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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Bye May
Hello June !

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Still got half year to finish my LCCI course.I don't know what should i do. I really want to continue study because i don't know what i can do with only that cert. And i don't know where to continue because if i study at places like Taylors , Sunway or Inti it will burden my mother cause initially i had already wasted 10k on studies (my previous studies at Inti, DBAD). Some more i does't want to study things like Malaysian studies. It will waste my mentality and money. So i prefer to study only that course like what i'm doing now. Although it is not recognize for many of you , i believe you will recognize when i finish the course and get a cert from LCCI itself. I feel that studying in places like i'm studying now makes me more hardworking then studying in inti.
Stop here cause since i haven't pass all my subjects yet , i should't think about my future. Hope i can pass all the subjects :) 4 more to get the cert :D !!
I'm lazy until i got only 16/100 for my BKA II trial test.
13days more to my Real exam.

A picture of current me.
Fringe getting longer duh
tata <3

Monday, May 23, 2011

Maison night

Pictures show you everything right ??
Hell yeah !!

Sexy ?? :P
Wanna wear this one but in front not nice.
So nope :)
Look like lala muii >.<
3 of us <3
Annie babe !
I like this <3
But she like this <3
Tuck poh bro !
Nesty :D
Danny ~
Leslie :)
Joanne babeeeeeey :D
With best dancer !
She's hawwwttttt !
Tata Ng :D
Tai xi ~
Ah lai :D acting cute .. haha
Hate this - - but only one.
Carol babee :D
I Can't see my boobs .. wtf
Another one :D
I like this picture so much !!!
I look nice there ..

Saturday, May 21, 2011

thanks NN


And thanks to my pretty babe
Jia hui & Vic khor
accompany me to get it in Kl :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

my love ♥

I'm in Love with
Vin Diesel !!!
I love u man !
You're most fuckinghotman i ever see.

Look at his smile :)
Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet betul
Muscular him..
My heart is melting :(
Why u can be that hot ?
Why u bald also that good looking ??
I'm mad ! wohooo :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Some Facts about me when i'm driving.

-I like to jokes while i'm driving
-I complain about reckless drivers
-I do not flip signal when i sense no danger or when i'm angry !
-I flip signal because i'm not a Retard like you
-I slow down to see accidents is because i care about the victim
not because i want to kepoh about it.
-I scold vulgar words to them because they sense no danger while their driving recklessly and wanted to hit me !

I don know why Malaysia product so fragile and expensive lor. Tak paham lor.
You see , in other countries like Japan , America , and etc their car f. cheap lor.
A Vios selling in Jpn only cost around 30+k. Here in Malaysia need 70+k.
Why ??? Why so unfair ??? Some more why cars like Persona those so expensive and yet not that good quality ? Why need to be that expensive to buy an imported car ? Why everything gone up and the only one thing still remain the same is OUR SALARY !
One month deduct this that expenses , where got enough money to save ?


Ps : I know why those car so expensive lah .. no need tell me .. i just scramble my feelings out.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Just back from Maison kl.
Don't who the hell so Cheapskate!!!
Touch my Ass ! Fuck u
I go club not because of want let you cheap guys touch !
I go there to Enjoy night life , Music & Dancing with my babes !
Not let you motherfuckas asshole touch.
The incident was like this ,
I was very tired and got down from the
girls dance stage then some cheap boys
touch my butt and i look back and they act like
nothing happen !!! Wtf !!! Want touch go chicken stall !
Then luckily got my friend,
ask him to accompany me back.
Why those guys so cheapskate leh ???
Don't understand !
If i know who, i gonna slap 9 him.
Think i don't dare ?
It's just that just now too many guys.
I can't see who !
I straight away look back(with angry face)
and see who the hell dare to do it,
unfortunately i could't see who.
If you say go club is like that,
I don't agree you.
Why go club need to give boys touch ?
What rule is this ?
Remember me !
Don't simply touch me !
Don't simply touch me !
Don't simply touch me !
I hate it !
I hate it !
I hate it !
I'm a freak i know.
So ?
What would u feel when someone unknown molest u ?
I curse u motherfucka who touched me !
(if i don't look back he sure touch longer)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

tonnes of questions

Seriously i'm tired of myself. Being the most sensitive one makes me think so hard about one little thing. I do not have much friends. I know myself. I'm being too straight forward sometimes and i literately hurt someone's feeling without knowing that i say something wrong because all the time i meant to be joking. So, people who don know me would dislike me. But i'm just being myself. What is so wrong about it ? I'm not social at all. I dislike talking to strangers because i don't know how to start a conversation.
(stop here.I'm tired)

you are you and you can't change it.
and DON'T always think of other people where else people NEVER think of you.

I really like this song.
Makes me stronger.

What are words ?

Wrong . So wrong

I wrote all the things that i wanted to
say but i can't release because no point.
Anyway thanks to my friends that helped me just now.
Appreciate that if not i seriously
need to clean up myself.
And sorry that i being sarcastic to you all
when i talk just now cause i can't
control my feeling towards it.
And complain to my friends that helped me.
I'm quite too over to talk that .
Sorry guys.
It's my house and i should do it myself.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

stupid me

我刚意识到,我应该分享所有香蕉外面真酷 !那就是...呵呵是啊...如果你知道我,我是一根香蕉。我不知道如何编写普通话或阅读普通话。然后我刚才发现这个超级令人敬畏的应用程序,可以以普通话翻译英语。呵呵是啊...我现在用它 !希望你明白尝试写入...只是在案件中,你不懂。这是英文版:

I just realized a really cool thing that i should share with all BANANA'S out there ! It's this .. oh yea .. if u know me i'm a banana. I don know how to write mandarin or read mandarin. Then just now i found this super awesome app which can translate English to mandarin. OH yea.. i'm using it right now ! Hope you understand what i'm trying to write ..


They say google translator very inaccurate one. Don know leh.. hehe
I know i'm like a girl from the jungle -________- don know got this kind of app to use .. wtf

Bye bye !