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Monday, July 16, 2012

Mickey fair plus snow white plus ben's plus en giza

Off Day <3
Went to mickey fair at midvalley
Than watched snow white and huntsman
Than flew to Pavilion for dinner 
And high night tea. lol

 Had our lunch at Zanmai's
Yum yum yum
Fav decent food place.
 bb , bb me and bb 
As you can notice the slr there wasn't mine.
it was my dad's one , he borrowed mine.
Than he borrowed me.
And now after his cambodia bike week trip,
the camera has sacrificed and it's dead because
rain came for it. He was wet and my mum tot 
it was fine putting a plastic to cover it.
Damn , he only survived for weeks and
used him for only few times.
one word. Great
Wanted to camwhore using it again also can't
u know what this camera is AWESOME !
 6f vs 4,5f girls
 ling ling , san san , me and bao bao
 solo baby
 the most mickey i liked
Pearls and laces 

Flew to pavilion using San's jet :DDDD
nonetheless we were abit hungry so we
headed to ben's for dinner.
And we shared our food because it's abit big portion for us.

After walking around we went to 
en giza cafe for tea.
Ok our main purpose there is to camwhore
We captured for about almost 20minutes
before taking a sip .. lol 

 green tea niceeee !
 spot me
 with my darling san san <3
honey baby girl jia hui !
 babeee ai ling !
last but not least my sweet heart annie :)

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