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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Suki-ya revisit

How to eat.
My fav steamboat vege
fat lamb slice

Picking out the fatss
Guess what.
We got GUEST.
Their fucking pet as they said. *he joked*
It's a fucking RAT.
Right beside our table about 2meters away.
This rat keep on looking at me with its saliva coming out.
wtf. Than suddenly it run out towards my place
and i stood up on my chair.
Everyone shouted and looked.
what an experience. fuck
How i sit after i noticed that fucking rat at there
staring at what i am eating.

OH hai , it's a rat in Pavilion food center.
No Big deal.
Outfit of the day.
Top from Sg wang
Shorts from Fah88
Heels aldo

Next up Levain

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