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Sunday, November 20, 2011


Headache for 2 fucking days.
Continuously duh ! non stop.
Fucking pain that i could't bear.
I donno what's wrong with me.
My flu haven't recover yet.
Still can't taste or smell things properly.
What worse was my period went and find me in this time.
Flu are the worse thing to diagnosed with.
Fuck it. I'm not talking about long term one. (allergic)
It's about short term that i doesn't know how to explain
but i just know it's worse to have it.
I think Fever is better then flu. fuck

Ate 2 actifast (idk why) and 1 flu medicine to make myself sleep.

Last time i sick was 4/10/11
And now after a month plus , my sick came back last week.
But not worse until need to seek the doctor.
Just mild. and these 2 days headache and flu.

I should't have said my sis and my bf weak.
I used to teased them -_____________- WEAK.
Always sick and give problems. wtf
I TAKE back that sentences.
God , Please heal me !
I've been drinking water like 4liters a day now.
And I hate the sweet feeling in my mouth.
Keep that away ;( please !

Could't understand why.

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