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Friday, October 29, 2010

come out come out

Anonymous Coward,
Could you please leave a comment here.
I so wanna see who you are.
This coward threw a comment on my
midori buffet @ fahrenheit post

Yea , im effing 'yim jim' (picky on food).
Yea , thats my problem.
Not the food problem.
Well , How's your tryout at there ?
Does it taste good ? Fresh ?
Tell me lah .
Wait what oh ?
No one ask u to trust me.
I'm just giving my opinion about it.

The sushi there were really
fucking not fresh okay !
We are the consumer !
and paying for this amount
to get non-quality food ?
Being Picky as you said is wrong ?
Don't tell me you never complain about foods!?

I don't take your sentences as joking.
It's not Funny you know ?
Just leave a comment here
Anonymous , i wanna see how not
Picky face you are .

Don't understand whyyyyyy you
wanna be anonymous, be yourself.
Dare to write but don't dare to admit huh ?

Sign up an account lah
It's freeeeeeeeeee u know ?

Monday, October 25, 2010

"Just a Feeling" from the new album HANDS ALL OVER

Just a Feeling ~ Maroon 5
Love this song so much !!!
Can't get enough of it man ..
Where can i find the official video of it ??
Can't find it on youtube.. noob me :(

It's just a feeling , just a feeling , just a feeling that i have ...............

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Firefly park & @ Kuala Selangor

Half day trip with my bf's friends on Sunday.
Kuala Selangor.
Went there before several times for seafood.
Ever heard of Satay there ?

while waiting for Weng Chan .
Camwhored :)
It's Satay Hut @ Tanjong Karang.
Went there not because of seafood ,
it's because of this satay.
In Satay Hut , they serve a large size
of Satay , i donno how to define
but it's huge then the normal ones
like triple the size.
Although it's huge , but they grill it perfectly.
Their sauce , not too spicy, but quite sweet.
I don't like sweetness on my food.
But still okay for me .
Huge kan ?
RM1.10 per stick.
Their ABC ! Freaking huge tooo !!
And so damn sweet.
Hate it duh .
Doesn't like too sweet foods.

After dinner , went to see Fireflies.
So scary , the road to get in the firefly place
no street lamp , car also less.
Maybe it's too late that time.
RM15 per person.
Rules & Regulation wor.
Bullshit man.
Here's the story.
No flash are allowed during this so called boat ride.
Means we can't capture any picture.
And the boat it's like so short.
We can touch the filthy water if we put our hands down there.
It's like around 1 feet , we could feel the water.
Although i din't do that cause im afraid off
Crocodile -________-
So fucking scary man.
Imagine guys , no lamps no nothing.
This boat couldn't speed if anything happens.
He goes very slow , we could hear the water sound.
Like smtg passing by, although i know it's our boat sound .
And it's very fucking freaking dark.
Anything could happen there :(
The fireflies are like those LED lights
where you can get in market lor. ZZz
Nothing special !!!
And psssst , i heard that there's crocodile there.
Donno where it's true a not - -
RM15 for this ride not worth it at all !!
All i know it's fear .
I'm glad that i'm safe .. lols.
There got Chalets for tourists too
but no one occupy gahhh ..
Haiz, normal lah ,
see what kind of people runs that business mar.
I don't wanna see u again please...
Love come picture. lols.

Thanks for reading mua's post.
Good night :D

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Annie's birthday 151010

It's her birthday ,
Went to Telok Gong for Seafood ,
Four of us again :D
Annie babe , Q (her bf) , me & my bf.
After the Seafood fiesta ,
guess where we went.

Her pressie :D
I made a card for her too.
Fucking childish .. so i don wanna show.
This ribbon i wrap geh ..
i donno how to use that ribbon - -
Simply ...
I love coconut ~
Taufu ~

Actually still got other dishes ,
Lazy to upload

After dinner ,
suddenly said go Genting *.*
I think it's meeeee !
Not first time , 2nd time.
1st time more shock !
Around 11pm go up
and around 3am reached home.
Simply awesome :D
Take picture like we always do ~
Mua's javachips
Luckily , that guy let us redeem the pointssss
They wanna close d ,that time.
I told him that we are going back later.
He keep quiet and i stand there
Than , he ask another to stand the entrance
to don't let others in
and said this is the last one.
Well i thanked him :D
Although i know he not 'xong' d.
Fast Fast redeem some sort of stuff we got.
So yeaaa , it's this cow and a pen.
All give it to Annie ~
Her birthday mar :)

She & Q
Me & her.
Without make up.
Pale 4 .
Fucking ugly .. i know
But i Likey !!
End of this post
i know it's boring
Thanks for reading.
And see you guys tmr
at the curve for You again movie :D
Good night ~

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sushi Tei @ Pavilion

Hye :D
Don't mind if i add some unrelated things about this post.
If you mind , i dont care, cause im doing so :P
I'm effing excited because i won
a pair of tickets to watch YOU AGAIN.
If you did read my YOU AGAIN post then u'll know.
Thanks to Nuffnang.

Fucking excited lor okay
First time , i would be joining other
bloggers watch this movie.
Yeappppieeee !!
Don know how to expresssssss myself d ! lol

Saturday night 091010

I was invited by my bf to party
with his friends at Maison.
When i dolled myself up,
and on the way to KL,
his friends called and said cancelled.
I was like ...........
............................... Nothing. lol
Cause i'm quite tired on that day.

Sunday 101010
Sushi Tei @ Pavilion

Been craving for it since
i saw their shop new opening
in Midvalley.
But end up not the way i thought it would be.
Quite disappointed lor
Mine Salmon rice
Fuck. idk why i love salmon so much !
I only love raw salmon.
This bowl of rice cost twelve plus.
Okay lah ..

Around RM15
The sauce it's like 2/5.
I could taste smtg like alcohol thing inside.
Donno what's that

The yellow thingy with Seaweed (RM1.80)
The prawn with ebikko thingy (around 6)
Their sushi quality tasted same
like errrrr Jusco's after 8 or 9pm got
30% discount sushi lor.
WTF. Not fresh at all.

Sushi Tei is quite new in Malaysia.
The price is quite pricey for me
or perhaps compare to Sakae & Zanmai ,
it's expensive then both of them.
And the menu is quite same like Zanmai's menu
but much more pricey.

Food : 2/5
Service : 4/5
Ambiance : 4/5
Visit again : No

After that Chatime.
Plan to eat Snowflake lor
But fullhouse -___-

Green tea blended

After that , meeting his friends up at Low yat.
We walked from Pavilion to there
Hell tired lor - - need to walk back tim.
bought 2 BB hello kitty case. Cuteeee :D

Chilling at Starbucks :D

One of the Hello Kitty case :)
So cuteeeeeeeee hor .. lol

Upcoming post.
My chio stuff (cancel it first)
Seafood at Telok Gong - Genting.
Kuala Selangor

Thanks for Reading .

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Umai-ya Japanese Restaurant @ IOI Boulevard

Located at Puchong.
IoI Boulevard , next to Pacific Coffee.
Expensive than Sakae Sushi & Zanmai
The food din't come out as i thought that
it would be frigging delicious.
And the money that we paid
doesn't worth it.
Hell expensive for me.

Menu stinks , change it please.
I don't even wanna capture the front page.
Ugly cardboard.
Green tea
I don't understand why
most of the Japanese Restaurant
give us these wood chopsticks.
It's not nice to use wood as
what if the wood thingy came out
without our knowledge
and it's like we're eating wood with sushi - -
And i think it's not hygiene enough
if u did watch how they create these
wood chopsticks in China.
Disgusting man.
I like this plate :D
The only salmon sushi
i would like to eat is at Sakae's
because it's so cheap
than elsewhere (RM1.90) for 2 at Sakae's

*won't be stating the price for it
because i scare i write wrong amt ,
its like so long ago.*

*The prices maybe wrong*
Based on what i remembered.

RM7.90 ?
Unagi rice RM28 ?
oOo-ing expensive.
Not worth it and there they stated
many people ordered. bullshit .
Too spicy.
Mine , the beef too Sweet.
RM26 ?
Sis , beef RM28
She say too salty.

Food 2/5
Service 5/5
Ambiance 4/5
Price 2/5 (not reasonable at all)

I still think Sakae & Zanmai
is the best among the best based
on price , quality & taste.