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Monday, November 25, 2013

My 12steps make up

Step 1 : I would apply moisturizer (thin coat) then contact lens 
Step 2 : Primer > concealer from (the balm) not so useful , doesn't cover much and doesn't last long > foundation from Make up forever (no need to use powder also can) 
OR BB cream from ODBO korea then only concealer 
Step 3 : Powder finish. Silky minerals from Prestige
Step 4 : Apply Eye shadow from Urban Decay Naked 2
Step 5 : Then Eye liner from MAC 
Step 6 : Mascara from Maybelline (stiletto)
Step 7 : I will put fake eyelashes and then double eye lid sticker. 
Step 8 : Blush from Maybelline 
Step 9 : Bronzer from MAC . Check bone and nose
Step 10 : Eyebrow pencil from ZA 
Step 11 : Highlight (middle of the nose)
Step 12 : Lip balm or lip stick or lip gloss 

Really love this double eye lid cloth something like that.
Easy to apply.
Makes your eyes look bigger and cuter.

Walla Full make up.

Friday, November 22, 2013


You know , people will never appreciate what you did for them. They will only remember the bad things that u did to them. As always the good side of u will never be remembered. Sad isn't in terms of every perspective in our life. From selling to friends.

Jokes. I do not take jokes sometimes when i'm down. Jokes that i hear before so many times i certainly won't accept it. I have my anger too. Don't step over the border line. Sometimes i think that jokes could be real. Only that u're joking and i can't get angry on u.

WHAT YOU DON'T LIKE DOESN'T MEAN I LIKE IT TOO. Remember what i say today. If you don't like to do certain stuff i may don't like it too !!! I'm reminding myself too , don't overly do it.

Never Complain when people don't help u. It's your own fault when you're not there when they were in trouble. So , help others so others will help u in future. Never forget this !! And i know it's quite awkward to ask people for help. If i can choose i won't ask for help. It's like begging whenever i asked for help. Why ? sigh

Why always i'm the one who voice out first? why can't u ask me first ? If i don't ask you to go out , we never will go out is it ? WHY WHY WHY also from friends to the closest ones. haih

fucking forever alone

Thursday, November 21, 2013

James Bond Island

Third day in Phuket ! We went island hopping for the whole day. Went to the Famous James Bond island and some other island that i've forgotten. This trip isn't worth it. We din't snorkel due to bad weather and the water wasn't crystal clear as i expected. Plus i got sea sick. The trip is about sitting on a float boat just and There's a man will bring us to the cave and around it. 

 There's bats inside the cave flying around,

 James bond island x captain america's body and skin. LOL
 my macho dad.

 Whole family <3 p="">

Headed back to the hotel right after the non-worthy trip. Jumped into the pool and camwhored. The end. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Adele - Chasing Pavements

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pinto Coffee @ Janda Baik

Looking for some place to chill before heading up to Genting Highland ? There here lays a very cozy coffee shop. Greenery scene and windy all time. They serve all day breakfast too. 

My mum bought us here during hari raya. Wasn't much people. I literally think not many people knows about this place. It's in a secluded area. Drive along a two way narrow road which i think it's quite dangerous. Passes by a park and there's a sign to a homestay or motel something like that. Than up a hill and u will see this gorgeous looking wooden single storey building. That's what i could remember after few months.

It's kinda like self service here. Better to order at the counter. 

As you can see whole place is made out of wood. 

Complimentary snacks on wooden bowl.

I'm not a fan of coffee so i ordered a hot chocolate.
The price of it i could't remember but it's confirm less expensive compare to starbucks.

Yeap they serve cakes too.

This breakfast comes with a glass of orange juice

I really think it would be great to have a photoshoot here. There's a green field and a mini lake next to this coffee house. So we did took some photos outside.

3 of us and i don't care about my fat legs. lol

I look like i'm waiting for a bus to come eh.

So nice isn't. like i'm in korea. ;p
For address and details look up to their fb page.
Anyway anyone wanna bring me up again ? LOL
I can be your tour guide. ahhahaha

So after our brunch session we went up to genting.
So many people going up on that.
Well we got nothing to do there actually.
Snapped few pictures and get back to KL

Where they looking at ??

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thai Garden Village at Kepong.

Aka TGV.

Best Thai food so far i've eaten. Better then Hulu Langat's one. Introduced by my parents. We went there together after our half day genting trip. 

HD , mama didi papa

There is few private rooms where i got no chance to take picture of it. Good for birthday parties and gatherings and my mum said that there's karaoke for them in the room.
She went there before with her friends.

Signature dish flaming chicken. Can choose two diff flavors.

Seafood tomyam soup Yumsss


For chilli lover must order this ! FRESH PRAWN !
only topped with the spicy sauce. love it.
Eat it while the prawns are cold.
There were super fresh that day.

Garlic chilli sour fish. drooling !!
Who wanna accompany me to go Kepong and eat again ??
Will make a better review of it cause this was a month back.
Well i din't forget the taste of cause.
My first time eating freshly uncooked prawn.
It's normal prawn not those japanese sashimi fyi. lol