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Saturday, June 30, 2012


Give me a freaking bed and i will sleep like i never sleeeeeeeeeeeep before!! Arghhhhhhh tired like shit!


It's 3am and i can't sleep.
Came back from Genting an hour plus ago.
Can't fall into sleep and idk why.
INSOMNIA and iknowit.
Let me sleep please.
Gotta wake at 7am -.-
Tried 2 attempts to sleep but ended up
at here updating short post.

Oknao. try sleep.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Taiwan Day 4 Kenting-Ximending

It's DAY 4 . Back to Taipei
We only spend one night in kenting
which i think it isn't enough at all.
And we live far apart from the main city
but because of the cheap room so yeah.
MYR33 per night per person only.
Nice environment.

Woke up earlier than the others as usual.
Went out to take a deep breathe 
and chat with the co-boss there.
While online. haaha
wifi available at outside our room.
Chat like about 15-20 minutes.
He was super duper friendly although
my mandarin (oral) sucks like shit.
Luckily he can bear with me -.-
if me , i will runaway . wtf
We talked like lots of things !
About taiwan , malaysia, safety and shits.
Had a real great time chatting with him
although we could't really understand each other.

I was learned that this place was designed by his brother.
Homey feel 
 Went to 7/11 again to eat !
Met a owner with husky
Took advantage of him !
He doesn't like to camwhore at all T.T
The owner is in the pic too !

 Had cheese rice as breakfast
Nice but i din't finish all because
i'm full after few scoops -.-
 head to the train station 
and sat the bullet train again.
Bullet train fucking expensive ok -.- 
Had late lunch the yucky noodle that i 
can't accept the taste.
Had 2 scoops and enough !
Buffet dinner at like RM50 per person
Beef , pork , etc
Haagen daz ice creams.
WTF ??? damn shok 
but i din't drink -.-
Anyway that's all  for day 4

Monday, June 25, 2012

Good night loves <3

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Taiwan Day 3 Kenting

Day 3 as i promised .
At kenting :) stayed only one night.
And our hostel far away from the town.
But cheap price !

 After breakfast , we went to the bus station.
Instead of bus we go by Van because van
eventually cheaper then bus.
 Reached there in the afternoon
but due to the rainy weather it look like evening already.
We still go out despite raining cause we stay only one day :(
 i feel like im the movie
that yan chen ling movie
huan huan ai
 beef noodles 
and taiwan famous brand drink
damn nice ok
hope they sells at here 

they u something i can only see one chatime in taiwan
which is at here
never see any other places even in the city.
So i think ... ek hmmm 
 headed to the beach after lunch.
Where is the sun .. damn

BANANA BOAT and the other thing which
u need to hold all the way through if
not it will fly u out.

Banana boat was okay..
The other one , i was flung out from it
my private part was so pain
and i can't really move.
And it was so scary -.- idk why
and at last i din't follow them play
end up with the guide. cutieeeeee
 flat betul :(

Went to another beach which is not worth it to go at all

had our meal here 
fresh seaweed soup....
after dinner went to the night market.
supper and realize im not really into drinking 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Freaking headache 
Plan to write part 3 but too tired to do it.
So yeah .. tmr or tmr ! :D

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Most suffering day

It was last Sunday, my first day of period. It was not the first time i got stomach pain but several times these years starting at the age of 20. But those pain are bearable. This time after i had my nasi lemak from jalan imbi as my breakfast, i started to felt pain all through my stomach. Thus i asked my lil bro (elder bro dint came to work) to buy the pink panadol which is only for pms use. Ate 2 tablets of it and no use at all!  I felt like I'm dying i think it was much more worse from dying!!  Unbearable pain!  Sleep can't sit can't!  A little bit of cold also can't!  Vomitted four times! first i vomitted water,  water and then some rice and at last all rice. Whenever i drink water, i will vomit it out. After vomiting i felt much better. I donno how to describe the pain. Its nothing u can do to make it feel better. This pain had gone me nuts for about 2 hours.  Therefore i think its either the period gone me crazy or the dirty nasi lemak. Mum said i had wind inside. Sigh .. hope this won't happen to me anymore.

Truly pain.


Been spending too much lately. Owe people money. Thinking of doing some small business but no idea what to do and use what capital to start up. Don't you think that being a grown up is annoying?  Have you think of how your future will be?

Sigh sigh sigh

Dear god, 
Give me luck
Love sarah

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Taiwan Day2 - Biggest temple

 Promised u for Day 2 today.
There it is.
Hope someone are seeing this T.T
Or else my effort :( 

Hotel included breakfast so yeah.
Pork burger with egg and choice of your drink.
No milo , no coffee but milk tea or coke or iced lemon tea.
I cannot stand how their drink are all sweet and not healthy

Headed to the biggest chinese temple in taiwan.
Still under renovation.

Can u see how huge is it ?
And all the pagoda resemble something.
Can go in and see one
Din't really walk to the top because my friends all been to there
Taiwan dark choco.
Not a fan of dark choco

Than , we went to another temple next to it.
About 2-3minutes with the free shuttle car.
Not much of people because people rather visit the
other big new temple than this old temple.
But this temple are also very huge.
We din't really walk through everywhere.
And it was raining , therefore it's hard.
Three of us went only because
as u can read just now , my friends had already visited.
Nice right ? Like i'm in the dynasty chinese movie something.
Went into the museum and saw this big ball
with folded paper bird for wishes
and this is from Malaysia :)
After that , we went back to the new temple and
had a starbuck . Strawberry something
Not nice pun

After few hours , we took a cab and head to
somewhere i forget the name.
I think we went to the train station.
Bought this cold mee from 7/11
Not so nice only. Cold and abit sweet.
Reached our destination and find some famous snack to eat
which is also located at night market.
Rolled up prawn and donno what thing.
A pinball machine
Can u fucking see that ?????
Anyone watched why why love before ?
Damn they shoot the movie here.
Fuck damn i never think i can too come here.
wtf excited sial
Spot gucci !
Friendly staff !
They never look down u not like malaysia's ! 
(i mean visit without buying anything)


Using mobile to on.

Easier way for me to update blog using mobile...hehe But tthat's all for now Bye

Monday, June 18, 2012

Taiwan Day 1

My 9 days 8 nights Taiwan trip.
As you can see obviously we flew there by AIRASIA.
7guys 2
6 not so close with me. worse ? yes
1# Had nasi lemak pak nasser.  don't mention about it.
Look at the beautiful sky.
I wanna touch the clouds !
Can u see snowflakes ?
Seriously i can ! Am damn happy to see it.
Really nice !

After 4hours plus.
We reached Taoyuan airport.
Took a bus to high speed train.

MYR150++ for a SEAT ! damn expensive !
but it's fast ! damn fast ! 
You can eat , sleep inside.
 reach after about 2hours at kaohshiung. 
 don so happy yet cause we haven't reach yet.
Came to the wrong place and gotta take MRT/LRT
whatsoever to our hotel.
Walked like about 10-15minutes to our hotel from the station.
Damn this trip is about walking

After checking in , we went to the nearest PASAR MALAM.
It looked nothing like HATYAI's pasar malam
(lee garden there)
except there's not so many tall building surrounding it.
No picture sorry.
And as u can see , i'm a banana.
I donno how to read mandarin
so i can't tell u what pm we been to. 

So we had this really mini mihun
 Can u see how mini is it ?
Not so nice but acceptable.
 EVEN our chair and table are mini.
So cute
 pork internal organs they sell.

After this we went back to hotel and
there're so many 7 eleven there.
i like to visit their 7 eleven because 
they got everything we don't have !
HELLO KITTY merchandise
sushi , bento , etc !
damn fucking awesome u know !
One of the thing malaysia don have
 can add mee tim.

I think in this world , malaysia's 7 11 are
the worse. Only got nasi lemak , mee and
some cold fish balls. zzz
Why u no awesome ?
I want sushi can ?
Part two tomorrow

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Caroline's Twenty one

My GREAT GREAT GREAT bestie from
Primary School !
ALMOST 11 Years !
Best Girl Friend ever !! 
But we din't went secondary and college together.
Merely keep in touch but yes !
I still love her !
Thanks to her friendliness !
HER fucking grand cake.
 Bf and me and her !
 After her birthday party we went to G6 
Second round !
 stupid look
inside my friend's new VW 
Comfy chair. . hahaha
 Louis like a lou sai !
 drunkers ... lol 

Had a great night knowing new friends.
Happpy Twenty One babeeeee
Stay pretty ! 

**Fyi mentioning the word Fucking ain't rude to me. That's the way i feel excited for it.