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Friday, June 24, 2011

Sephora Malaysia (after visit)

After a view from my nuffnang's page.
Found out that someone actually google about
what's wrong with sephora malaysia
and yes , someone found my blog and read my content.
Previously , i wrote about reading
negative comments from customers
that visited them on their opening day
through their facebook's page.
Just click the below link to read if u want.
To clarify. Sephora's sales
person are all indeed friendly !
Especially the Make up Forever
counter sales person.
She let me try on their products ,
and yet they won't force me to buy.
Even if i'm not buying it , they won't
show off faces like other shop does.
Verdict : Don't hear people's comment.
Do pay your own visit if you really want to know about it.
I'm a happy customer :D

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