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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Full house @ KL

Went to full house @ KL last week with bf & Weng.
Weng tagged us along.
I think he's attracted by full house's design and concept.
Well i'm there to try their new menu.

Jockey service.
Free , if you wanna pay then pay.
We paid :) So kind .. lol
Bf. Tee's from Uniqlo's.
So small for him..
Eyeshadow + Eyeliner + Mascara only.
Looks so plain.
My iced lemon tea
Smoked Salmon
I don't smoked. Sorry :(
I love fresh ones.
Mine , I don't like this.
I think Prego's canned sauce are
much nicer then this.
Prego's i miss it :(
Weng's Donno what chicken roll
Chicken steak.
Look , intruder visiting me in my drink.
Wtf. it's a fly.
I stopped consuming when i found out.
I din't ask for new one.
No point asking it cause my bf exchange his drink with me
So hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Deserts 3 for RM29.90
Mini puffs.
Brownie with vanilla ice cream.
Too strong .
I thought this is nice.
But end up disappoints me.
Overall i don't like their foods.
But i do like their concept.
Good service too.

Food : 2/5
Service : 4/5
Ambiance : 4/5

See ... i bought Sticky back home :)
Najib loves this .. lols
~ Lemon is my favorite ~

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Baby ~

Baby Lee , say hello to all my readers :P
Wooooots , she looks like wanna scare u all
more then wanna say hello XD
She's so so so so so Cute !!
Hehe and very freaking tiny.
She got the smoothest & softest skin in the world ! lol
She's my bro's daughter.
Few weeks old only.
She looks exactly like my brother !!
Especially her lips.. damn cute :)

Short update.
I blog walked to some random bloggers
in my chat box.
I decided not to delete it
cause sometimes i can b.walk
whenever i wanted too :D
But i won't reply whatever you all say
unless it's like ermmmm
important or close friends stuff.
I'm lazy lah .. hope u all understands.
I'll reply comments only.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

TENJI 2 @ Puchong outlet

Bonjour everyone :D
First of all , i would like to say thank you to
readers who dropped by here.
And especially those leave me comments :)
Appreciated it ~
Secondly , i'm going to DELETE the
CHAT BOX (sooner or later) , since i neglected it.
I'm sorry that i never reply anyone of you.
But please, please , leave a comment here.
I promise to reply you ;)
I promise to b.walk after my line gets better.
It's like so so so long i never visit
you guy's blogs. hehe
(i hope i din't write this for myself)
Third thing, nothing to proud of for u all.
I drove myself all the way to KL alone !!!
hehehe .. First time , i'm like so independent.
Some more , i got myself some food from Petaling street
after exam ... 3 food that never miss if u're there.
1st : Four eyed roasted duck ! Best in town.
2nd : Longan Drink ~ as everyone also know.
3rd : Mua's favorite . Roasted Chestnut.
(Opposite Longan drink)
It's a quite expensive snack.
RM10 for 500grams if i'm not wrong.
But worth it lor .. damn nice u know.
And hor i saw whole bunch of
Japanese Student that day.
First expression when i still
donno they were Japanese.
Wah ... Why their uniform damn cool and nice ?
Which school they study at ?
I thought KL got private school
that let them wear like that.
Their School uniform it's like sailormoon's one.
Than , jalan jalan and heard them
speaking JAPANESE language.
So envy ~ School trip to other country ?
ENVY !!!!! Awesome if it is school trip lor.

That's it for now ~
Scroll down to read and focus about this post.
Tenji 2 , sounds familiar huh ?
It's Tenji lah . The main branch is at Solaris.
Tenji 2 is at Puchong , Bandar Puteri.
Went there with my family.
(soft opening that day)
RM66 per person.
Gotta go up to enjoy their buffet.
Nice bamboo trees. Fake geh i guess.
The seats.
The seats sucks !
How inconvenient it was.
Imagine the last person that wanna
get her/his food.
The front people need to wake up
and let the 4th person pass through.
My mum keep on complaining
about the tables.
This whole Steamed Fish was a free give
from Tenji2 , new opening gift wor.
We got a chance to choose our fish.
This is the lane that u can find
sushi , soba , udon ,
sashimi , oyster , crabs
Mostly fresh japanese food lah.
Salmon aku punya favorite.
Salmon is like Cocaine to me.
I wonder is there any Salmon icecream
I wanna try @@
I'm not a big fan of raw oysters.
Feel like wanna puke if i eat them.
My bro said that it was not fresh.
Crab's leg.
This crab's leg , you gotta take it before it runs out.
Crabs ~ Non of us wanna eat it
because of it's too inconvenient to eat it.
Will get our hands dirty.
it's SALMON babeh !!
And i like the fresh scallop too.
The one hiding below the octopus.
Very fresh lor ~
Donno what's it
This is the lane that u can get
Dim sum, rice ,
chinese food ,
western food those ~
Is that a lobster ?
The fresh ebiko egg was
freshly put by the chef.
So many !
This is the lane that you can get
Fried food , terpanyaki.
We sat just in front of it.
So our body its like so damn
freaking smelly after we get out from there.
Beef .. I prefer midori's one.
I uploaded all of the pictures
but left out the dessert photo.
I'm lazy to upload it again.
The dessert.
Disappointed lor.
Here there got only 2 choices.
1st one , forget whether it was walls or nestle ice-cream.
2nd was Haagen Daz.
The Solaris outlet got 3types of ice-cream lor
BR , Kindori and Haagen Daz !
Here .. Sigh ..
No many varieties of biscuit also.
This is the lane that you can get
Steamboat ~
Our choices of veges
And my favorite !!
Beef .. Wah so nice when the meat melts into your mouth.
Food : 3/5
Ambiance : 2.5/5
Service : 4.8/5

-Not many choices compared to Tenji @ Solaris.
= The Soba real Sucks !
There is no side dishes for it
And the Soba noodles were not fresh.
I can't finish it after 2 bites.
= The thick cream soup tasted sour.
= my elder bro said that the oysters weren't fresh.

-No need to compare also know
which outlet's ambiance more nice lah.
= The seats Sucks okay.
How can you expect people to sit
this way when this is a buffet style ?

-Their service is real good why i don't give them full marks ?
Because i asked them to lower the air-cond
temperature and they said okay.
After a while , the air-cond's temperature
did not change at all. Still very cold.

If compare to Solaris outlet.
I would prefer to eat at Solaris.
The price is the same
on Mon-Thurs with promo.
Buy 1 , 2nd at 50%.
Count and divide into 2 and see.
Same right ?

I'm so small gas. hehehe

Btw My brother's wife born a GIRL !!
Yay .. She freaking damn Cute lor !!!
Congrats bro !!

Thanks for reading.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pizza Hut’s Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza

I think most of u had heard about this before.
Saw this from nuffnang
and from the newspaper.
And even from my friends,
saying that this cheesy pizza is
Therefore i asked my family to
bring me to the nearest Pizza Hut restaurant.
I'm living in Puchong.
We headed to IOI mall to dine in.
Just in Puchong , PH got 4 outlets.
How convenient it is huh.

PH : Crazy about Cheese ?
Me : Yes !!!
PH : Go wild with the brand new
bake to perfection Cheesy 6 pizza !
Me : Hummmm , Are you sure it's nice ?
I'm a picky person when it's about cheeseeeeee !
You know what ? Cheese is like Cocaine to me !
I need to have it like everyday :)
PH : I'm sure after u eat it , you will order up
moreeeeeeeeeeeeee to enjoy !
Me : Okay :D We'll see

With only RM38.00 ,
you can enjoy 6 types of cheeses
and other side dishes as well !
What a bargain ! Steal !!!
RM38.00 for 4 person !
Some more , you need to add RM3 for your
Favorite Toppings :) Hawaii chicken .. yay
Want to try the Cheesy 6 pizza only ?
Use Maybankard to enjoy 30% off
for Ala carte pizza only.
PH : Let me tell you about our
Cheesy 6 pizza's Cheeseeee while you're waiting.
There's 6 types of cheese in this pizza.
( Click the link to learn more )
Me : Nice , All the cheeses that PH uses
are all good for our health .
So no worries about eating it !
Let me show you guys how we had our Cheesy 6
7-up to cool us down ~
My lil bro , He can't wait to try
Cheesy 6 lor
Mushroom soup !
My favorite ...
You can see how i'm a die hard fans
of cheeeeeeeeese !
So niceeeeee
I mean the soup.. hehe
Garlic bread.

He was so freaking damn exciting
when the pizza had arrived.

Scrumptious !!
Look at the amount of cheese they've put !
OMG ..
I'm hungry already :(
Tempting !!!
All 6 cheeses in it .

The bread was so crunchy . Nice man .
How far you can pull your cheese ?
Wanna challenge me ? Jk .. keekekek
My lil bro said
Let me Introduce u
Cheesy 6 pizza.
This is my way of modelling with it :D
Role 1 : Smile and point happily with it :D
Role 2 : Ready to say CHEEESEEEEE
to the camera !
Role 3 : Pose a very sexy pose !
Role 4 : Open my big mouth to eat
the whole slice one shot ! yay
Role 5 : Act very delightful, make people jealous :X
He said : I want the last bite pleaseeeeee
Me : Show me a sexy pose , i'll give u !
He : Sexy enough for u ? TT
Me : Hell yeah !! all up for my PH post . hehe
PH : How's your meal , miss.
Me : Very very very tasty and awesome !
Well , i glad that i tried this and
thanks for the story :D
I'll come back for more.
PH : It's part of my job ,
Have a nice day. Thank you.
Me : Welcome :))))
Today's a good day with my family
Cause we had dinner together at Pizza Hut.
Well a great place for Reunion :D

How's your Cheesy 6 story ?
Have you try it yet ?