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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Isla =)

baby ISLA.

Tracey's daughter Isla. So cute ^^ From Australia. Came here to celebrate her 2years old birthday at A&W tomorrow. Just now bring them to pyramid. They planned to Lagoon but its already late when back home. paiseh. My hand feel so sore. Carry Isla from FOS to New Zealand than BR to buy her an ice-cream. lolx. Feels like im the heaven when i overslept at mum's room just now.

I cut my hair. zzz. not nice at all. front so short. no pictures.

retarted hand

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

BB ho steamboat.

Rainy day .
wtf .
sis asked still raining ar ?
than i said yupp but lil only. few seconds later .
hujan lebat. zzz.

Just now dinner with my babes & guys. They are Joanne , Yin Leng, Tai Xi, Jun Keat, Tupai (come back from Taiwan), Siao Long, & Ah Kun. Crapsss alot especially Tai Xi. Make me speechless. Actually we planned to eat at Shabu Shabu 96degrees. But reach there, they said need to wait for half and hour. So change place to BB ho Steamboat. 8person for RM102.80. cheapnya but not full. zzz.


This is the 2nd fansign i make for my friends.
The 1st guy who request fansign from me i dint give but i did make. cux i forget to upload for him. The 2nd one is for Airie =) my FFS owner. He raise me up at FFS. Thanks so much. XoXo.

1st attempt.

2nd one

kinda moody.


my result

english 1 = B-
maths = as usual fail D
management = wtf . fail . D
marketing = B-
mpw = C . glad to know its pass ^^

Haiz. need to resit the subject. Wait until Tuesday . See whether change course or cont. Cant take the maths. Any course without maths ? don wan design . zzz .

line sucks here.

dinner at home

dear went to my house for dinner.
he ate 2 bowl of rice. zzz . eat so much also wont fat
cant go out. later mum nag at me again
result out today. scare

gtg. tata

Monday, August 24, 2009

out too much =(

ouch. my dad started to say that i always go out lately. If he started to speak that means i need to reduce going out. zzz . or else car will confiscate by them. Lets see last week.

monday 17/8/09 = afternoon went out and night went out.
tuesday 18/8/09 = night went out.
wednesday 19/8 = home.
thursday 20/8 = night market.
friday 21/8 = night went out.
saturday 22/8 = home =).
sunday 23/8/09 = night went out.

always out at night cux afternoon need to help my mum. Please do think abt me. Why i will say no when u guys call me out in the afternoon. Parents sure will nag at me if i out in the afternoon. Need to make a schedule when to out. lolx.

Out = need to use money .

Its better to stay at home. No need to use money. ^^ .

3 oh 3

Winter look.

Which one do u prefer ?
smint or eclipse
i will prefer eclipse=)

addicted to it

Monday. Again be Kah Sing's model. Winter look. Kah Sing kinda tired of my eye. im single eye-lid. She need to stick a paper thing to make my eyes turn into double eye-lid. Its hard. Actually she tot her teacher will teach single eye-lid's night look but turn out winter look. A lots of craps we talked. gossipsssss .. haha.. Because we talked and laughed alot she end up finish the class late. cux she told me about 4pm will finish. but end up about 5.20pm only finish. zz.
pink color lips doesnt suite me at all.
Agree ?



Another Sunday. Huuuu... i had been eating so much lately. Sit down than i will grab something to eat. Dad always buy a lot of snacks for us or fruits. Fruits are goooooood . I like banana . Sweetx and help u digest quickly. Eat 1 a day. Other way to digest is drink chinese tea. Whenever i drink 1big cup of chinese tea, after few hours i will poo poo . But chinese tea are not good for girls or women. Yeaaa.. while updating my blog, im eating pringles and eclipse. zzz . i think i will gain fat in few weeks time.
This Pau, mum bought from OUG's morning market/pasar pagi. RM1.50 per piece. Fucking delicious and i ate 3 pieces. Normally i hate to eat char siew pau which u can find in any restaurant but this pau not same with those at all. These are fresh and no oily pork inside.
Asam laksa.
Ate this asam laksa at IOI mall , 3rd floor. Don know why suddenly i like to eat asam laksa. Last time i hate it cux it contains alot of 'zha'. But now , im craving for it. After shopping with my mum at IOI mall, went back home and get ready for another destination. lolx. Went to midvalley with my dear , annie babe and Q. Watched Dance Flick. 1st time watch movie at mv. After buying tickets we went Oh sushi to have our dinner. I remember that Jia hui, kah sing, me , and wai lik went into Oh sushi and after sitting down, we get out from there cux there are nothing suitable for us to eat. so fish . Than we went to Korean BBQ at upstairs Little Taiwan. wtf . Its like going into a thief boat. lolx. Expensive and cant keep us full. And after that, we went to mv's food court to have our 2nd meal there. Cheap and full. lolx.

7up soda with ice-cream

Asahi beer

Dear's extra spicy ramen.
Not spicy at all.

Forgot the name and i think its about

Half way eating our dinner Annie come find us. After dinner, we went to San's working place at Jusco. miss her =) After that, the movie starts. Crazy funny movie.

i gotta feeling=)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Seoul Garden.

wasted RM22.50 zzz
its about RM5.75 or 5.15 for ala carte.
and its only for 4pcs.

Back home accidentaly broke the mirror. zzz . haven start to use la.. Besides that , the small pieces mirror made my leg bleed. wtf. damn pain


Went to Seoul Garden at IOI with my sis to have our dinner there. 2 person for about RM80++
Buffet dinner. I think its not worth it, I rather pay a lil more to eat at Shogun. More dishes and fresh.

Nearly cant find my car parked at where. Lucky i captured a pic . If not, cant come back and update. lolx.


Cheras leisure mall with dear.

Went too Cheras Leisure mall yesterday with my lovely dear =)
It was my 1st time to go there. nothing special .
The cinema . wow . the ticket is cheaper than other places . its like RM20 for couple seat.
if compare to sunway's TGV its cheaper for about RM6.
I think Sunway's TGV is more better.
We watched UP. Funny. ^^ Russell . He is so cute .

We ate A&W . long time dint eat d. Like the rootbeer with ice-cream .
After the movie , went to pm, just right in front of Leisure mall. Nothing special too . All the stalls , i saw them at OUG's pm.



watched this movie twice. zzz .
1st time with dear jia hui , leslie and ah hein at pavillion . like the surrounding and the seats . comfortable.
2nd time with my dear at sunway. feel like sleeping but cant , too noisy.

next next next

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

make up . single eye lid . by kah sing

Went to Yin leng & Kah sing's make up academy at Sunway. Sense & style beauty academy .
Becom Kah Sing's model. Had a great time with my babes there. miss them much. Dont get shock when u see Joanne's picture. hehe


me & kah sing.

me & joanne.

Went to IOI mall to buy sis's shoes after dinner. Than we ate 'guilingou' . After that , we went to sakae sushi to eat our 2nd dinner . = = . Nothing to do..
Guilingou RM9
Sakae Sushi

Fried ____RM1.90
Salmon Sushi RM1.90
Miso soup-RM1.90
Premium Bento Set
________ RM34.90
Lovely sis
Yummy. love beef.
mini ice-cream coated with mochi's skin
RM7.90 for 5 pieces. vanilla nice.

little words.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

aliens in the attic


Just back from sunway . Watched Aliens in the Attic with my dear. He had his dinner with my family just now. Made him wash plates . - - pai seh. zzz. Feel kinda tired. Dint talk much . sorry dear. ^^ . Cant wait for Tuesday .


bar celona 15/8/09

went to bar ce last night with dear, annie, jia hui, wei khang , Q, johnon , dear's friend and 2 of Q's cousin . 1st time dance at stage with Annie. ~~

me & dear b4 party.
babes ~~
Dear ^^
wei khang ~~
sweetie pie jia hui ^^

abt 2something we left there and still got abt half a bottle of booze. ~~
guess we are going there again . but when ? zzz

boom boom pow