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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Girls day out !

Post 152
Girls day out.
Headed to Ikea to eat meatballsss
Wohooooo damn freaking yummy.
But we jammed and jammmed and jammmmmeeed before we reach.
Jam otw to turn left
Jam otw to the traffic jam
Jam otw to turn right
Jam otw to car park
Jam otw while parking
Than jam otw to Ikea restaurant.
Jam while buying our food.
Jam while finding a space to sit.
Fucking jam la whole trip
But those meatball swiped my anger away.
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 Me patiently waiting to reached.

Than after Makan we went to Setapak to find her friend.
While waiting for time pass , we went to
KL festive mall.
Found this Scallop Q.
Remember to bring your student card.
Nice nice nice.
Very fresh and many flavors.

 Sea salt jeng
 Wasabi also jeng

After hanging around we finally went to fetch her friend.
And we had bear paw for dinner.
Very cute indeed !
Quite nice la the chicken

 Bearpawing. lol

After dinner , we went to Vdart setapak.
There i made my first vdart card :/ lol
Black and white us

 Meet my friend Dylan :)
Very outgoing nice guy !
He is single yo.. lol
She's not single cause she is mine.
Joking joking.
She's single yeah


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