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Thursday, April 4, 2013

all about material.

Off day ! Went to KL with san san. Spent money like there's no tomorrow. For Brunch we went to Levain. Fav brunch place. Had a spaghetti and croissant. After that we went to pavilion. Walked around to see what to buy San's present and Kai Mun's. Two birthday at a time. /<$$$>/ At last she chose a braun buffel wallet. Went to pavilion's outlet unfortunately out of stock. Too bad for the sales women. No commission for her. Her service was excellent. She gave us two water before even buying it. Unlike Gucci's service. Braun buffel was so much better. So we checked the Lot 10 outlet. Since lot 10 got stock we walked there and buy it. 

My fb feeds was full of ippudo's check in. So, i'm tempted to try this newly open restaurant located in Pavilion. We din't read the menu before going in. It's a mistake. I din't know that it cost me about RM30++ for a ramen that doesn't keep me full. I'm sorry but your ramen are extremely expensive for me. For a ramen like that i only get to have 2 slices of pork and no EGG. Not even half of it. Taste like wan tan mee. I'm certainly not a ramen lover. Sorry too i have no pictures. And the place are very very noisy. People making noise the music making noise. And the kids , since we sat beside a couple with children. A long table that can fit in many like around 15 persons. We shared our table which i don't really like. What for sharing my eating face with other people ? zzz

My Verdict
Ambiance : 1.5/5
Price : 1/5 too overly expensive for a bowl of ramen that consist nothing.
Food : 2/5 So So only for me.
Service : 3/5

                            While waiting for Kai mun to join us for movie. We went to F21.
I bought a black top that looked fat on me. Of cause not this top. 

The money that we spent. 

Chilled and rest at Hui lau shan. 
Mango pudding.

Two bottles from pavilion
Two bottles from Lot 10
Complimentary from Braun Buffel.

Not a Dessert lover.
This three bowl doesn't worth my money at all.

Yea i bought Mac back home
Bronzer and eye liner.
This bronzer doesn't really suite me.
Should have taken the eye shadow color instead.
Hear what the make up artist said
This is the third option she gave me.
I chose this.
The least color.
And the most expensive one.
I like it because of the


  1. aduiii~ braun buffel as always la! their service are good and their stuff good. mine still nice lo my bf belt wallet all still nice also. price affordable.

  2. i manatau .. first time buy mah .. but their stuff very mature...