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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Long hair

My hair
Sooooooooooo long.
It's very hard to manage i tell u
For a lazy fella like me.
Honestly i only wash them 2-3 days once.
Idc if u say that i'm dirty.
I got a really really thick hair.
All of my friend says that too.
It's hard to dry and i'm lazy to use the hair blower.
Plus it's not good for our hair.
Anyway it's so thick i don really know how to wash
I think i should cut short about 1/2"
I wanna have my hair long until butt only cut shorter.
I already tried short hair once.
I prefer long hair now.
Someone said that i'm a boring person cause i kept my long hair.
But i kept my hair short for few years during secondary school
Did u know that ?
Seriously think before u speak.

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