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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Taiwan Day 5 - Taipei

Taiwan Day 5
Stayed at the same hostel :) 

 MCPORK for breakfast which taste exactly the same
with ssausage mcmuffin here .. idk but they said it was pork
not nice -.- and expensive
 COOL right the spray effect ?
look , that's where we stayed over for 4-5days
a really small room with 10 person sleeping in it.
imagine T.T but it's quite fun ! hahaha
Awesome friends
 idk where we went.

 Fries with wine upper one
 got a tamawalkie there -.- 
bought wrong lor. i tot it was tamagotchi !
Egg pudding'meh'
our dinner ... 
went to their nightclub donno what to wear
which they pronounced it as Baby -.- 
The first one bought at Zara newly at taipei.
COSTLY betul 
End up wearing the white one go with tube and leggings
all turn up very wrong.
it was very hot inside and i took off my outer wear
and my leggings .. dafuqqqqq
no mood to dance idk why.
and i tell u all , this was the time i saw
omg droooling
everyone look good like those taiwan drama
actors . . . . . 
After club i saw many girls took 
cab alone to go back (some)
very very brave !! 
geng ahhhhhh
*most of the clubbers was guys*

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