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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

hello 2010 =)

hello my bloggie & readers =)
its been so long that i dint update my blog. Sorry guys i'm lazy =(
another new year is coming. I'm growing older and older. i'm 19 next year.
wowooooo .. im getting fatter and fatter this sem breaaaaaak !!! arghhh
my lovely computer went to service donno how to come home yet.. zzz
Ram spoiled and need to claim for 3 weeks,, its like 1month we dint touch each other dy..
im using my dear's laptop to on9.. lucky got his brand new laptop.. keep me out of borinnnng
hmmmm.. donno why that i feel very quiet at fb lately.. zzz
went to sky bar at traders hotel on christmas eve that day... the view there is very nice but its kinda bored for me cause idk what to do there = = and a sip of martini cost him rm40 .
expensive like hell.. i add 60 to buy a bottle of chivas regal 12years .. zzz
idk what to write dy.. so thats all for now.
HAPPY NEW YEAR guys =) bye bye 2009 hello 2010


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