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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kissaten , IOI Boulevard

Saw bloggers reviewing Kissaten long time ago. So i decided to give it a try. Well, Quite disappointing for me. Not service , not environment but the food.

The Menu.
Looking dull and old.
The environment.
I like it.
There are long tables to fit in big family or friends.
I'm sitting on the cushion part.
Normal Green Tea which
you can get in supermarket or shojikya at RM19.90 * 50s
The PRICE of this tea is ridiculous !!
Other diners only sell RM2 maximum !
***This cup of green tea doesn't state inside their MENU***
They only written there RM8.90 for one teapot of green tea
which my friend and me decided not to share.
Khor's Mushroom Soup RM6.90
The amount was very unreasonable for this price.
My friend found it quite tasteless.
Dear Jia Hui's Pasta.
The Egg yolk was very cold.
She gave it to me because she don't eat egg.
I ate it and i regretted because the egg is for her hot pasta.
I was like eating it RAW !!!
(it's cooked but Cold)

Do you know why i will choose this.
Been reading too many cheesie's post.
Her fav food is Mentaiko.
But this Mentaiko just disappoints me.
It was SO SALTY !
Like the salt no need money to buy. wtf.
Not just mine , my friend's one too.
Both of us has been complaining throughout the dinner.
Hate the olives.
I like the textures of the spaghetti.
Perfectly cook but the sauce need some improvement.
Next time go there must tell them
less SALT please.

D-G-57 & 58, Block D ,
IOI Boulevard.
Contact : 8070 6307

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hello people

Just happen to come back from Maison.
In case if you don know what's the time now.
It's 4.12am and i not sure whether i should sleep anot
cause later 7am need to wake up !
Few hours to go ! zzzzzzzzz

My outfit and make up of the day.
Should blog about it next time :)
Gonna remove make up now
Good night :D

Friday, July 22, 2011

Capricciosa Pastas & Pizzas

Went to watch Transformer last two weeks. I will give three stars out of five because i kinda dislike Sam's Gf. Prefer Megan Fox to lead that role.
Had dinner with bf at Capricciosa Pastas & Pizzas (Sunway). This was the second time i dined-in there , previously i went there with my friends. That time i had the squid ink pasta. Fould it interesting to eat.. hehe .. after i ate it right , my whole mouth and teeth become black in color. So fun >.< Their pizzas were quite nice & in reasonable price too. Therefore that makes me come back again because it was seriously good. But now , they broken my heart. Because i ordered their special hand made pasta. Taste like PAN-MEE. Scroll down for more..

Absolutely ZERO make up.
Not many choices to choose.
Our movie ticket.
Look at that "GENEROUS" amount of beef. wtf
Quite nice lah but not nicer then bukit tinggi's one.
*Forget ady*
Okay my so called pasta.
I might be from KAMPUNG never taste
hand made pasta before.
But i really like the broth.
So chinese style.
The mussels not so fresh.
Guess how much i gotta pay for this pan mee ?
RM20-RM25 wtf.
Fried calamari.
Not so nice , too much flour.

Sunway Pyramid
Bandar Sunway,
Selangor, Malaysia.
*Beside Hart's chicken buffet* New Wing

Other then eating and movie
Went there to redeem my free gift from SASA.
Pssst : Try to ask other gifts if you dislike the first gift.
Cause they got at least 2 choices to choose :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Gucci Flora

Really like this perfume from Gucci-Flora.
And seriously like this picture too !
This is me without putting fake eyelashes.
Will apply this make up for normal outings
because it's easy and nice although it is
quite obvious showing my eyes one big one small.
So practice practice practice is all i need !
Make up i'm using :
BB cream - The odbo (google it) from korea.
Mineral powder - Prestige MF-02 Sheer Fair
Eyebrow - ZA BR21
Eye shadow - Majolica majorca GD822 gold color
Liquid eyeliner - Dollywink
Blush - Ianti
Lip - Vaseline

Good night :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie

This blogpost contains 3 venues , Sushi Zanmai , Chatime & Levain.
Went to KL last 2 months to collect my free movie passes from Nuffnang which i had shouted it out 2 months ago if you notice :) Luckily i know where's Maison if not i won't be able to get there and also without my friend's help , i think i could't collect it. The stupid GPS that i got was Faulty or you can said i'm a noob in using GPS or the GPS isn't friendly at all ! So we end up threw it away ! ( just joking ). So we got down from Maison and walk to a tall building and we found it finally. Nuffnang's staff are all friendly :) No joking !

That's me with the passes X4

After collecting the passes , we went to Fahrenheit 88 to have our brunch , as usual , Sushi Zanmai is our choice because the food were nice and cheap and good service too (see which outlet and what time)
Green Tea is good for Digestion.
My dear's Fav.
Salmon Don. Rm10.90
Soft Shell Crab maki. RM7.80
Egg maki. RM1.90
Me and my dear's fav.
Beef udon. RM10.90
Every time when we're here , both of us would order Beef Udon to eat :) And some other side dishes too. Every time we would complain full full full but we like too order many = = keji betul !
My 'many' is not big for you but it's a big portion for me. So don't criticize. Thanks . hahaha.
After sushi , we went to Pavilion for Chatime which we waited for 20minutes for this. Why people so addicted with it ?

Had Green Tea :D Quite nice.
After spending some time in Chatime and the time is running out because we want to skip the massive jam in KL. So we rushed to Levain , and this was the first time we went there so we don't know the road = = But end up we found it. Really like the environment there. But hard to find parking inside , therefore we parked beside the road. Next to it was a really nice well designed Japanese Restaurant and based on my observation i knew it is a very very expensive restaurant. Hmmmm.
That's me :)
The entrance.
Din't get to capture the pictures of the interior. *shy*. Okay , it's quite confusing to order. There's no menu there , we need see the list from the blackboard. Left hand side were breads and pastries which we choose and take and pay it in the counter (like normal bread shop). Then right hand side were the side we can get pralines and chocolates , the tables and chairs are behind them. Behind the counter are macaroons and cakes. I said it's confusing to order is because there's no instructions no nothing , and you see i'm an asshole that doesn't know how to ask*shy*. And they should have place a board there , 'choose macaroons and cakes here'.
My choco drink.
I found it quite tasteless. RM7.50
Babe's cake.
Din't try.
RM3.00 per pcs with purchase of 10pcs above.
Not many choices to choose like
they shows what is in the website.
I like their macaroons :)
Tea time = RM73.70 for 3 person.
Expensive then our brunch. wtf.
But we pay for what we eat :)
Khor :)
My dear <3
Pretty betul !

Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie
Address : No. 7, Jalan Delima, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

After that , we head back to our house and on the way , i saw my dream car. Right after we passed Porsche retailers. It's Cayenne baby :) I like it with turbo .. hahahah .. Let me dream !!
Porsche Cayenne <3
This This This , u u u know what ?????
It's Jay Chou and Nic Tse working on their new movie !!
WTF I saw Nic acting there.
From far away. I know its him*wink*
Btw they went back to HK and Taiwan now :)
Picture of that day :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Birthday :D

This post should have posted at the month of May. Yes yes. I'm lazy. Who cares ? lol I din't really had fun on my Birthday because of some problem. *secret* So i din't really did a post about it. Bla bla bla. I had a birthday steamboat in my own house. Which i indeed really regret to do that. So no more next time except i change my mind. After the steamboat *unhappy one*, my bf bring me to TS cause i wanted to buy my birthday present. No surprise right ? I get to choose my own birthday present. lol . I Don't really know what i want that time = = i tot i could grab some make up , clothes , heels and etc but end up NO !

That's me, figuring what to wear.
Their menu.
Nice cup !

Ok .. You gotta pay RM500 for this ugly menu if u want.
I ordered a Sashimi , Tempura set.
The prices are very expensive compared to
Zanmai or Sakae.
But i really like the tempura.
Others taste like normal.
Nicest tempura i ever taste.
They serve it cold.
Real cold !
Beef udon.
Zanmai is better ! Much more !

The services there were great. But it's too expensive for normal average person like me. Not worth for a try and i don't get it special for my birthday :( *ok ... no one to blame , cause i choose myself.
After Brunch, walked around with him. And i wanted to buy a CR bag cause i've got RM100 discount. So why not ? Haha.. I got this bag for myself which i din't really use it now. Find it very hard to carry. I like mng more :) Than he got me GC. *many stories behind , lazy to write. ;p
Discounted bag*
What a grab !
Lastly , thanks to my friends who paid me for this !
We get to choose our present :D

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Been drinking a lot lately.
And now , hangover happen to me.
I've been hangover for 2 days.
FML ! Hate it u know ??
How suffer it is !!
Hope i'll recover by tomorrow.
Ate/drank lotsa medicine also no use !

Mist on Friday night :)
Credit to my babe Jiahui who helped me touch up
my make up :)
It's me and my Honey bee Jia hui <3
Honey bee Annie :)
Three of us looking good !
Oh yea..
Annie said she doesn't need make up to kill boys..
JK Jk .. I made that up :P
She din't put on make up that day..
thumbs up for her !
Good night :)
Pray for my health !