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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Miraku @ Paradigm mall

Hello :)
This is a new post not old.
Went for a Japanese fine dining place at the new mall last week.
Great place with lotsa good food.
Plan B, Bulbogi bro, sushi zanmai, watami and etc.
Btw Watched COLD WAR too !
Very nice movie
5/5 rating !

They said i lost weight :/ 
But i can't feel it.
I want my legs to be smaller
 Complimentary fish dish .
 Not wood. good
 Bfs. He donno how to take pic.
Udon and sushi.
 Mine Sushi & sashimi @ RM38
Compared to Nihon Tai i still prefer Nihon Tai.
 Bite size beef at RM22
Small portion this expensive
but very nice indeed.

Signing off bye !
Next post would be the older ones.

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