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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Today now .

While doing my assignment that means now, feel very boring and can't think of any points to write and i just need 2 more points to write. But i had totally no idea! aiks. nvm . blog now than think of it later. Just now i ate my dinner at 10pm. Wow. Can fill in my record book right. Its for my dinner not supper. lol . conversation:

My mum: Want to eat dinner a not ?
Me: yea.
My mum: Where ?
Me: don know . er. Ratha
My mum: don wan there . she ask dad. donno . than say 928
me:ok .

Than i call back and say :
Me: we all don want to go out eat, u ta pau
My mum: ok ..

Its like we waited for almost 1 and the 1/2 hour. = = . Damn hungry. lucky got sweet to eat.

Just now in the afternoon. While waiting for Le Anne to come , I saw an uncle about 75-80years old waiting for bus. So heart sore when i saw a bunch of girls, men, women and others dont even give a space for him to sit or maybe he don want to sit i don know. Another thing was when the bus arrived RAPID-KL. I know rapid=fast but please not as fast that. He wanted to sit on that bus but unfortunately by the time he picked up his things the bus had already gone. So heart sore when i saw this. The bus driver he is fast. He dint even want to bother the uncle but i don know where the driver dint see him or what but still i think bus should wait a while. Somemore the bus is meant for the 'orang kurang upaya' in english is 'human less capable' = = got this from caroline's friend. I think the ticket collector man or woman should help the uncle out. Seriously, if im not in the car, i will help the uncle out. I can't just stand at there. Once while im in form 4 or form 5, my sis and i helped an about 70years old aunty to 'climb' the steps and whenever im using the public transport and saw old man i will give my place to them. Im good huh but sometimes being good is bad for me. There are many liars out there now . So, i need to consider 1st before im doing it again. My back hurts :( sit too long.


saturday 27/6/09 jia hui's open house party

That Saturday, went to Jia hui's open house party. At her house craps until about 11something, if im not wrong than we went to the hill. Ouch . At the hill, i need to ease myself for the sick of 2times!! what the.. than went back to my home and ease..hehe^^lucky near. Thanks to tuck poh for fetching me 2 After that about 12something we went back to jia hui's house with zun and joesinn and friends. At there ate and drank 1can of carlsberg again . lol . total up 2cups and 3 or 4 cans. Vomited at the hill.. sorry .. i poluted u hill. :( Than at Jia hui's room chat until 2.30am.. !! crazy,, damn long dint go out till that late..some more not clubbing.! wasted. i should go clubbing. lol. Few pictures to see..For more can go to my FS or FB and see. Next post now ^^
love this ^^
actually i want to bring back de..don mind ok .. jia hui .. later i go get it XD
3 cute or crazy fellas..
yuck.. i vomited .. hehe..
the 3 transformer.
dear jia hui ^^
pretty Le Anne~~
Sweetheart Annie :)
Joanne Cutie pie :)
let us 'transformer' end my post


Friday, June 26, 2009


Which one nicer ?
Long hair or short hair.
Looks so weird long hair to me.


please R.I.P. MJ

Received a text message from mummy. Saying that Micheal Jackson has pass away. Please listen to and pay tribute to him. I was like OMG . Stunned for a while. King of Pop is dead. goshhh. While heading to fetch Le anne , i listen to hitz they said he pass away and broadcast his songs. Damn emotion , my tears rolled down again . Don know why i cant control it. Just feel like doesn't want anyone to be dead. I even cried a while because i read someone's blog saying that his father pass away . Believe a not your problem . Maybe its because lately i'm so stress. argghhh.. Feel like party whenever im stress .

Got this from Facebook .

On the Sad morning of June 25, 2009 Michael Jackson was discovered collapsed at his rental home in Los Angeles. 911 emergency services responded promptly at 12:21 pm Pacific time arriving at 12:30 pm to find Michael unconscious and not breathing. He was rushed to the UCLA Medical Center and after a brief slip into a coma Michael was pronounced dead at 2:26pm; the cause reported as cardiac arrest. THE Los Angeles Police Department has opened an investigation and an autopsy is scheduled for Friday, June 26, 2009.

Michael lived a very colourful life and during a short 50 years he made an indelible mark on the planet Earth. Whether or not you are a fan there is nobody who can deny his impact and the memory of him which will persist in all of us indefinitely. Spread the word of Michael Jackson's legacy and make sure everyone will always remember.

Please pay tribute to him.
May him R.I.P.

#Appreciate what you got now before its too late.
xoxo. love my parents & you guys.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

my marks & wednesday

Just now browse through the inti online. Got my 3rd assignment marks. So dissapointed that i only got 5.5 over 10 marks. T.T whats wrong with me lately. haiz . making me more sad & stress. Can i party tonight ? Nooooooo ! aiks. I want to PARTYYYYYYYY all night long. Haizzzz. but cant. sien.

Wednesday .
Went to QiQi's apartment and we swim at there :) fun :) for about half hour i think . That half hour enough to make me get darker . arhh.. nvm . lazy to write so much .since not many reader here. stop here .


: )

After pm. we went to college for a while . (jia hui, tuck poh, and chun yuen) . felt so cool, great inside tuck poh's car with the window opened and the music going on loud and speeding. uooo. . just like last time with my babes inside chee wai's car speeeeeddd and musicccc. need to thanks to Tuck poh that fetch us go and keep on NEXT. huu huu .. love tonight but not the day :(
next post.


today :(

feel so heart sore today :( at college . arghh . dont mention about it. lucky got my dear jia hui accompany for a while or not my day will be worse again like last time. i just think too much :( everytime also like this. why . whats wrong with me . huh ? arggghhhhh .woooo jia hui texts me now. go pm now . bye


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

my life. = =

boring boring boring

always do the same things on the same day : ( no fun at all

tell you about my busy boring life

Wake up at about 7am . After all the things settled goes to shop until 3pm. Fetch my sis to tuition than go to college. 6.15pm reach home after fetching Le anne back. Back home 1st thing to do is switch on the computer than only do the other things. About time i will sleep.

Wake up at 6.00am . Goes to college at around 6.45am (not sure cause i always late wake up) . Than back at 12pm . Reach shop around 12.30pm. After fetching Le Anne. Until 6.00pm go back home . Back home 1st thing to do is switch on the computer than only do the other things. than sleep.

Wake up at 7.00am = = i cant sleep that long. Its already usual that i will wake up by my ownself. No need to buy alarm clock ^^ .haha.. The longest time was 8.00 am = = . wake up 1st thing to do is switch on the computer than only do the other things. lol . Than about 9am go college. Than 6pm back home and Back home 1st thing to do is switch on the computer than only do the other things. = = sleep

Wake up at 7.00am . 1st thing to do is switch on the computer than only do the other things. about 9am go college. Than 2.30pm reach shop until 6pm back home. Back home 1st thing to do is switch on the computer than only do the other things. sleep = =

Wake up at 6.30am . class at 9.00am but we go early cause marketing class. - - weird huh . Scare no parking by the time i go there . Marketing's lecturer dont like we to be late. So go early. LAzy to go that early without anything to do. Than around 5.30 reach home. Back home 1st thing to do is switch on the computer than only do the other things. than sleep

Wake up at 7.00am . go to shop until 6.00pm than back. Back home 1st thing to do is switch on the computer than only do the other things.than sleep . saturday more boring. nothing to do. No one call me out at night - - so pity huh .

wake up at 7.00am . go to shop until 11.30am . Back home 1st thing to do is switch on the computer than only do the other things. sometimes got go out with family or siblings.

SEE, my boring life. always facing the computer . don know what to do . want to go out at night but no friends willing to . lazy to ask too. always ask say this say that. but sometimes i don wan to go its because of my mum . scare her dont like. she sure nag at me. bored. So stress lately. Want to go clubbing but mum . . . this thursday and friday got friends ask me to go but saturday need to attend jia hui open house's which i had already tell eu all who read my blog. i think nobody read my blog. T.T . She ask me to play until 1am . if friday go . saturday u don expect that i will attend lur..hehe. Tired dy. night


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

boring X3

Don know why the hell im not doing my assignment yet im that FREE. Ishhh. Damn lazy. Actually i did open it up and see through but i just don know what to write cause got many part. which to start ? and for example. Social . There are many types. what you want us to write about the social . Gosh . Headache. As i mention about it last last post which i expected that no one will read my blog. T.T i have 4 assignment to do. All haven start yet. Next week need to pass up the management assignment for the individual. Yet im still doing nothing and writing my blog now. Guys, i really feel that after starting my college life i have used a lot of money. My atm card left RM1 only. = = I cant control the usage. I buy watever i like . Mostly every wednesday we will go to sunway. Have our lunch, movies, karaoke and shoooppiingg. This cost me a lot all the time expect my purse run out of RMs. But not tomorrow. We are not going to there anymore : ) guess what we are going to do tomorrow. ^^ . sleepy . Good Night :)



I assume that you all know about the Seri Petaling's case. That perverted guy that took the bra and masterbate. I been wondering where the is he acting or insane. I don't think so that anyone normal would do that. He cant see any CCTV inside the house ? When he doing his business why he keep on looking else where ? Scare ? if scare than don't come out and do this. Why he would do this kind of things ? Can't he just find a prostitute for RM100 per night . That is absolutely normal for a SINGLE guy that need that so much . arghh .


happy Birthday

Happy birthday to Jason Mraz : )
Found out that there is about 30% who wished him are from Malaysia.
Just to wish him:)
Feel free to visit his blog at


Monday, June 22, 2009

port dickson

This post only contain pictures that i snapped during the half day trip to Port Dickson. Like it or not i already post. hehe
may i ?

sea :)
fishing rod
polution :(
im waiting for you. waiting for you.

happy father's day

Firstly, happy fathers day to every father out there : ) Yesterday went to PORT DICKSON. Went out from 4pm till 10pm. Visited the beach which was very dirty. I like the white sand : ) Than around 6pm. We went to several hotel to get something to eat , we even went to the Thistle hotel which is opened not long ago to see what buffet they have. There is one buffet dinner there but its not worth it. Rm80++ per person . Not many varieties and normal food that you can find it at any food court . The main point is no SUSHiiiiiii . If like this i prefer JOGOYA Rm88++ many varieties and got my fav. sushi. At last we dropped by at a seafood restaurant and have our dinner there. It was cheap. 6 person for only Rm 136.00. But seriously its not very nice and we need to eat with the 'water flies' surrounding us all the time . After that, we went back . We went to IOI mall and get the Celcom broadband . Saw See See , asked me where the want to go clubbing at Thursday a not wor. wanna go a not ? lol . Keep me partying till the AM . yea.. than later friday no need to attend school dy. Than someone called me to go at Friday and Saturday go Jia hui's open house. = = '' wah .. if i really attend this 3 days. you will see my vampire face at Sunday.

Thursday-bar ce (sure cant go)
Friday- bar ce (sure cant go)
Saturday- jia hui house until 1am (confirm dy)
Sunday- Ghost face ^^

I really want to go if i can either at Thursday or Friday but if i go i sure cant attend jia hui's . My mum sure kill me. hehe . Can i go next week ? anyone wanna go ? I want my babes . It wont be fun without my babes. My babes including Wei Khang . ^^ Only call me to go after u call my babes out if not no need to call me . My answer sure NO. sorry :(


where is my ROMEO ?


saturday 20/6/09

did nothing but SSing here and there. without make up.

all pictures without edit :(