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Thursday, December 23, 2010


Everyone is on vacation starting from today.
My parents lah , my bf lah , my friends lah
Even my grandparents are going to Sg tmr.
Wtf ! Only me ! Can't go anywhere.
Need to work !!!
My Fb has flooded with vacations status !
UNFAIR !!!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bukit Tinggi Trip

Welcome to Japan :D hahaha

Went to Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya @
Bukit Tinggi on 11th & 12th of Dec.
Since it's like so near from my house, my bf promised that he'll reach my house at like 9am. Then he asked me to call him at 8am. I called. Than no one Answer . Call and call and call. Since no one is picking up the phone , i than took a bath and get myself ready for it. After bath, i called again. NO ONE ANSWER AGAIN. Therefore i called his Dad , Mum & His Sister. NO ONE ANSWER TOO ! What is more worse ? His mum and sis off their phones. Wtf Can't even get through them lor. I was so annoyed and i almost did want to throw my phone away ! But at last i din't :) Why am i so crazy ? This is because we might be late for the trip or meeting up his friends late. I don't want to miss a thing lor. Some more i Hate him late ! Always late ! He never come over on time :( so sick about that ! I hate people late unless it's me. Cont the story. So finally i called his dad again , this time luckily he picked up ! Yay , wtfomg finally he picked up ! I even text his friend to ask for his house number. But no he don't have it and he's in China . wtf .
1st : doing this fuck up face ! angry ! Grrrrr
2nd : Wtf . Jam everywhere.
3rd : I painted it my own :) hehe
4th : Jam till i no eyes to see.
1st : Finally we reached :) at almost 1pm.
2nd : Walking up to the Japanese Village.
3rd : Headed to the Japanese village to eat.
4th : Flowers with some bugs on it.
Saw a very Huge and long size Caterpillar !
Everyone checking out !
Camwhore session.
Breathtaking !!
At night , there were some fire performance.
I like this :) Taken using TX5 !
Cantiknya .. hehehe
I like this too .
Taken by my bf using Canon 500D 50mm lens.
Perfect man out of 5456421487874 shots.
Walked around and saw this.
It's swiftlets . So many !
I think it's horrible lor..
Their nest located inside the car park!
Was feeding this black Swan.
It come over to eat the food that i feed.
Whenever i captured the pic of it
using Flash , it will swim away.
Went up to the tower to get the perfect shots.
Not me. haha. it's Savio.
Nice ??
Bokeh ! Hearts. hehe
Christmas tree with lotsa love.hehe
Take one and conquer the world !!
Sony . Delighting u always.
TX5 bb here say Goodbye
Merry Christmas to all of u.
And for the Buddhist , Happy Tong Yuen festival.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas

to you out there who celebrates this
Special Day with your loves one.

But not me :( I would be alone. And i myself need to find some plans to do on that day. This Christmas Eve going to celebrate it with my relatives but not going to stay too long because i'm afraid of the dark. On Christmas day, might be hanging out with my babes or no. Sigh . Christmas day sure very pack. Hate it. Shopping malls pack also never mind , i hate it when i could't find a Car Park ! Like my bro, he went to Pyramid last Sunday , he spend just 40minutes to find a car park. I too had that experience. I spend 30minutes to find it ! Damn. Waste Fuel lor ! So should i just stay at home ? Wtf. Even my Sis got plans for Christmas.
Why i got no plans ? hmmm
Because my BF is going PD with his friends on 24th & 25th. Leaving me alone to celebrate Christmas :( Sigh . Some more my parents will leave Malaysia on 24th :( My friends ? One Word Lazy. I always asked them to hang out. They will reject. All not free or what. Well some are some not. Mostly reject lah. Sigh. Pity me right ? Ok ok . I think i'll treat Christmas as normal day like today. NORMAL ! Freaking normal lah. Christmas only wad. One year once, so what ??? wtf . Not that i never been alone before.

Unrelated blog post about my blog.
Last time i use to post about my Life , mostly Emo stuff. I don know why * * As time pass by , my blog becomes a Food blog , i talk more about food and with pictures of it and now lately with Address of the restaurant. Plus it's getting more. Still got about 5 Restaurants that i want to blog about. My life's post is like almost Zero post. No more Emo or Sad Post ! Did u realize ? Haha . might not lah but some of my real friends i think they realize about that because they read my blog since the day i blog ! They left me comments when i'm sad or sick (blog post). So Touch lor ! But since i started to blog about food , they seldom comment about it :( Sad
I think i should post food and about my life :) Although there's not much happenings in my life but i'll try to update about my life as much as i could ! Stop my emo stuff here :)
Thats all for now :)
everybody !

Monday, December 20, 2010

Taiji Eatery @ Bandar Puteri Puc

I told ya that i'll update.
Sunday Dim Sum at
Taiji Eatery @ Puteri Puc
Opposite Axian Dim Sum only.
Getting pack at 8.30am.
Range from RM2.50-RM6.00
Egg Tart.
@@ ?
Salad Prawn.
Maybe this is too good.
Cause when i wanted to eat.
Finishes off by my bro. wtf.
Yam ?

This is good.
I like it.
Fresh prawn !
I still find Axian's Seaweed dim sum is much more
better than many many other dim sum restaurant.

Siu long bao.
Cheaper then Axian by Rm0.50
The skin was too thick.
Not nice at all.
Fried 'wu tao'

I think Axian is still the best i had ever ate but they doesn't serve it hot like Taiji does. I think Dim Sum must be hot & fresh enough to serve to us..
(unrelated thing) Dim Sum it's like so expensive then many other breakfast we could eat. One Siu long bao can eat one bowl of mihun soup lor. Therefore being a picky or fussy eater should be pleased. We pay for what we eat !

Food : 2.5/5
Ambiance : 3.5/5
Service : 4/5 better then Axian's

Restoran Taiji Eatery
No 2, Jalan Puteri 2/3,
Bandar Puteri 47100.
Contact no : 016-3020032

Thursday, December 16, 2010

B*tches !!

Watch this when you're sad or emo or something !! Wtf !! Hahahahaha

Wtf !! I wanna kick his ass !! Lol ..
Good job Peter Chao for making me laugh . Wtf

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


*Hate my right eye*
Boring plus too many updates that i want to write but not this week because this Saturday i got exam. Wtf. Hate this exam so much and i haven't touch that book yet. Whatsoever.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Update again :) So hardworking man.. lol .. On leave today because i got 3 stuff to do. First one, be my friend's facial model as i told ya yesterday. Second , buy Jia hui and Ederick's present. Jia Hui , sigh , could't believe we bought u that. Wtf . You will shock !! Very regret we choose that as your birthday present. Please don't don't hate it. I know u will like don't like lol . Cause i can't accept that lor. Omgwtf . hehe . And and , i meet my ex-college mate. Hehe Yumi !! She damn slim and leng now :) Keep on the hard work but must take care of yourself.

Kinda nice right with this red-orangee lipstick from Cybercolor (dual purpose). hehe. Kinda love it. Better then my red lipstick from Revlon. The quality sucks. (Too glossy). After finish the facial session which includes waxing on the armpit & leg. Wtf lor. Only can wax one side ! The other side we eat our own !! zzz Thus, while waiting for Annie , i went to Pyramid and do the other side waxing. Cost RM15. They said can last quite long like 1 month (depends on how fast your hair grow). If really can last one month i tell u girls where to do. Wtf . Can stand one month without plucking or shaving. So easy !!
It's me, Annie & Yumi babe !! Playing in Kitschen. See i buy again ! Bought 3 tops today. and.......(scroll down).........................................TADAA AAA AAAA !!!
It's MAC tartan theme eyeshadow which cost me big bucks !! Guess how much. Aiks. Who ask me to love their product ? This palette comes with 6 shadows. Natural color. Brown shades.
So class !! Lol
Looks like my Kate brown Palette lor.. I din't try when i buy this. See the color so nice.. lol
FINALLY !! They got stock !! I went in thrice , they always say no stock no stock. Gonna buy matte eyeshadow soon but only 1 color lah.. That sales person say can use as eye brow color. So good !! But insufficient money so can't get it now. That's all for today. Wanna sleep for tomorrow's trip :) Good night ~

Thursday, December 9, 2010

i like to spend on what i want :(

What's your spending habit like ? Every month need to shop to satisfy yourself ? I fail in controlling my spending habits. I like to buy useless stuff. That's all i want but not need. What i really need is nothing , seriously. I got all the things that i wanted but i can't satisfy myself so i keep on buy buy buy until my bank gone zero. Not zero now , i'm aiming for a luxury bag. Well , i think , once in a life time , where you can have the ability to buy it , you should buy one. That's what i think . Sometimes i wanna kill myself for being regret for what i had use or buy unnecessary stuff. These below are what i had bought this two months. And yet , there were more that I din't post.
Pedicure @ Sunway , RM53.00
Love being pampered , i enjoyed :) And this last for only 4 DAYS ! FML . Because after this , i Gotta wash it off ! Whole thing !! Because i'm helping my friend to be her facial model. That includes pedicure , manicure , facial , waxing. Facial and Waxing , i never do it before. Okay , i'm the one who promised her and i shout like a stupid here ? hehehe . I pity my money , RM53 . damn. fuck. But my friend promised that she will help me to color it back .. hmmm .. Seriously i dislike this color -_____- That shop (where i did my pedicure at) it's too dim. Therefore , the color i saw , it's like Red pink . Than after the session , i was kinda shock. It's fucking Pink. FML.
RM9.90 each @ Beauty Credit.
RM5 each @ Elianto.
Actually i was looking for Sally Hansen's nail color. But they discontinued in Watsons. Therefore , i buy it here. Hoping it will last long but that promoter said it won't and it only last for 1 week. wtf. meh
Ipanema @ beside Studio R. RM35.90
New shop (feature at TheStar paper today)
I planned to buy Crocs actually. But due to their services were bad , (no one serve despite only 1 customer) I wanted to buy a really durable yet stylish sandal. Crocs don't have . Mad ugly their style. Plus their services sucks (狗眼看人低) i don know how to say it in English. Biasa lah .. we low class people can't afford to buy Crocs sandal. Whatsoever. An unrelated 狗眼看人低 case, last Sunday i went into LongChamp with my friends. There were no customers there when we stepped in. (Those staff there were chatting & kepoh-ing) Din't even wanna bother us. Then after few minutes , some aunty using LV bag came in , those staff there greeted Good Afternoon. WOW , What this means ? I don't fucking understand why on earth those people act like that ! If you fucking bring your parents there , those staff will act like a DOG , serves you better. If you're with your friends especially me , wearing cheap attire , They fuck u also gila. (That's what my friend told me when she asked about the Coach bag , the staff din't even want to speak to her until her father came in and say that bag nice. Then that staff acted like a Dog follow u here there) Sigh . People like me can't buy branded bags ? I want to buy but your fucking attitude made me think twice whether i should buy a not . Fuck you people who uses 狗眼看人低 this attitude to work . One more thing , you're just a Worker there. Idiot.
Gucci Envy me @ RM167.
Wtf , this cologne kills me 99 . I like it so much. That day we were buying present for my friend. Tried tons of perfume and cologne , then i smelt this. Wow ! I totally in love with it ! Love at first sight :) I bought it back ~
Eye make up remover & Mascara from
Majolica Majorca.
I hope they never disappoints me. Haven't try it yet. Bought it yesterday at Watsons. Never like to buy cosmetics there cause no sales persons to recommend products . Sasa never sell this brand. Force to go Watsons if not i can gain my RM80 chop :( wasted.
Lace singlet @ RM15
Cheap mad ! Bought it at Sg. Wang. Behind of this singlet is laces , look very sexy. Lol , i thought i will dare to wear it out then i saw some girls wear it. Looked quite 'lala'. Still thinking where i should wear it. Hmmm
This Jacket from Uniqlo @ RM79.90
This is awesome ! I love the quality although it's made in China. Nice and Comfy ! One word Best!
I deleted my heels picture :( Maybe next time
Good Night