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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rakuzen @ empire mall

Should be sleeping but no,
downloading the sims to kill my free time
Went to rakuzen for the first time at
Empire shopping gallery.
Still , rakuzen is one of the merged company of
Zanmai & hokkaido and maybe more.
Rakuzen is in the middle.
Not cheaper then zanmai
not expensive then hokkaido
but yet i prefer Zanmai much !
Cheap and 'almost' the same thing
with both of them .
Just that cheaper but not many choices like

And guess what . 
We had drink at Starbucks before dined in
cause we need to wait like 45minutes 
to have a seat

Top from Uniqlo taiwan
Denim shorts from Apee
Vintage like flats from TSC
 First up Scallop
Too salty that covered up the scallop taste.

 His teppanyaki beef set
Yet he still preferred Hokkaido's
Juicy & tender & big bite size of their beef.
Although expensive about RM2-3
 Doesn't look nice to me
 And yes my bento set.
Regretted to order this.
Looks like everything inside doesn't suite my taste
 except for this.
Salmon with vinegar rice.
Seriously i like the rice.
The whole costly set fitted in a small two person table.
How not nice is it.
We struggled to find place to put the
bento box in the middle
but i scare it will fall apart
so i put just like the pic showed.
I can't enjoy to eat everything at one time.

Overall i won't be back for twice.
Rakuzen/Hokkaido ?
Hokkaido for sure !

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