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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Just Realize

I just Realize that i have been complaining too much about my life. Whenever there's no things to do. I need to stop that before i blame everyone for my fault -_________- wtf. I just know it when i browse through my blog older blog post. Every time i'll complain about my life. And i don't know why i'll do that. Things happen when i got miserable cause nothing to do at home. Sometimes , i don't really like to stay at home for long period. Whenever there's an off day for me , i'll drag myself out of my house. And i don't know why.

Please , whenever you see me complaining again. Please slap me !! I got a better life compare to the kids in Africa or other devastating country !

Sorry , i din't know i complained too much until i read back what i've posted. I'll try to change.
Too be a better Sarah Lee.
Good night friends <3

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