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Saturday, June 26, 2010


Last post i said i wanna post about Bokeh !
Here it is.
This Bokeh pictures is actually inspired by
She did it and i found it pretty awesome.
So i clicked this link in her blog
Teaches how to diy bokeh.
I did it cause i got the 50mm lens that
my bf gave me ~ Hearts it ~
Yyes i failed ! !
Than I seek my bf's help.
He's more good on doing this electronic thingy.
And i don't pay attention on it. lol .
Or maybe the english is just too deep.
I don't effing understand. !
Credit to my bf who did it !
He teaches me how it works
and so on ~

Gadget : 50mm lens F1.8
Paper & tape.
Cut the paper any shape u want.
My heart shape so effing ugly = =
Im not good in art la..
My first captured pic.

With my bf's help.
No lights in my house, just so so ...

Too near.

Finally ~
Isn't amazing ? lol
love it so much la..

isn't it prettttty ??

Suka sia ~~

All my hearts for my bf !

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2009, randomness

Actually i wanna post about this word
end up posting my old pictures
cause i want to make this compete word more
interesting i find some pictures to post.
Than i saw my 2009 me pictures..
So i wanna share it out !

At Fraser Hill with family outings ~
Without front hair/fringe

1st time i did manicure !
Love the feeling being pampered~!
wohhhoooo !
Cost me RM40
Next time i should do it when my
nails are all long ~

I use to love this formal shirt.
where i can wear for outings ~

I effing love this picture
last year & idk why -____-

Im getting older now & FATTER !

What should i post about compete ?
Don't compete too much in life.
I like to have what people got.
Who doesn't ?
But one thing .
What u have doesn't means she got too.
Compete = envy
So u compete means u're envy.

Oh yeaa !
Next post
BOKEH ~ inspired by Xia xue's post..
Photos ~

Saturday, June 19, 2010

KONAPUN kitchen toys

Japanese are so amazing !
is a toy that can produce
many realistic foooooods !
Burgers, sushi , cake, tarts, ice creams
and many more!
I wish i got these too
They are selling it at Ebay
Enjoy peeps
Remember to watch ~
Lotsa video of it at youtube ~
oh yeaa..
Its not edible !

Thursday, June 17, 2010


World cup's here finally !

























Thought that i like football?
See this la !
Why ?
1 : My bf put more time in it more than me !
2 : My bf put more effort on it like driving out just to watch it !
3 : Waste money & strength to watch cause almost
all the games starts very late !
I seen many girls like football too .

Before World Cup arrive
i use to be a very happy girl like this

Than one day when i know World cup is coming
I started to change.
EMO expression !

Than , World cup is here !
I become a very Hateful girl
LIke this !

I use to like football when im a kid
cause i like David Beckham !
As i grow older like 12, i got no interest anymore
cause i found David got a wife and kids.
WHoaaahhhhhhhhh !
Than since 2010's world cup's here

I HATE IT cause

my bf loves it more than me !
So its like he's here but not here .

FYI, this's a joke but i seriously don't like football.
And i do let my bf watch football

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bieber & Kim ?

Justin Bieber & Kim Kardashian together ?
Paparazzi spotted them holding hands
in the Bahamas beach.
They claimed that they were doing their job.

Bieber uploaded a pic at Twitter
and tweeted
Look its my girlfriend
Kim Kardashian.

Don know these rumors is true a not.
But seriously i don't agree
they get together cause
its like Sister bringing Brother out !
A 29 and 16years old ?
Freak me out !

But who know's that they really love each other ?

*****I'm not in the Bieber Fever list*****

Monday, June 14, 2010

How to make cheap food at home.

How to make cheap food at home.
Why i blog about this ?
The other day i was checking
how to make ........ i forgot.
Than i come across a website
that posted almost same like my title
But i forget which website.
All words, and in the end they din't teach anything
Just convince us to eat at home
cause it's cheap and healthy than outside foods.

First thing come on my mind was MAGGI
Cheap and fast.
It's like within 5 minutes.
It's done and can be served.

All descriptions are based on lower picture.
Look, All major shops like
Giant, Tesco, markets, and etc
are all selling Maggi mee.
All types of maggi.
Depends on what flavor u wanna eat.
Tomyam ?
Chicken ?
Korean kimchi ?
Laksa ?
Curry ?
and many more.

Feel very boring with just maggi ?
Add on some egg

Add on some fish ball too

Craving for meat suddenly ?
Add sliced sausage

So if u want to be healthier.
So now u'll get half unhealthy and half healthy
for eating vegetables.
RM1.00 for a packet of Maggi.
RM 0.50 for fish balls x2pcs.
RM1.00 for sausage X1pcs.
RM0.50 for vege.
Isn't cheap ?

I think that if i add more RM1
i can purchase a mihun soup or wan tan mee
at outside.
Not need to hassle so much..

This is a picture of cooked maggi
with broccoli with eggs and tomatoes.

All picture are grab from Google.

Support this campaign peeps.
Thanks for reading and support :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Water Moments

Introducing the
World's Slimmest Waterproof Camera
Sony TX5
10.2 mega pixel.
It's also Shockproof,
Dust proof , Temperature proof
and etc.
Not only those benefits
it's also Stylish.
Comes with five colors
Red , pink , green , silver and black.

This is what we can do with waterproof camera.
We can capture pictures underwater
without spending money on casing.

My water moments
with my friends !
The first time i went to Lagoon with my friends.
So damn HAPPY !
Few years back , with my college mates.
Miss them so much !
These pictures is captured
by my friend's camera.
How can we not bring a waterproof camera
when there's water sport event ?

(Upper picture)
If this picture is captured with Sony TX5
we can use the panoramic function
which we could captured everyone standing nicely in one shot.
and we would easily captured whole scenery in one shot too.

It's not necessary for us just to capture picture
underwater using TX5 , we too can
capture whatever form we want.
Like on the ground playing with friends and family.

Hand's shaking all the time
want to capture kids pictures ?
With the Anti motion blur function
we could easily capture nice and perfect pictures
of everyone !

(Upper picture)
How good if we're using TX5.
We will get picture perfect
cause TX5 gives us Natural & vibrant image
with Bionz Image Processing Engine.
What's that ?
Help us lower the noise level and achieves high accuracy
in auto-focusing, exposure auto correction and
auto white balancing.
in any environment !

Scare your little bro use your camera ?
No need to scare if u're using TX5
Cause it's Shock Proof !
Allows us to drop it within 1.5m.
Now u can borrow everyone without
hesitations .

What can you do in 1 second ?
Nothing !
But with Sony TX5,
We can take 10 photos in one second !
How cool is it ?
We can't even do a thing in 1 Second !

Want to capture perfect picture in low light environments ?
With Hanheld Twilight mode,
the pictures is more nicer and clearer .
Without using a Tripod we can easily
enjoy taking pictures at low light places.
And also we doesn't need to bring many stuff
to capture low light environment.
Just bring Sony TX5 will do the job !

Last but not least.
We can bring TX5 everyday , anywhere , any time
without hesitating !
Cause it's small and light !
The appearance is 100% trendy and stylish.
We can enjoy multi function camera
in this small lil camera.

Retail Price at
For more please check this out


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tiger dog ?

I would like you all to meet
Tiger Dog.

From far u'll see a tiger coming.
Will you laugh if it's actually a dog ??
This is what China people did to their dogs.
Dyed their hairs instead of just groom & wash.
Too rich huh ?
After that they will,
bring it to the dog parade.
and exhibit it.

Aren't this panda dogs cuteeeeeee?
They look so alike like a panda !
When their young.
Scroll down to see when they grow older.

Breed : Chao chao.
The tongue color is purplish plus lil blackish.

Interesting ? Like it ? Want it for your pet ?
I think it's abusing pet's right.
Although its not in the act.
I think they should be what they're
and not like this.
How do u know that 'they'
like to dye their fur ?
Got side effect like human's dye their hair ?

Lastly one question for China men.
Panda dog , Tiger dog and what's next ?
Huh ?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Wesak Day's post.
Off that day.
Nothing special cause someone's drunk
and i'm fu mad!
Went to IOI mall to watch
Prince of the Persia.
Nice :)
Than went to Sakae Sushi to have our High-Tea.
Around 5pm went back to home.
Mum said wanna go Shogun eat
Hello I just had Sushi.
1689754321564878786 times full !
Give me 2 hours to digest
luckily we dint eat like never eat before
at Sakae if not we won't be able to go
Shogun = =

Hello BB Max ~ love u ~ kekeke

Upper deck from Sakae,
They changed new menu.
My favorite Salmon Don no more !
Lower deck is Shogun's.
So many people like no need money = =
Some more they charged extra on public holiday !
Look idk why the hell i effing like
RAW SALMON so much !!!!!
My favorite among sushi !!!
I can eat like nobody's business. keke.
My brothers, elder and younger both
ate RAW OYSTERS like nobody business !!
I hate the smell.
Vomit !!
Smelly dou sei..
Its me :0
Criticism on myself
Big dark circles under my eyes !
Short hair
Big tummy !!! followed me for 18years
Huge arm!!
Huge size HIPs !!!
Huge thighs !!!
Fuck ! i hate my hips !!! Its so huge !!
Damn and my a** !!!
All so huge !!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Hello fellow readers ~
Its time to reveal my new hairstyle look.
It's nothing special actually.
Hmmm .
Its just shorter and childish.
To make this post more funny
i had edited few pictures of mine
using PhotoScape.
I don know how to use photoshop
and do not own it cause its too expensive.
PhotoScape is freeeeee.
And i love free stuff.. hahaha
But of cause i do not get to use functions like
applying make up, hairs,
making the eyes bigger, look slimmer and etc.
But using photoscape i can make my pic
brighter, deepen, some effects and etc.
More easy to understand and
not complicated at all.

Everybody please meet Weng Chan.
It's so obvious that he's the one who cut my hair.
No need to state. hahaaaa
Highway's friend.

And anyone thought that i had my hair extension like this ?

or this cute lil bob hair?

Or mushroom head like both of this ?

Picture without
make up.
*i know my edition sucks*
Well what i can say is
kinda look like mushroom head !!!
I can accept it cause last time also like this.
Its kinda thick thou the lower part.






I need to dye my hair soooon.
Looks so fugly !!!

●•۰i prefer the old one۰•

looks nicer

But cause of my hair is spoil.

Gotta cut all the spoiled hair off !
Thanks to the hair dryer !
Don't use often !!!

End with lotsa