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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

..... 6/1/10

Feel like blogging since this morning. Its been six days of 2010. I still does't get usual to write date changed from 09 to 10. FYI i stopped my studies at inti college. Currently helping my at my mum's shop. Shortage of workers. The maid had went back to Indon. She got pregnant. Congrats to her. We'll miss her =( Hmmm. I miss my college friendss =) miss u guys when we eat, crap, play cards, assignments. *This post should have been post yesterday but end up cont today.

There are reasons why i stopped at inti
i) maths i cant achieve always
ii) scare to waste my mum's money
iii) IDK

Not that i don wanna give it a try anymore. I just cant do it. I had been having a very bad result for maths from standard THREE & FYI my knowledge of maths is very low that u cant expect. Therefore i willing to give up now which i know that i cant manage it. It is my biggest enemy. LOL. I will try to love it when i need to use it. There is once that i felt myself very useless. Study until half don wanna cont because of phobia to maths. I need to learn to love maths. And im Nineteen now. Im getting older and older. I have nothing. Im like wasting my time on nothing. Shit talks. My future? Not into sharing with anyone now. I would like my babes and readers know that i

i) Im not freeeee in the afternoon
ii) Im not freeeee at night before 900
iii) Give me notice a day before calling me out at night

Yesterday i went to gym as usual. Cant believe who i saw. Im sure that some of u donno this. Form 1 that time where im still a child & IDK anything. I gave a cny card to some one which i had more for my friends. I gave him because i think that he's cute which he's not at all. He's a jerk. He ask a guy at my age to call out my name and than his gang of fuck up friends come and see me. He his older than me abt 3years. Lame old shit. Than one day after school. His girl-friends said that im cheap for just sending him a cny card. I was like What The Fuck that time. I was like u are more cheap!! U lost your virginity at the age of 15 or 16. Who is more cheaper ? BITCH. I'll remember this till i got my very own wood bed. (touchwood) I know that its my own fault but dont u think that u should't do this cause i have my dignity too. Arghh Hate u and your Fucking friends. Please note that i asked some one to gave him the card. Watever i need to wipe this out of my memory. Goodbye suckers.

My 2010 new year resolutions.
i) secret
ii) secret
iii) secret

Oh yea.. nearly forget.

I had less contact with everyone except at FB. Maybe i dint always find you all to text or care so we only find each other when we're in trouble. Sooner or later everyone is gonna forget Sarah Lee.......

wow. yesterday's weather was so damn HOT !!

Gonna update more when i think of some.

hating on the club

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