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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

As i grow older things around me tend to change. Changed in a good and a bad way. 
When i think about what i had done last time , i sometimes regretted but it's too late to changed what i had done. MYOB SARAH ! Don't ever interfere people's life. That scene turn round and round in my mind. I never could forget it until now.
I think i had said this many many times. I DO NOT HAVE A DREAM. I really donno what i should do. If not i won't stay in my mum's shop working for so long. I know some of u might think hey this girl relies everything on her parents. I want to tell u that u are wrong. Working in my mum's place is not easy as u think. Customers are varies. All sort of people u can see one day in my mum's shop. From stingy to generous from good to bad. We need to be polite all the time. Customer service in our shop need to be excellent , there are many competitor in our business. Even if you're piss that time , don't even think of showing fuck face to customers. Someone will show me after that. 

If i have a dream or something i like to do i will pursue. 

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