshness of the octopus is superb.

Sea penis they
This thing taste a lil bit of sweetness.
No fishy smell and it's chewy.
But it's kinda ugly to eat.

The waiter suggested us to have this fish egg soup.
The soup is fine.
Nothing special.

Fresh Halibut (haribut)
Taste abit like salmon but harder to eat.
Like many veins on it
I found it not bad but my sister said it tasted like rubber.

Lala panmee
Not memorable cause it's something that i could cook.
Just head to Daiso get some msg powder and their udon noodles.
The soup is very powdery cause i think they din't change their soup when the noodles is cooked.
Cooking in the same pot maybe.
Not worth for the price

Rice Ball.
Salty Seaweed and the rice inside were tasteless
You gotta dig in with seaweed to eat it.
Overall not bad cause i like the Japanese rice.

Alright ! And the last dish Salmon !
FREE !! Courtesy from boss
He saw us sitting there waiting impatient for our food to come.
And he came over and gave us a plate of salmon.

I dint like their fresh fish so much cause they serve us hot. I prefer to eat them cold. I feel it's a bit of weird to eat my salmon that way.
Food : 3/5 Come here for fresh and live seafood
Service : 5/5 good service from every single of the waiters and boss
Ambiance : 2/5 
This shop is like a place for friends to chill in , having some beer , chatting , eating live seafood. 
Just like the koreans except that we have hot weather here.