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Monday, October 31, 2011


Affordable , Superb , Big portion.
Part II Annie's Birthday.
Looking good eh
So i ordered a
wild mushroom spaghettini with mascarpone.
Mine , this was super nice !

Guess how much this water cost.

Tomato beef.
Ordered a salad to share
Wagyu beef pie.
Birthday girl said it was nice.
This mine. 3/5
End up i just finished not even half of it.
The portion was very big !

Verdict :
If you are not a big eater , order a pasta and salad to share with your partner :)
For sure i'm coming back for more ! Nice environment , and good service too.
But please do reserve before you go.
Mochi dessert ! loving it duh
Four of us :)
Top from Kitschen
and Pants from Lence
Bend down to match them >.<
3rd round at Geographer :D
Good night !
Misssssss my long fringe ;(

Saturday, October 29, 2011

En Giza Cafe @ Pavilion

Round 1 before dining out at Ben's
to celebrate Annie's birthday.
Ben's post will post later on when i'm free.


Tofu cheese cake.
nice !
With the dipping along , this was superb

Me and my hello kitty green tea latte
Orange juice for Ederick !
jia hui's cup of coffee
Hello Kitty <3
So cute right.
Was very surprise when this came to my table.
Actually , it doesn't taste that good.
Slurpppp :D

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Yes , i cut my bangs. wtf
Look like a kid !
I look like a kid more without make up.
..................... Sien ....................
Damn regret to cut it :'(

Seo Gung Korean Traditional Food

Was craving for Korean Food for sometime
and finally can eat it with my babes :)
No one that willing to accompany me to eat except them.
My bf hates korean food and
my family not free all the time.
Glad to have them <3 awwwww
Jia hui dear is the driver of the day !
Jia hui introduced this Korean food at SS2.
Really nice !
Fresh lettuce/salad for the meat.
Not a big fan of it.
Pork , without veggie i can't swallow it.
Hate the fats or i can say no matter
what meat it is , i need a fresh veggie to eat with
just because i can't stand the meat's saltiness.
Love this kimchi soup. yum yum yum
Din't even finish this =-=
We ordered a set.
Egg in hot stone bowl.
Quite nice.
Not nice at all but no choice
this comes in a set.
Beef , yum yum yum !
but without veggie , hard to eat !
Pancake !

the side dishes that we had finished.
Like the kimchi here :)
A bunch of Japanese/Korean behind us.

Verdict : If you are a huge fan of Korean Food , u gotta try their food here.

After Brunch , we went to The curve to chill.
Walked around and high tea at Winter Warmers.
Nothing to shout about seriously.
Not that nice.
Love Cookies <3
Outfit of the day
Dress : TS
Jacket : Sg wang
Belt : TS
Bag : Aldo

Yes , i'm wearing cheap affordable apparels.
So ?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant

Located in Pavilion right beside Dome
or Morganfield's.
Try to change myself for better looking
but my bf doesn't like my style.
Therefore i don't wear in front of him.
Only wear with my gf :)
That's where we seated.
Quite hot this area.
Just outside the sidewalk.
Green Tea , comes with a set.
Ala Carte Onion Rings.
Nice ! 4/5
If i'm not wrong it cost us RM12.90-16.90
I threw away all my receipts = =
Ordered a French Fries RM7.90-RM8.90
A salad that comes with our set.
Her beef set , quite hard though
And mine , salmon in hot pot.
All sets comes with a green tea, salad and soup.

Verdict : Service was good , food satisfied us and most importantly affordable.

Than , headed to Fahrenheit 88 for window shopping :)
Outfit of the day
Lacey top from Sg. Wang
Shorts from Kitschen
Heels from Aldo.
Bought a new bag from Miracle.
Rm29.90 only
What a Grab !!!
Miracle located just beside Sushi Zanmai
at Fahrenheit 88.
And this hairband too.
All their apparels are at reasonable price.
We can try on it too.

Life update.
I'm sick = =
Every time after back from clubbing
But , but but
I'm recovered after the antibiotics
the doctor gave me !
So i'm here for u .
Good night !