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Saturday, April 9, 2011


WHY ??
I always ask
Why i got no money
Why i'm not pretty
Why i'm not hot
Why i'm not sexy
Why i'm not Rihanna
Why i'm not cute
Why i'm not fair (body color)
Why i'm nothing
Why i'm so useless
Why i like branded things
Why i can't afford
Why people got
Why they so young can be that rich
Why i like to spend
Why i like to eat
Why i like to Envy people
Why i like to envy people not my status
Why u can do it where i can't
Why u ask me why ??
At the end of the day
Sarah Lee Is Still Sarah Lee
Nothing changes me
I'm still not hot , pretty , popular ,
social , cute , rich , fair etc
I am me !
ME Me & me

Just scramble out my feelings after i go through lots of hot girls blogspot.
They so pretty , rich , fair , tall & etc
Why they can & i can't :(


But at least i'm a normal human
that can walk , eat , talk , sleep , shit & etc
Thanks God


  1. You asking why ?
    let me answer
    because this is how the Sarah lee should be.

    if ur pretty , rich , hot, sexy, cute, fair skin ,tall then u might being a other person already and it might be ur not the sarah i ever known =)

  2. lol .. maybe im not the sarah lee u think im