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Monday, July 30, 2012


To all who does this

Can you please read finish my message only reply ?
Every time whenever i text you , you only reply one out of like 3 questions.
WHY does that even happen ?
How can you don't read everything only reply ?
Do you know how hard is it for me
to ask you second time ?
It's awkward to ask second time ok !
Please fucking read what i written and reply properly !

And why does people reply without showing me some loves?
i talk so much all you reply is only OK
At least a SMILE :) please !

Fucking pissed me off whenever i talk to you
Especially lately !


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

chasing the sun

Guess where i'm heading !
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Don't rain please later ! Thanks god !

Monday, July 16, 2012

Mickey fair plus snow white plus ben's plus en giza

Off Day <3
Went to mickey fair at midvalley
Than watched snow white and huntsman
Than flew to Pavilion for dinner 
And high night tea. lol

 Had our lunch at Zanmai's
Yum yum yum
Fav decent food place.
 bb , bb me and bb 
As you can notice the slr there wasn't mine.
it was my dad's one , he borrowed mine.
Than he borrowed me.
And now after his cambodia bike week trip,
the camera has sacrificed and it's dead because
rain came for it. He was wet and my mum tot 
it was fine putting a plastic to cover it.
Damn , he only survived for weeks and
used him for only few times.
one word. Great
Wanted to camwhore using it again also can't
u know what this camera is AWESOME !
 6f vs 4,5f girls
 ling ling , san san , me and bao bao
 solo baby
 the most mickey i liked
Pearls and laces 

Flew to pavilion using San's jet :DDDD
nonetheless we were abit hungry so we
headed to ben's for dinner.
And we shared our food because it's abit big portion for us.

After walking around we went to 
en giza cafe for tea.
Ok our main purpose there is to camwhore
We captured for about almost 20minutes
before taking a sip .. lol 

 green tea niceeee !
 spot me
 with my darling san san <3
honey baby girl jia hui !
 babeee ai ling !
last but not least my sweet heart annie :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012


donno why suddenly so wanna go there again !
So wanna eat the fierce dumpling aunty !
So wanna eat QQ snowflake
So wanna meet my Taiwan friend 
So wanna speak broken mandarin
So wanna play with my friends
So wanna shop
So wanna walk around
So wanna sit mrt all day
So wanna eat 7/11 SUSHI
So wanna collect sticker from 7/11
So wanna go night market !
Give me Taiwan T.T

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Taiwan Day 5 - Taipei

Taiwan Day 5
Stayed at the same hostel :) 

 MCPORK for breakfast which taste exactly the same
with ssausage mcmuffin here .. idk but they said it was pork
not nice -.- and expensive
 COOL right the spray effect ?
look , that's where we stayed over for 4-5days
a really small room with 10 person sleeping in it.
imagine T.T but it's quite fun ! hahaha
Awesome friends
 idk where we went.

 Fries with wine upper one
 got a tamawalkie there -.- 
bought wrong lor. i tot it was tamagotchi !
Egg pudding'meh'
our dinner ... 
went to their nightclub donno what to wear
which they pronounced it as Baby -.- 
The first one bought at Zara newly at taipei.
COSTLY betul 
End up wearing the white one go with tube and leggings
all turn up very wrong.
it was very hot inside and i took off my outer wear
and my leggings .. dafuqqqqq
no mood to dance idk why.
and i tell u all , this was the time i saw
omg droooling
everyone look good like those taiwan drama
actors . . . . . 
After club i saw many girls took 
cab alone to go back (some)
very very brave !! 
geng ahhhhhh
*most of the clubbers was guys*

Sunday, July 8, 2012

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Friday, July 6, 2012


Don't you feel that 24hours isn't enough sometimes ?
Especially weekend.
Should give me more time to rest :DD 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mobile uploads

No contents.  Will update using computer later :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wanted to update about taiwan but due to
some places name that idk i delay it till now.
slacking cause of my mild sick.
Damn seriously don't say people
Last time i'm quite healthy than once 
i said my sister and my bf 
'why u all so easy sick one'
like every month sick once.
than karma turns to me -.-
now it's my turn to sick.
i can infect flu , and feverish like now
HOPING that it won't spread viruses
Don't say people ! nanti kau kena !
u can hear from me once a month sure sick
no joke . im sick
but i won't go to doctor cause i know wtf they give me
bye moody
give me back my healthy body !!!

Monday, July 2, 2012


Sick of sick all the time . FLU fucked up everything. made me feel feverish ! Sickness please go away thanks !

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Good morning
it's july and i'm still nothing.