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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Not So Good

this is effing true !
I won 122 last week
and i lose 100 just now
other than that i had used all the 122 money
although i know 100 is a small amount to you all
BUT not for me !!

I should have stop at a certain amount

Must have an exact amount to play
And be careful of friends that know how to read your mind

Anyway that's all
Good Luck everyone
Good night

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Goodbye holidays
Hello Working days

Monday, January 23, 2012


Otw to koh samui ... Late journey ... Sien ...

Hatyai now

Im at Thailand now after almost 8 hours of journey in the car ... And cont later on to koh samui our main destination .. It's quite hard to adapt cause the time zone are slower an hour here .. And most of them only speaks Thai Lang .. And older males like to stare or look .. It's weird ... Zzz ... But shoes are extremely cheap here ! Currently I bought one ballerina flats that cost me myr 38.. I bargained with them .. Ask for cheaper price .. From 45 to 38 .. Cheapooo me .. I have been spending lots in their food ... Love their 7/11 .. Got everything there ! That's all for now .. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR !!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sick again
Hate FLU !

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Thursday, January 12, 2012


Thinking of a change which i hope that i will achieve it.

: To be Brave
:: To be successful
::: To change my attire
:::: To be much more sociable
::::: To be less quiet with new friends
:::: To have more outgoing friends
::: To learn new stuff
:: To be more loving
: To be independent

And stop being f.LAZY to do this that.

In fact it's not that i got no Friends at all , It just that if all of the sudden i ask some not so close friend out or long time no see friend out it would be weird for me . And keep on doubting where the i should go or not and need to think of many because i'm not a fast thinking person. I need time to absorb especially at this age. wtf. I'm almost twentyone and i feel so old already like now , my fingers are sour because i write too much and it's almost 10pm , i need to get ready for bed. Can you imagine how old am i ? Old hag . fuck

Monday, January 9, 2012

one more

How could i left this out ! So want to try SEA URCHIN ... Arghhhh
If can straight out from the shell not after process...
Or try all different sashimi out there :D This is my dream <3

What i want this year

There many things that i want this year ... This are few to name

Having a healthy life of cause not only me but everyone that i know ! Need to be healthier then you are now because we are obviously getting older duh ! lol ! And i want to weight at 40kgs - - Last year i said i wanted to achieve it but i can't ! wtf
Lies from me ! Thanks to all those freaking yummy food ! Arghhh ! I can't resist at all ..........

To have a GREAT 21st birthday party ! Because LAST YEAR SUCKS ! Like SERIOUSLY . I always hate my birthday to come because THERE IS NO SURPRISES wtf .. lol .. *Shy* i love surprises :P Other than no perfect day , i need to plan this that myself even with my boyfriend .. wtf .. Why can't he plan everything ? Because of this sucky birthday i had last year , this year i need to rock out myself ! And please don't tell me that OH , I GOT ***DRINK IN MY CAR AND THAT DOES'NT NEED TO PAY ! wtf AND GIVING ME SHITTY FACES ALL THE TIME. Damn. Anyway i hope this year will be better.

Fuck yeah i wanna go here ! MALDIVES babey ! In my dreams .. wtf .. too expensive
Btw i hope that my Taiwan trip really happen although we already bought the tickets but anything can happen right ? *pray nothing happen

This is just one part that i can think of. Or maybe just these.

-Can anyone make those cupcakes for me ? I will be so touch *wink :P
Had a great night at Movida puchong with my friends !

But not tooo great when it's not too pack with people ... :P

Good night :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Life ain't easy for me these days although i look "fantastic" wtf

Money is really hard to earn especially when our profit margin dropped to 15% only

Everything turns out to be little and it's hard to cope for this few months

Hope everything turns better this month

Humans are indeed very disgusting & selfish

They can runaway with huge debts without paying a single cent
They come back to buy goods and act nothing happened wtf right
They purposely argue with you because of nothing to avoid paying Tactics wtf
THICK FACE cheeebyes

Well i hope that you get your "luck" too :D

gonna post about what i want to do next . hopefully

Friday, January 6, 2012

melacca trip dec

Reached melaka :) It was Wed and it's packed of tourist .. wtf .. i tot that no people visit tim... i was wrong = =
camwhore freak :P
menu & environment at this Japanese restaurant at a shopping mall next to Hatten Square ...
This whole meal cause us RM81.. i think you can't get it here at kl with this kind of environment..
After bath , we sat on the boat to cruise around .. nothing special but very chill and windy then movida to drink :)

2nd day went to Nadeje . ordered too much end up can't finish .. wtf .. and camwhore :P

End of trip

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Must see !!!

This 14 years old Korean Girl are really amazing. I drop my jaws out. wtf.

Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up (Official Lyric Video)

Think about what i got , who i am , etc when i listen to this song .. like this so much from Jason Mraz !

I won't give up if i know what to do .

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Night :)

Drinking night at Overtime. First time there .. boring .. Prefer Hoegarden then starker .. Celebrated with my drinking friends .. Yeapp .. not with bf .. 2nd round at Movida .. Had a great night there :D

Sunday, January 1, 2012

expensive vacations

Mabul island

Why can so expensive in local ? Around myr2k for non divers and myr4k for divers ? Why need to be that expensive ? Is the price meant for foreigners ? God damn i know that is very very damn nice but isn't it too expensive ? that myr2k can go places such as China and HK. If you ask me to choose i won't choose this .. i think i would choose the second in this list.

Club med Kani Maldives

Around myr6-7k per Couple inclusive of air tickets .. Isn't beauty ? And they say more 10 years this island will disappear .. So wanna go now ! Compare this with Mabul i would rather choose this .. Look at the SEA !! Hope that i win jackpot this year .. croxxfingers#

Tioman island Jalapama resort

Located in local Pahang .. I love how they design the hotels .. Pricey duh .. Up to myr2k per night .. This places at least 2 nights we gotta stay in ... Can you please be cheaper abit ?

*why island/beach vacation can be this expensive ? Arghhhh ! All also can see can't go !

why why why why why why

New year Resolutions

What's your new year resolutions ?

For me ... i think i will continue to be useless stick which never ever will contribute to this world ... wtf ... Well i donno where to start about my career ... i feel sucks about it ... i want to be a successful woman but i just can't because

LAZY & only know how to talk !

I think i will stick in my mum's shop for the rest of my life ... I really donno know what i want ... I'm scare of FAILURE ... I'm not as SOCIAL as you all think i could be ... I'm shy towards new people ... wtf ... And i doesn't to end up being a normal clerk sitting in an office waiting for time to pass ... I want something challenging to do but it's too late , i doesn't have any qualifications to do other things here ... Regret choosing this stupid pathway that i don't want now ! ! ! unless thick face# go study dip in dot dot dot back but it would waste time and money .. I'm FCUKING twentyone now ! Arghhhhhhhhhhh ...

Please choose your pathway properly .. don't regret !

Conclusion .. i got no resolution this year .. Let it be !