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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Midori Buffet at Fahrenheit 88

Hye My lovely reader :P
MIA for few days because
of some sort of thing i gotta do.
And need to finish my homework later.
I wish i could have more time.
Like 36hours a day ?
I'm not greedy :) i just need 36hours.

Last Sunday went to Midori Buffet & Steamboat Res
at Fahrenheit 88, new shopping center in KL.
Next to StarHill Gallery.
This shopping mall is still new.
And all the shops mostly occupied.
Just half hour i can walk finish the whole shop.
Or probably there's another side of it.
And there , they are selling clothes
for mostly teenagers like us
but i can say its all Sg. Wang & Time Square's
same type of clothes.
Maybe the quality is slightly better or smtg.
I'm not sure about the price cause i din't
go in and see.
Probably i got no mood to shop- -
Still feel very unfamiliar.
I 'think' it would be expensive then Sg. wang & TS
because of location and shop problem.

Went to Midori to celebrate my dad's birthday.
Din't give him pressie :(
Just treat him buffet dinner jer.

Promotion , buy 3 free 1.
RM 68 per person.
And free 4 mug of booze (heineken)
Not many types of sushi to choose,
Their sushi not fresh at all.
Only 2 types of soup to choose
-carrot soup . ew
-shark fin soup where i found no shark fin at all
I think they should give
us more varieties of soup .
Because i love soups :D
Other food like chinese food are
a lil salty.
They serve
-Raw oyster
-love their beef.
-Local cuisine
-Ice kacang
-Dim sum
-Haagen Dazs
And others , not much more.

Their service : 3/5
I ask one of the waitress
what's that in the bowl.
She dint answer me back
and turn away. WTF
They all look like foreigners.
China maybe.
They wearing Maid's attire.
Which i think it's like so ugly.

Ambiance : 4/5
Still okay la.
Quite small.
But compare to shogun ,
Midori look more relaxing.
And it's still new,
not many people.

If you ask me whether
will i be back for 2nd time .
I'll answer u NO.
I prefer Tenji when they are
having their promo.
+ Tenji 2 is opening in Puchong.
Damn , frig near lah.
No need 5 minutes i'll reach there :P

That's all for today :D
Stay tune ~
And gonna reply at chat box
as soon as i finish my things.
Bye :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mist club

Went to Mist Club during Hari Raya holiday.
It's like Friday ? hmmm.
Before that, we went to Sunway
to get Annie a new dress for party.
And 1st time i plucked and trimmed my eyebrow
at Bluunis. RM35.00
So nice and quite comfy for my 1st time.
Gonna go there again when i need to attend
some sort of event or what.
Continue mist.
Went there with my pretty babes.
First time. Doesn't like there very much.
Music not loud enough.
Like Maison more.
First time ever ... only reached there.
It's like so late ? or the party just started ?
zzzzz then it's like so frigging crowded !
There are no tables for us and
there are 20 of us.
All idk - - only 4 of them were my friends.
Others were their friends.
Finally we waited until around 1.00am
there , we got our table.
Saw several old schoolmates there.
Haw , ah Hao , Lai sze (party queen) and Jen
Doesn't like it there.
Girls like 14 to 17 years old can get in !!
What rules is this ?
At least 18 or 19 okay ???
Somehow i had fun with my babes.

Me , Jia hui & Annie :)
I look so freaking huge btw them . wtf
and so dark skin btw them . wtf
So frigging ugly - -
So huge , fat , ugly , dark skinned .
Hye hye. i like my eyes actually . hehe.
used green eye shadow.
Eff my face . fuck fat !
I'm getting fatter day by day
Look at her , so high . lol .
There's another picture of her. more high . lols
My pretty babe :D
Look at our skin . @@
Lai sze ( party Queen ) , Annie , me & jia hui.
One of my secondary school besties.
But now now more ..
We lost contact since after we graduated.
Things changed . Therefore yea.
But we do met few times in club. lol .
Party Queeeeen
Jen , Annie , me
Farewell party for her.
Meet her at there.
She's in Uk now.
So envy :)

Oh yea. I asked Annie to censored
those pictures if i'm likely to be exposed .. lols
Just doesn't wanna let someone scold.. hehe
Gtg. Stay tuned :D

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Redang day 3

Finally i'm here to update my last day trip at Redang.
I had been busy with something.
Well , beside this Day 3 post, i'll post about the view
and the surroundings and tips about
this 3 days 2 nights trip.
My sis actually don wanna come back to kl.
I'm sad too :( Cause the next day gotta work :P

Watched the sunrise during breakfast.
So effing gorgeous !
But sad that i could't see it with my BF
He's a jerk that likes to sleep.
Sigh. Hate going out on vacations with this type of person.
Only know how to sleep.
Donno how to enjoy.
If want sleep go home la !
What for waste money to sleep in hotels ?
Sigh........I asked him to accompany me to walk
here and there, he asked my sis to accom me.
wth. moreover i thought i could use dslr to capture the
sunrise but end up using compact to capture.
Why ? cause he's late.
I need to force him to wake up during
that few days.

So pale.
Bon Voyage ! bye bye !

Headed to Kemaman after we are dropped
off from the ferry.
Had some at the 'famous' kemaman coffee.
I don think its nice.= =

Sorry but to tell u i dont like hot cofffeee.

Toasted Bread with jam ! Eff nice !
After that drink, went to find our uncle
that lives in kuantan.
I forget the name of this beach.
I've been there twice.
I hope my skin is that White.
So fake .. lols
I'm eff Tan lor !
End here now.
~ Stay tuned ~

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Redang day 2

Day 2 is about snorkeling.
Snorkeled twice on that day.
First round was at The Redang marine park.
second was at the open sea.
Same place with the first day but different area.
Dint bring along my camera.
Because i saw color peeled off.
Thats why i dint bring.
Too much pictures of day 2.

Pale look.
After breakfast, we changed and headed to the sea.
My sis and I only.
So relaxing :D
Their sand are effing fine !
We can't collect them --
Will be fined if we collect .

Damn clear ! so nice
my eyes effing small

The way boys used to camwhore
The way girls used to camwhore.
True ???

Bawal putih .. sedapnya

Rainbow fish.

This picture so nice..just discovered it ..
captured by my bf..
all of it actually..
Purple creature.nice

my skinny toes and fatty legs

Bye BYe :D
After snorkeling,
headed down to swimming pool right away.
That's why im so tan now.
I smiled :D
My tummy looked flat !
But not at all actually - -

Stay tuned for day 3 :D