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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fortunate or Not ?

Fortunate or Not my life ? I guess yes if compared to African kids that are living without TV, Laptops , Mobile Phones & etc. Some even without food or water to survive. Sometimes , when you browse through facebook , you will see some picture of them lying on the muddy floor about to die due to improper food intake. Don't you feel bad that you're wasting your food despite them wanted to eat also can't. Sometimes i feel i'm so fortunate but sometimes i'm not. You see , i came out to help my mum work at the age of 11 years old okay let it be 12 years old. And my friends . . . until now at the age of 20 also haven't need to come out and work , some of cause are already working. Don't talk about the working ones , talk about the one without a job and lay their hands out getting money from their parents. They are so fortunate that they has a free car to drive , go here go there with all full expenses on their dad. Opp . wait not me ! I'm a helper or an admin in my parent's shop. I need to serve customers , deal with debtors and key in stock and other stuff to do too. But working at there gives me lotsa free time like sometimes i got nothing to do for hours unless i find something to do but it's hard cause when you really want to do something there is customers disturb you. So it's hard. And seeing why most of my friends do nothing to contribute in their family can get money easily. Some of them's pocket money are much more more then my salary. Isn't that fucked up you think ? Well , that's fate i guess. They said your life can see through your palms. And yes i really think that's true. My hands are ugly. I hate to show them up. There are thin and crooked and between them there are big gap (that means i like to spend) which is so f.true ! Thin and crooked i need to work hard all my life. Sighhh ... Don't you think that life ain't easy ? I got lots of thing to think about especially now that i semi finished my LCCI course. I wanted to further my studies again all because of my friends , they are all into degree now. Therefore i've been thinking a lot. Where to study is the best and this that. What most devastated to me was my level of education could't admit me to some colleges and doesn't accept me to study Adv. dip or Degree. The only Pathway was one ACCA. I don't think that i can achieve it but i never try i never know. So , i need to try and study for it. Therefore , choosing your course after you spm are very indeed important. Think Twice ! I got so much too worry about. I will pursue advertising and marketing if i can change the time back. I will study hard if i know it takes effort to achieve something. I'm too naive !

Well , it's not end of the world now.
Work to achieve. Fortunate people.

Sometimes i feel that fortunate people don't appreciate what they're actually having now. Fuck . That's me. If i got 1inch i would like to have 1feet more. That's human i guess. Greedy.

Whole lots of Shit i'm writing. Take care

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Headache for 2 fucking days.
Continuously duh ! non stop.
Fucking pain that i could't bear.
I donno what's wrong with me.
My flu haven't recover yet.
Still can't taste or smell things properly.
What worse was my period went and find me in this time.
Flu are the worse thing to diagnosed with.
Fuck it. I'm not talking about long term one. (allergic)
It's about short term that i doesn't know how to explain
but i just know it's worse to have it.
I think Fever is better then flu. fuck

Ate 2 actifast (idk why) and 1 flu medicine to make myself sleep.

Last time i sick was 4/10/11
And now after a month plus , my sick came back last week.
But not worse until need to seek the doctor.
Just mild. and these 2 days headache and flu.

I should't have said my sis and my bf weak.
I used to teased them -_____________- WEAK.
Always sick and give problems. wtf
I TAKE back that sentences.
God , Please heal me !
I've been drinking water like 4liters a day now.
And I hate the sweet feeling in my mouth.
Keep that away ;( please !

Could't understand why.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

No Biggie

Quite regret to choose this pathway.
I won't chose this if i know the fact that it brings me through only one pathway and not multiple.
The fact is No one tell me and I did no research in the first place.
No biggie , I only can only blame my own for being too easy for my future.
And now , i'm seriously devastated about it.
I doesn't want to waste any more time which i doesn't have anymore.
Getting older still got nothing successfully done.
Darn me. fuck

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tonight i'm loving you

Maison night
Celebrates few peoples birthday :)
With my girl !
Ederick yo
Nyny !
Again @@
David !

Still got many other pictures but not with me :(
Had a really fun night that day !

Monday, November 7, 2011

Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie II

Macaroons :D

Mushroom soup . nice
Orangeee juice

Beef thingy .. niceeeee
Beef pasta :)

Looked so tall here

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Suki-ya revisit

How to eat.
My fav steamboat vege
fat lamb slice

Picking out the fatss
Guess what.
We got GUEST.
Their fucking pet as they said. *he joked*
It's a fucking RAT.
Right beside our table about 2meters away.
This rat keep on looking at me with its saliva coming out.
wtf. Than suddenly it run out towards my place
and i stood up on my chair.
Everyone shouted and looked.
what an experience. fuck
How i sit after i noticed that fucking rat at there
staring at what i am eating.

OH hai , it's a rat in Pavilion food center.
No Big deal.
Outfit of the day.
Top from Sg wang
Shorts from Fah88
Heels aldo

Next up Levain

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

beauty expo > zanmai

Quite moody to write.
Let the pictures do the talking.
Top : TS
Pants : Apee
Bag : Aldo
at KLCC. What a day. Found out nothing special to buy.
Long Q

Bought 40 packs of mask from beauty expo

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I feel like dying.

it's ffucking 2.00am now !
And i happen to woke up from my sleep.
I sleep at 10.15pm just now and woke up at 11.30pm
Then now , wake up again.
WTF ??
The first time i wake up is because my bro they happen to come back from dinner or something and their voice too loud woke me up or he might have knock on my door.. idk ..
Then now , my fucking throat .. Swelling , sore , pain , cough..
Haven't or can't recover yet from last Saturday.
Thanks to the Nasi Kandar i ate after i recovered from fever.
Hope my mdfk throat recovers asap !