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Sunday, February 27, 2011


Trying to be funny. lol
Trying to act sexy with my dry lips
ear muffs from Daiso :)

This is the last post for Feb :)
Number 10
Night peeps


Hello guys !
I'm this fat after CNY !!
Stay tune :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

bullshit on gucci's salesperson.

I forget to mention about the service when i first step into Gucci. Ok. That day outfit was simple. A cardigan , singlet , shorts & a flats & a red mng bag. Just being myself. When i first step in , they were no one willing to open the door for us (went there with my babe). Open the door ? We so big ? Who r us ? Chill and let me finish first. Then i like headed to the men's site and looking through the men's wallet. Then the middle-age like saleswomen 'like' pretend to din't see me wants to see the item that i wanted to see. Then hor after few minutes some 3 young women like 20s came in. Seeing their outfit like rich girls , she came and i asked to let me take a look at that. I din't wanted to see her eyes looking down on me. (Dog eyes look down people) So through the process of buying i din't see what her expression is when i said i want that wallet. My dear did, she say that the saleswomen like shocked when i said i wanted it. I only know she become nicer after i said i want to buy that. Then i paid for it and wait a while then done. She Opened the door for me.

Why ?? Why din't open the door for us when we first came in ? Where u got nothing to do. (not that i wanted to say about that , it's just that other people like using LV those u people will open) where as we people who din't use a lv or prada u people won't open the door or come to serve or help u on something. Why on earth people will do this ? Why want to look down people ? You think u very rich ? If rich Quit your job and stay at home ! Treat people bad at first then treat people like king when they want to pay !

Why those salesperson look down on people ?
Cause they thought LV , Gucci , Prada are very expensive for people like me and think that we just see see and never intend to buy and don't disturb me aiming rich people come in. Therefore they look down on people like me. I sure know it's very expensive lah .. Why Buy Expensive stuff can be treated this way ? ? Why ? ? Your supervisor and manager or even your boss never teach you CUSTOMER IS NUMBER 1 is it ? Even though they din't buy anything , you should respect them as if they will buy something from you. We are giving u your commission you know ? And we get shitty services ?

How do you expect people to buy products from you when you are showing such action ?
Show some respect please. I hope your boss will see this . This is how your salesperson treat people who don't dress properly. They don't even care . Not just Gucci , Coach & LV too. My mum first bought her bag at LV @ Starhill , (according to my mum) that salesperson were not friendly and showing some reluctant to serve face. Then Coach (according to my friend) when my friend first ask about the bag , that salesperson just ignored her ! Is this the way u treat your customer ??? Back then , her dad called her to see that bag , then the same salesperson came and served and followed like a Dog. Why ??? Why ??? Why so realistic ? So Bullshit lor.. What kind of people also got. 狗眼看人低 ! Puii !!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011


(Me @ BBQ plaza)

Back to schooooooooooool
I mean my course.
1 week 4days of class after work.
One word TIRED !
Real Exam coming soon like April & June :(
Haven't study yet.
I forget everything like chap 1 -8 now.
Got 13 chapters !
It's not easy to work from 8am to 6pm
then go study.
Then Weekends also need to work.
I only rest 2days in a month.
How pity i am and yet
my course teacher tot that i'm not studying.
So i should have better score then others
oOo u
I'm more worse then your other students lor.
Dealing with long time period.
Don't take others to
compare with me.
Say what married + working.
Walao.. All of them work as OL
Work from 8.30am - 5.30am
then weekends got off.
Me ??? No at all . fucker .
Some more , she like don know we
tired from working one.
The subject can finish teaching fast
like half and hour earlier.
She doesn't want to let us back.
Always need to wait till 9pm.
Today (just now) more worst.
Can use 1 hour to teach
finish us that single subject
but she X let us back.
At there bullshit.
Ask us do exercise then she
go out do her things.
Then come back see see
then again do exercise then
she went out.
Then like until 9pm she come back
and talk talk talk.
She hor like to
Repeat Repeat & Repeat same thing!!!
Although half way she did
say who want back then
back first but who dare
to go back when you're talking
about exam things ?
Who wants to miss it ??
((Angry now))
And it's been 2days i'm driving there
Feel so sien and tired. wtf.
Now i know what my parents feel.
Want to end this course ASAP !
I need to be more hardworking
to make sure i will pass all the subject
and no FAIL in my cert !
Cause i X want to retake.
This hardworking thing starts
next month ya.. not now.. lol

Good night Guys.
Everyday need to wake up
earlier to fetch Macy school.

OH Yea !
Now I know what's the
difference between
Ron 97 & 95
Using 97 i feel more POWERFUL !!
Go Smoother Mood also nicer !
U know why i put 97?
I din't know there were no 95 pump = =
Just pay them then only realize.
It's just RM10 and i feel it !
So nice to drive !!!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gucci Baby

One word Sad :(
Sigh but i can't tell u all due to his privacy again.
Last post i mentioned that he doesn't like
the hardisk that he gave me right.
Same thing goes to this V-day & birthday Present.
Went to Pavilion with Jia Hui babe today.
To buy his present and hang out :)
I seriously don know what to buy for him.
And he think idk he din't read my blog wor.
This was my first Gucci which i buy for him
and not for myself.
Female's wallet is like double the price.
Damn Expensive lor.
Dad bought LV wallet for my mum.
Let's compare.
Big different lah.
LV look more prestige.
Paper quality also different !
And every time they purchase also need to
provide name and add.
Gucci no need one.
Inside LV got a cotton cloth.
Inside Gucci got a piece of junk=paper.
So big different right.
But i like Gucci more then Lv so that's it.
Bai. No mood.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


hi hi hi ... Told ya that i'm going to update soon. Like so soon hor , after 12 hours. I admit. I'm bored. Let's focus on my blog post about Valentine's day. I celebrated it like 3 times unofficially called a V-day. I tot v-day should be romantic & happy & spending our time together. But no, i din't. First time, my bf treat me at The Ship. Yes The Ship but not just us. It's with his bunch of friends hor.. Fucking romantic kan with one red candle in the middle of the table sharing with my bf and his other friends. And yes i'm the only female as usual lah. No, I'm not being Sarcastic okay. I'm being truthful only.

That's me without make up @ Ikea.
I did not ordered the Valentine's day dinner.
They said it's on the eve or 14th.
So we get to eat CNY dinner only.
I found The Ship's choices of food are so little.
Not many varieties of food to choose.
Therefore i ate this,the Cny set dinner
lobster with fish and wedges.
The lobster's filling was too hard to eat.
Seriously i could't find any lobster meat to eat.
All of it was some white gravy that idk
what's it made out from.
And the fish was like Dory fish.
The cheapest fish ever lor.
Regret that i ordered this.
I prefer Victoria's steak.
This was Rib eye.
Decent but i dislike the sidelines.

That's all for The Ship and let's proceed to the day i received my V-day present. It was Valentine day's eve. I was sick and he just did his tooth extraction. So we din't go anywhere special to celebrate. Skip skip skip. Than he bring me this Godiva's chocolate. I was like speechless. hehe
Cause i never eat Godiva choco before. This was my first time. Until today i haven't try yet. Cause it's like cost RM20 for 1pc. Chocolate that's so damn expensive. I won't buy one. I rather buy cosmetics or perfume. This Godiva can buy my 30ml Gucci's perfume already lor. And perfume can keep , Godiva will shit it out lor at the end of the day.

After eating this, i can reuse the heart-shaped box.
11 pieces.
Like this one :)
This was cutest of all !

The third unofficial V-day celebration. It was about him. hehe. I was so bad :( I make fun of him which i think i won't tell due to privacy. I gave him a hardisk as V-day present but he dislike and my mum wanted and i got insufficient fund and his (bf) birthday is coming soon, therefore i gave it back to my mum. And decided to buy him one present only as birthday and valentine's day present. Heeheeee. So we went to The Garden to have our V-day dinner which this time i treat him :)

Walao. Fucking love this pasta lor.
Like i love BT's pasta !!
Okay . End of Post.
Bai !!

Lady Gaga - Born This Way (Audio)

Born This way :)
Will update soon.
Stay tune :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011



Friday, February 4, 2011

Camwhore 030211

The title is Camwhore 2011 :) This post is full of my pictures.(If don't like please feel free to press CtrlW). I was so free yesterday and i put on some make up and do stupid thing like this. LOL . Freaking free lor . I camwhored like 400pictures -______- Camwhored with my new clothes ! Teeeeheeee . Just a part of it.
Seriously i like this attire !
Looks so like OL but i'm not :(
Without flash , i couldn't stable it
because of too dim !
Then i decided to put flash.
With the outcome not so nice.
But still liking it !
With my flabby arm. Wtf
It's Not Too Late To press CTRLW
if you don't like me.
Remember it's Ctrl W !
I tied a ribbon on my hair.
Nice right.. i know.. lol
Pink Mac lips & Red Revlon lips.
I applied Pink first then Red.
Look so innocent hor ? lol
A bit blur.
With completely pink lips.
Camwhored with bulky 500D
That's why quite blur.
My bf got this at Bukit Tinggi.
Spend approximately RM40 for this thing.
Why ? We played at the fun fair.
Idk how to say.hmpp
It's like catching a duck.
I like this :)
Should i put as profile picture ???
Give me comments.. lol
Sis bought this from Daiso.
Fluffy !!
Stupid face but i like.
I like this too.
I like this so much ,
I must share :)
This too !
Please Don't rotate it.
The outcome won't be that nice.
This Picture is currently my
profile picture on fb :)
I like this too !
Looks so artistic right. lol
So nice with shades. :X
If only i know how to PHOTOSHOP !
I will photoshop my big fat nose.
Aren't they fat ??
My eye color was Purple and pink.
From Kate , i nvr uses that normally.
But yesterday , i found it quite nice.
Told ya my nose is fat.
Especially when im using 500D
to camwhore.
Freaking big!!

That's my first day of CNY. Today is 2nd day of cny. I wake up at 5.00am and it's like 5.45am now. I wake up and feel like blogging. Why i wake up that early ? Cause my nose couldn't stand the coldness in my room cause the fan broke mah. Gotta on the aircond (which not so cold one due to faulty) I also can't stand. Wake up and sneeze then decided to sleep back but can't because of my stupid brother's room keep on PAk pak pak. Why ? Cause i open the door , he's like watching movie while sleeping i guess. Wtf. End up at here blogging. Tell you all ... This pictures still haven't post in Fb. So exclusive right :) That's all ! Tata. Enjoy your day later.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year 2011

Happy Chinese New Year people !!
Apart from that , i want to tell u guys how unlucky i were
since i woke up this morning @ 11.00am.
(first time sleep until that late) wtf
I always wake up at around 7.00am one.
Yes i did too today..hehe..then i sleep back after i pee.
Back to topic. My fan broke off apart
suddenly and idk why ! Scary lor !
Then , i din't know that today cannot wash hair one.
I did it ! wtf !
Idk what will happen next lar.
Hope Good things will come to me only.
Anyway Happy Chinese New Year !